Retainer (Epic, • to •••••)

This is where we will put merits which apply to mortals or to all venues. This is a common location to find examples of advanced and epic merits that have not been written out yet.
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Retainer (Epic, • to •••••)

Postby Jakondite » Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:45 am

Prerequisites: Advanced Retainer •• or equal to Epic Rating, whichever is higher.

Effect: Your character has someone loyal to them who is wholly supernatural. This individual may be a kindred, wolf, mage, or any other major template. For each dot in Epic retainer and in Advanced Retainer, the character gains access to 1 of their respective Powers (Disciplines, Arcana, Gifts, Embeds, etc). In addition, the retainer is considered to have a supernatural advantage equal to half the rating of this merit, rounded up. Unless otherwise noted, this retainer is usually one applicable to your venue.

Drawback: Like with Advanced Retainer, each group has their own reasons this tends to be a risk - but the biggest one is that you have a subservient individual with their own set of powers. They have their own goals and their own reasons for being subservient - and many groups tend to find this subservience to be outside their normal function. A person with this kind of retainer needs to be aware of the retainers goals and desires, because otherwise those goals may one day turn against the master.

Mage Retainers: The minimum dot rating for a Mage retainer is 2 - which represents 1 dot in each of their primary Path Arcana. Further dots may be placed out of path. A Mage retainer has a number of Praxes equal to their Gnosis, and a number of rotes equal to their advanced retainer merit.

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