Retainer (Advanced, • to •••••)

This is where we will put merits which apply to mortals or to all venues. This is a common location to find examples of advanced and epic merits that have not been written out yet.
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Retainer (Advanced, • to •••••)

Postby Jakondite » Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:37 am

Prerequisites: Retainer equal to or less than level of Advanced Retainer.

Effect: Your character has someone loyal to them who is more than just human. This individual may be a subservient ghoul, a loyal wolf blooded, a member of a Proximus Dynasty, or demon blooded offspring you have struck a deal with. For each dot in this merit, the retainer in question possesses one power appropriate to their minor template - listed below. Unless otherwise noted, this retainer is usually one applicable to your venue. If the retainer does not apply to your venue, you will require the permission of your admin as well as the admin who administrates the venue your retainer is from.

Psychics: When choosing a Psychic Retainer, the Psychic gains 2 merit dots in psychic powers per dot in this merit.
Ghouls: When choosing a ghoul retainer, the ghoul gains 1 discipline per dot in this merit.
Proximi: When choosing a Proximi retainer, choose the family it belongs to. The Proximi gains 1 rote from that list per dot in this merit.
Fae-Touched: Pending Reading of Changeling Fae-Touched Rules

Out-of-Venue Examples: (These Examples are less likely to be seen without serious reasoning, and usually require more than 1 ST to say yes; But, just in case...)

Wolfblooded: When choosing a wolf-blooded retainer, the wolfblooded gains 1 tell with 1 dot. Each additional dot may grant the retainer 1 wolf blooded merit (Including a second tell)
Demon Blooded: 1 embed per dot in this merit (pending observation of the rules for Demon Blooded)

Drawback: Each group has their own drawbacks inherent to their nature. A ghoul requires vitae to be fed. A Proximi has a curse it must work around. These curses all effect each venue differently, and are easier to manage when you actually understand how to manage them - a faerie will have a difficult time controlling a ghoul who must receive blood from somewhere.

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