30 Pieces of Silver - The Boys' Club (23 Remaining)

Centrally located neighborhood with easy access to the heart of the city, one of the Richer areas in the city with houses near the water, most owners have their own boats.
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30 Pieces of Silver - The Boys' Club (23 Remaining)

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James Mihan and his friends were by all appearances ordinary family men, moderately well-off residents of Bayside who got together as part of an informal mens' club and did the kinds of things bored middle-aged men do. As far as anyone including their families knew they rode their choppers, worked on cars, hunted and fished and had poker nights - typical guy stuff. But there was another group activity they liked to engage in as well - sometimes they would tell their wives they were going hunting or just having a night out with the boys. They were technically not lying, except that the prey they hunted was human women.

It started off with the kind of conversation that you'd normally only hear in a locker room one evening when the boys were getting drunk at a strip club in Nelly's Peak. Mihan, brash and possessing absolutely no respect for women or indeed any human being that was not himself talked about how much fun it would be to get one of the dancers to come with them somewhere quiet and 'have some fun'. The idea quickly caught on with the group of a half-dozen guys and Mihan made the move, offering the pretty brunette a little extra money during his lap dance and suggesting that she could make a lot more still if she joined him and his group of friends at a hotel later. Too poor to pass up the chance at getting a big payday from a bunch of harmless-looking yuppies with more money than sense, the dancer agreed to meet them after her shift was over. When she arrived at the room they asked her to do tings for more humiliating than just rough sex, and she refused. She was never seen again; That was the first time James Mihan and his boys realized they enjoyed raping and murdering women. It was a REAL thrill, the kind of excitement that you couldn't buy from a showroom or a gun shop.

After that they started making monthly trips to the bad part of town and eventually made the acquaintance of the gangster everyone called the Candyman. He understood them, and he even enhanced and facilitated their group activities by supplying them with both cocaine and victims, on the condition that he got to watch the fun and maybe even participate. This went on for nearly a year, and it was them that provided the bulk of the participants to the brutal gangrape of a little girl who just wanted to make enough money to eat.

Jason had pieced all of this together by following the trail of horrific nightmares left in their wake; the dream practically churned from them and he couldn't miss them if he'd tried. They'd raped and murdered thirteen women that he knew of and that was more than enough reason for the vigilante Beast to kill each and everyone of them in spectacular fashion. That was why he was lurking in the small bathroom attached to Mihan's garage, listening to the plans for their next 'outing' in the form of a living shadow while one of the man turned a ratchet underneath the jacked-up cherry red Mustang and Mihan worked beneath the hood, tuning the vehicle's engine. Their next outing was going to be more elaborate; they'd rented a cabin far outside of the city and they planned on abducting a local girl and taking her there for a weekend of fun.

That was all Jason needed to hear. The disgusted Beast enacted his plan with then with the enthusiastic approval of his nightmarish Horror. It was easy enough; eventually one of the men went to use the bathroom and died a gruesome death as the fluorescent light in the small space suddenly crackled and died and then a swarm of tiny plastic toy Navy SEALS descended from the light fixture above and attacked the unsuspecting man, who at first was merely confused but was soon screaming and thrashing as the tiny toy soldiers killed him one stab at a time while the other men tried in vain to open the bash down the bathroom door. Soon their dead friend's blood seeping out beneath the door told them in no uncertain terms that something very bad was happening.

When they finally got the door open and beheld the gruesome sight of their dead, mutilated friend one of them vomited on the spot; he looked like chewed-up hamburger. One of them ran for the door to the interior of the attached house, only to find that that the door would not open. They tried to automated garage door - it, too, refused to open.

Then the lights flickered and died, and the nightmare really began. "Evening, gents." the voice came from the darkness, one that none of them recognized.

"Who the fuck is that?!" Jimmy called out.

"I'm karma, you bunch of sick sons of bitches." the voice in the dark replied "I know what you did to those women, and you're all dead men. All i want now is to hear you scream."

Scream they did. In near-total darkness and inescapable confines of the garage, they had no chance against the monster in their midst that murdered each of them in creatively gruesome ways, the screams and shouts of pain being silenced one by one until only the bloody, terrified James Mihan remained, pressed against the inside of the garage door clutching a tire iron he'd managed to find by sheer luck while his now-dead friends were being killed off, was the only one left.

"Who...who are you? Come on man, we were just having some fun. Nobody cares about those little bitches."

The darkness answered "...wow, you just don't get it. For fuck's sake, you can't even understand what you did wrong."

Then there was one more horrified scream as a man materialized and James Mihan felt the lightest touch before he fell to the garage floor and convulsed helplessly; finally dying minutes later as the supernatural poison devoured his flesh. The gruesome gore-spattered scene would be discovered by Mihan's wife the following morning.

"Oh well. Doesn't matter if you understand."

Jason's Lair receded and he opened the now-active garage door, stepping out into the night. That was the end of the Boys' Club.

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