Branding is an important part of being a Vigilante (log)

Named after the first unfortunate suicide in New Haven, she was a sister in the church who got to close to the abyss. This part of the city is the poorest of the neighborhoods and has a high crime rate. It is North East of the city, a few miles from Murkwood cemetery and the Suicide Cliffs themselves.
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Branding is an important part of being a Vigilante (log)

Postby The Lone Gunman » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:36 am

Jason Strode:
Nelly's peak was a dangerous neighborood full of criminals and predators of all kinds. If something bad happened in New Haven it probably happened here, but in nature there was always a bigger, meaner animal out there and that held true even for mortals and the supernatural relatives.

In this case, the predator in question was Jason Strode. He'd taken to patrolling the neighborhood at night and ...dealing with thhe individuals who preyed on other (relatively) innocent people. That was exactly what he was doing tonight - lurking around the crime hot spots looking for trouble.

Ruth LaHaye:
Ruth on the other hand wasn't looking for trouble, but she did find herself taking a shortcut through the peak after coming back from the bar Rose sung at. She wasn't dressed in anything fancy, just dark skinny jeans, a light jacket over a dark A-shirt, and her stormcloud grey hair which right now bounced loosely on her shoulder. She kept to the shadows out of instinctual habit, not wanting to be caught in the open by the sickly yellow cones of the streetlights.

Jason Strode has rolled an family resemblance roll (3 dice), getting 1, 2, 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 1 success.

Ruth happened to cut through the very shadowy area where Jason was lurking invisibly, watching a pair of would-be muggers at the end of the street as they prepared to spring out like two low-budget bandits on the next unsuspecting mark who happened by. Jason wasn't concerned about them; he knew these two and knew they were no real danger to anyone. But that wasn't what got his attention - firstly, she was pretty. Second she had a strange sort of glamor to her that he'd never seen before. She was family of some sort.

Regardless, he couldn't let her walk into an ambush, so he stepped out of seemingly nowhere into the glow of one of the rare few streetlights just ahead of her. He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans and in the light was rather dramatically silhouetted. never let it be said he didn't have style "Hey, be careful. There's a couple of idiots up ahead that are planning on robbing the next person who passes by."

Ruth LaHaye has rolled an Perception! Wits2+Composure3+Clarity2 roll (7 dice), getting 8, 5, 3, 9, 8, 9, 8, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Ruth LaHaye has 5 successes.

Ruth was already aware of the two strangers up ahead and was already looking for another path around, and also spotted the weirdo in the hoodie just before he came out, so she didn't react with quite the surprise he might have expected from appearing from nowhere with a warning.

"Yea, sure," she said nonchalantly, looking more annoyed than scared while she kept her hands in her pockets, haven taken a step back away from the revealing light. "So what are you, their lookout?"

"Nah, i'm just a good samaritan. Those two aren't a real threat - just two wannabe gangsters. I beat them up twice a week. Still, didn't wanna take a chance that they'd get stupid and actually hurt someone."

he seemed to be examining her "Aside from that, i was curious too. You're not normal - i can feel something like a....weird dream surrounding you."
He looked up now and she could clearly see the white smiley face mask he wore:
Kenning! Pool=Clarity roll (7 dice), getting 8, 5, 6, 7, 3, 7, 4, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Ruth LaHaye has 1 success.

Ruth's eyes narrowed as the masked weirdo said something uncomfortably true, and her senses instinctively narrowed to pick out the edges of reality. There, behind the cone of the lamps she could see a hulking humanoid creature clad in a lab coat, with eyes and mouth pried open by surgical equipment, glaring at her with eyes filled with an unearthly blueish glow.
She almost bolted right then and there until she noticed that the humanoid wasn't actually there, that it was more of an...outline or shadow over the weirdo. Also...she had seen something like this before, hadn't she? Though she didn't remember getting a very good look at whatever Allison had, now that she thought about it
"You DO realize how fucking creepy that sounds, right?"

"Yeah, it's always awkward and a little weird when you tell people 'by the way, you look like a not-normal person'. It's a great icebreaker at parties, though. By the way i'm..uh....hmm...i really need a good name to go by. Call me...smiley-faced...mask guy." he shrugged "Don't judge me. All the good names are taken and i wanna be original."

Ruth stared blankly at the weirdo for a good...five to ten seconds before uttering a quiet but strongly pronounced "What the Fuck?" under her breath.

"What? I'm doing the whole vigilante hero thing. You know - protect the weak, defeat the badguys and in theory get the girl. I'm working on that last part. But...anyway, yeah....what the hell are you? You read as being kinda like one of the Children, but different. Your Dream is a lot...not brighter, just more colorful I guess. Full of extreme emotions and sheer weight."

Ruth just sighed as the she rubbed her forehead in annoyance, once again more agitated by the weirdo in front of her, as she laid into him with harsh whispering since there was after all, two thugs down the street. "Yea, feeling extreme embarrassment for you. What the goddamn fuck are you doing, going around in a weird mask late at night looking like a damned stalker? And why the fuck should I tell you what I am, that's just dumb! And rude!"

He crossed his arms and somehow managed to look offended despite the mask "Hey, that's awfully judgey of you. I'm over here being nice, watching out for the little guy and you're just being mean. besides, on a more serious note as long as all the slimeballs are focusing on me and this mask they aren't busy making peoples' lives hell. Keep 'em running in circles chasing me and occasionally punch them in the face." he peeked down the street "Damn, if those guys spent as much time finding actual jobs as they do lurking around bad neighborhoods at night they'd be millionaires. don't have to answer. I'm used to people being all secretive, but i always get the goods anyway. I'm not your enemy, by the way. Unless you're planning on screwing with people minding their own business."

"In this 'hood? They might actually have a nine to five already, it's not like anything around here pays well," she pointed out. "Look, thanks for the warning but I'm not exactly helpless myself. I'm not always going around looking for trouble either, I don't need too like you probably do." She tried to get a peak at the face behind the mask, though the horrific afterimage of the humanoid wasn't helping. "I don't suppose you know Allison, do you?"

"Very insightful of you. You're right, The vigilante gig helps me feed the big boy, who you no doubt can see. But that's no reason not to do some good while i'm at it." when she mentioned Allison, he nodded "We've met in passing. She's family, actually. Why? You a friend of hers?"

"And tough as you are, watch yourself. There's one family member who calls himself the Candyman who's feeding in a significantly less altruistic way. He gangraped a fourteen year-old girl and whhen I find him i'm going to rip off his arms and beat him to death with them."

"I am, actually," she answered before the weirdo talked about one of their own that had apparently gone...rabid? "Oh...fuck. Now...that's a warning I can appreciate. Um...thanks."

"Well, if you see her tell her Doc says hello. I don't get to her neighborhood often because as you can see, i'm busy." finally the two muggers decided to relocate, it seemed "Say, on the subject of that asshole i caught sight of...well, an angel helping the girl he did that to. Know anything about that? If there's somebody else doing the vigilante thing around here, i'd rather not step on their toes and I wanna see if we could collaborate to deal with Candyman."

"Yea, sure," she said at first before the weirdo continued on.
"Was she super-gorgeous and had a voice you'd die for? Then yea, I know the girl scout. I'll pass the message along," she said, giving this "Doc" the sideeye, still obviously suspicious of him.
"I uh...guess I should let you keep hunting then, huh?"

"I didn't get a real good look, but that sounds about right. Is she single?"

"No," she said rather quickly and defensively, to her own surprise.

"ooh, that sounds personal. Ah well, that's just my luck. Anyway, i've gotta jet. There's some other ladies waiting on me and they'll get worried if i'm too late getting home."

"Yea, sure," she responded, rather unconvinced. "Um...see you latter then...Doc? Mask? Doctor Mask? Erm, yea," Ruth said, steeping into the shadows and far away from this weirdo.

Fucking fuck, why couldn't Allison's kind be sane instead of as nuts as her fellow changelings?

"Hey, I like that. Doctor Mask."

He wandered off, heading home after a brief stop to change into normal clothes "I've heard worse names. I'll go with it."


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