30 Pieces of Silver - Justice Long Overdue (25 remaining)

Named after the first unfortunate suicide in New Haven, she was a sister in the church who got to close to the abyss. This part of the city is the poorest of the neighborhoods and has a high crime rate. It is North East of the city, a few miles from Murkwood cemetery and the Suicide Cliffs themselves.
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30 Pieces of Silver - Justice Long Overdue (25 remaining)

Postby Eternal Darkness » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:34 am

"Well Mr. Montanez, you have quite a colorful history. You're a career criminal with all kinds of nasty crimes to your name and a drug addict to boot. I'm betting you ran here from California when you got a little too well-known, eh?"

Jorge Montanez, a stocky mexican-american with sun-browned skin and short, shaggy black hair heard the voice from where he lay, immobile and helpless on his own bed; he wasn't tied up or gagged, but he couldn't move or speak regardless. His mind was foggy and at first he was confused; The last thing he remembered was passing out after a night of drinking at the bar he frequented a few blocks away, then a nightmare that made him awaken in a cold sweat, then something hit him and he felt the lightest touch before he fell unconscious once more from a sharp blow to the head. His room was dark; the only light was the pale moonlight streaming in from the window and a hooded figure, the only feature he could make out a stark white mask with a jovial smile, was silhouetted against it - the source of the voice.

"Now i bet you have all kinds of questions, Jeremy - who is this guy? Why can't i move? Well, suffice it to say that your bad karma just caught up with you. See, you and your buddies participated in the gang rape of a teenaged girl a while ago and..well, you're gonna die. I'd give you my 'right nd wrong' speech, but based on your past transgressions i'm pretty sure it wouldn't have the slightest bit of impact on you."

Jeremy managed to croak out a single word through his paralysis: 'please'

The shadowy figure laughed out loud, at first a chuckle but eventually growing to a frightening cackling sound that made Jeremy's bladder release itself.

"Please? Please what? Please don't kill you? Dude, even if you hadn't raped a helpless little girl I would've still killed you on principle alone. I mean, you 'allegedly' beat a woman to death, but the charges didn't stick because the evidence was tainted, right? And don't even get me started on your long experience in the drug game. You're a living, breathing cancer in the heart of society. No, i think i'm definitely killing you."

Fear gave Jeremy the strength to speak a few more words and he did the only ting he could think of to do - he began to pray, sputtering out the words of a Hail Mary. He could her the incredulity in the dark figure's voice with his next words.

"You unbelievable piece of shit. Are you praying? You're begging god to spare your miserable life, like you deserve it?"

Jeremy heard the figure scoff "Well let me tell you, buddy: God can't save you." the figure approached now, looming over his prone form menacingly

"Nobody can save you. It's too late for that - now go to hell." the last thing Jeremy heard was the scraping sound of his gun being picked up off of the wooden nightstand next to his bed, and the last thing he saw was the white mask hovering over him and the flash of a pistol discharge as he was executed and his brains were splattered against the wall behind his bed.

This scene would repeat three more times that night; men of varying degrees of horribleness finding themselves executed by a figure that emerged from the darkness when they were most vulnerable and told them of the sins he somehow knew they'd committed. One of them was even was able to fight back against the masked man, but to his horror when he struck with his fist the masked man's flesh just broke off and fell away, dislodging a shower of small, plastic toy ninjas that stabbed a dozen tiny toy swords into his hand just before the masked figure touched him and he suddenly felt like he was moving through water, then he at a bullet at point-blank range. Those who found Jeremy and his three associates would discover the same message written in their blood on a nearby surface: 'RAPIST. HAVE SOME CANDY'

Jeremy's gun was dropped into the bay midway across the water on a ferry ride to Arkadia Asylum when nobody was looking, where it would never again be found.

NOTES: Spent 1 Satiety in the hunt. End Satiety: 1 (Starving)


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