A Deal with the Devil (Jason Strode log)

The seat of the nightmares of humanity, the Hive of the Primordial Dream is dominated by the legend of the Devil's Children. This deep seated fear makes it so that all the realms within it suffer in eternal night - vision obscured for all but the most keen of sights. Blood pools in burrows which should not have it, and laughter can sometimes be heard - even in chambers owned by no one.

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A Deal with the Devil (Jason Strode log)

Postby Eternal Darkness » Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:10 am

Jason Strode: Jason had a powerful enemy - another of the Begotten with feeding habits he found most distasteful - that needed killing. After torturing one of his associates to death, Jason quickly realized that method, while dramatic, was inefficient and if he got into a fair fight with a lot of them it might not go well. He needed to get dangerous. He needed to have the skills to kill his own kind. And when you need specialized training, you go to the professionals. Thankfully he knew someone who specialized in killing the begotten - Thomas Cate. And so, Jason entered the Primordial Dream, walking in is own puny human form until he retraced his steps through the ever-sifting primordial dream and found the bright landscape he knew belonged to Thomas Cate. Distasteful as it was, Cate was a minimal threat whereas the Candyman was out and about actively making the world a worse place. So, Jason was about to make a deal with the devil out of necessity.

Thomas Cate: The Dream is, as always, incredibly peaceful. Thomas is standing in the center of it, at ease with himself. The blade in his hand still wet with blood. As you enter, it feels... weirdly welcoming.

"Doctor." Cate says, without actually looking in your direction. "Are you well? Have your wounds healed to your satisfaction?"

Jason Strode: "I'm very resilient and i heal fast." he kept a respectful distance, but didn't waste time "And in case you were wondering, i'm not here to pick a fight. There's no point."

Thomas Cate: "I didn't figure you were. You'd have not come -here- for it. Not after last time." He said, moving to turn to Jason. Idly, he threw the blade down, - to the side - and sat. "Though I must admit, I was surprised you didn't visit me materially. I had prepared myself for a poisonous end. So - what brings you to speak instead of war?"

Jason Strode: "I'd thought about it, but Dr. Stein talked me out of it. And honestly, i'm glad i didn't. I need your help with something you specialize in. But first, i want you to answer me a question honestly - why did you kill that man and his daughter?"

Thomas Cate: Thomas looked to Cate and smiles. Smiles because the answer is likely as not to be the strangest thing in the world. The answer he gives her is totally honest, without the slightest hint of deception, "Because I loved her."

Jason Strode: That caught Jason fully by surprise "Well...that's an...unusual way to show your love. But i'm not going to ask you the details if you'd rather not give them and i appreciate you not lying to me, because I need to be able to trust you at least somewhat. See...i have problem with another one of our kind. And the problem needs to be made dead. But as you are aware, i'm not exactly equipped to successfully beat a tough opponent in a fair fight, let alone one with friends and lackeys helping him." he sucked in a deep breath "Your soul is made of razor-sharp blades that even I have to admit cut righteously. Whatever I may think of you, you believe in what your doing. I need to be like that - i need to make myself into a weapon. And then, i need you to help me kill a worse monster than both of us. You call yourself a Hero, so prove it."

Thomas Cate: Thomas looked to Jason as he spoke, considering. As he listened, he might have been contemplating the shock of a monster asking to help. It wouldn't be unusual for one to balk simply on principal. After a moment, he said, "I have a price."

Jason Strode: "Of course you do. And depending on what it is, i might be willing to pay it. But - before we go making any deals, let me make it clear that i'm doing this for two reasons: practicality and because I believe people can change. The moment you try to double-cross me and prove that belief untrue, we will be fighting. Now, name your price."

Thomas Cate: Thomas Cate smiled, and said, "I need you to deliver a message to a girl. I can give you a name and address?"

Jason Strode: "...that's not what I expected. Alright....i'll deliver your message. in exchange, you help me hone my horror into a blade and back me up when it comes time to feed the Candyman a whoopass sandwich. Deal?"

Thomas Cate: "Deal." He smiled and then said, "The girl's name is Samantha Carfield. " You recognized the name - it was the last name of the man who Thomas Cate had killed. Did... he have two daughters maybe? "Tell her I miss her, and to come to the Asylum on the... we'll say eleventh? Sounds good. If she says she can't make it, let me know what her counter-date is."

Jason Strode: "You've got a deal. Now for your end - i need to get dangerous in a hurry. Can you do it?"

Thomas Cate: "I can. However." He looked to the Doctor, and said, "You will need to remember this is a temporary arrangement. It is temporary, only in so long that your and my morals align. If I find that I disagree that you and this monster you wish to deal with are different enough, then we may end up following the old narrative regardless."

Jason Strode: "Casual gangrape of a helpless little girl isn't something i can ever do. Whereas my soon-to-be-dead sibling is perfectly okay with it. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that we have very little in common when you get down to the details. But we'll see what happens; I'll do my part first - i'll deliver your message and let you know what she says."

Thomas Cate: For a second, just a second - Thomas Cate's smile slips. He nods, and says, "Very well. It sounds like I will be happy to lend a blade." He pauses and said, "If you would also. Keep her out of the loop on this. Samantha is a bit of a hot head, especially when it comes to elements like that."

Jason Strode: "Mum's the word. I'll be in touch." and then Jason made his way back through the burrows and chambers, toward his own Lair and ultimately the material world.

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