A Normal Day (Jason Strode, Molly Dollanger, Ms. Fire)

Downtown New Haven gives the false impression of safety. Its old, the buildings made of stone and old architecture. They are one after another, almost on top of each other. The Highest building in downtown being 4 stories. The lamp posts are of Victorian design. The side walks cobblestone instead of concrete. And seeming to always burst with activity. There are downtown restaurants, coffee shops, wood shops, theaters and festive. Downtown also leads to the Fish Market and thus the harbor. The sky is always overcast with the occasional spot of blue and sun, the bricks often glisten with the water that is in the air. The festive city hides a deeper rot. A Alley might feel as though the worst crimes could be committed in moments. A unaware might be robbed..or killed. But that alley might also summon, call to the passer by and though they fear the dark within go like a lamb to the slaughter.
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A Normal Day (Jason Strode, Molly Dollanger, Ms. Fire)

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Molly Dollanger: Molly's backpack jostled slightly with each step as she walked next to her dad away from her school. She had expected a car, but she was fine with walking. She was stronger than she looked.
"Can we get ice cream or something?" Molly asked, looking up at her father.
"The freezer is out."

Jason Strode: Jason grinned and stopped, bending down to pick up the little girl, backpack and all, and put her on his shoulders. "That sounds like a plan." he loved spending time with Molly. It was one of the happiest parts of is life, and every chance he got he showered his daughter with affection and attention. "So, there's some stuff i need to talk to you about, kiddo."

Ms. Fire: It is probably a familiar sound, the distinct roar of a harley motorcycle going down town.. one with a rider clad in black and red riding leathers.

Molly Dollanger: Molly blinked, sucking in a breath as she was lifted up. The backpack was light, much more so than it's owner.
"Oh yeah?" She paused, looking down at him curiously.
"Like what?Are we out of chips?" she asked, her voice growing more serious as she took in his tone.
"Hunting stuff?"

Jason Strode: "It's serious stuff. But you will be happy o know that unless our new houseguest ate them all since last night, the chip supply is quite abundant." he heard the familiar angine and slowed his stride as they walked "that's Alicia's bike."

Ms. Fire: *she rounds a corner, slowing slightly as she spots a familiar face.. and a not so familiar child with him... but she's till a way's off from the pair and she has traffic to drive through before she could think about stopping to say "hi"*

Molly Dollanger: Molly grinned. She loved her BBQ chips.
As a motorcycle came roaring around the corner, she winced, wondering who exactly this woman was.
"Who is Alicia, exactly?" she asked.

Jason Strode: Sure enough as she rounded the corner, Jason caught sight of her in her leathers and helmet "A friend of mine, that's all. Don't worry your little puffballs, i'm not dating her or anything. You've still got me all to myself." he smiled and slow down, freeing one hand to wave in Alicia's general direction.

Jason Strode: "Well, aside from courtney. I'm not dating her either, though. She's just gonna be staying with us."

Ms. Fire: *she returned her ave and revved the engine loudly as she maneuvered around the cars and such.. befor epulling up beside the pair and opening her visor*

"sup?" she smiled, even if the smile was hidden by the helmet somewhat. it is good to smile.

Jason Strode: "Hey there, Alicia." Jason nearly always smiled, as he was just a happy person. "the pair of puffballs on my shoulders, which are attached to a little girl, are one part of the being designated Molly."

Ms. Fire: Hello Molly *she waved to the girl as well* How's the weather up there?

Molly Dollanger: Molly leaned forward onto her father's head.
"Hello. It's nice and breezy. You should try it and get some heels- you'd look good in them.

Jason Strode: "As you can see, she is also a fashion consultant. And by the way, i agree with her."

Ms. Fire: *chuckles* don't really do heels so much.. they dont mix with ride my bike or walking the campus all that well..

Molly Dollanger: Molly grinned.
"When you wear the same thing everyday, you get to thinking." she explained, gesturing to her private school uniform.

Jason Strode: "That's why you should go on dates with handsome, funny, well-off doctors who drive BMW's."

Jason Strode: "Or me. I'll take you out too if you can't find any guys like that." he grinned.

Molly Dollanger: "He actually meant you the whole time." She advised Alicia, in case she hadn't caught that.

Ms. Fire: I'm not really into dating right now.... *chuckles*

Molly Dollanger: "Who says you have to date? It's nice just to have people give you stuff." Molly explained.

Jason Strode: "Well pencil me in when you get into it. I can almost guarantee you my schedule will be wide-open." he grinned "Other than my mandatory flirtation, how're you doing, Alicia?"

Molly Dollanger: "Or you could date girls." she added thoughtfully.

Ms. Fire: "heh.. reminds me.. there was this girl..s trangest thing.. she had asked me if I wanted to gout and eat at an itallian place a while back.. and we went.. and I haven't seen hide nor hair of her since.. Kind of a pity..

Jason Strode: Jason facepalmed "See what I have to deal with?" it would be an amusingly frightening sight to anyone who could see the Horrors these two truly were - huge porcelain doll riding on the back of a the gray-skinned man with his wild-eyed rictus grin face.

Jason Strode: "The repeated rejection suddenly becomes a lot less soul-wounding if i'm just not your type." he was not at all serious and was, as always, joking.

Molly Dollanger: "Maybe she just wanted a friend." Molly suggested. "She was lonely."

Ms. Fire: "I don't really know If I have a type to be honest' *she shrugged*

Molly Dollanger: "What about Benjamin Barker?" She wondered if Alicia would know that name. She knew she knew many thing adults didn't.

Jason Strode: "Hey, we're friends. Repeated late-night coffee-drinking sessions qualifies one for friendship in my book."

Ms. Fire: ... uhm *she frowned*.. I should know that name... I know I should.. but I can't place it.. who does he play?

Jason Strode: "Prepare to be schooled, Alicia."

Molly Dollanger: Molly smiled. It was her favorite movie. "It's the story of a man who turns the city of London into cannibals by murdering them to avenge his wife and daughter. But little does anyone know his wife is still alive and is a beggar who doesn't remember who she used to be because she was sick and has been watching all this happen with her husband. Her last words are 'Do I know you?' to her husband.' she said promptly.

Jason Strode: "Sweeney Todd. She's talking about Sweeney Todd."

Ms. Fire: Ah! *she blinked* that is where it is from.. to be fair.. I dint exactly get to see a lot of movies and such till I left home.. and I'm still binge watching stuff to.. 'catch up' as it were.."

Jason Strode: "Oh man. Okay, you HAVE to see Sweeney Todd. Both the broadway production and the very excellent movie with Johnny Depp as benjamin barker. Its GREAT. You should come over to our house sometime. Molly has the collectors edition DVD set with director commentary signed by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham carter."

Molly Dollanger: Molly grinned with pride and preened. "Annnd a Mr. Barker doll. But the blood is totally fake if that scares you."

Ms. Fire: Her brows shoot up* Oh wow... *she then chuckles* blood doesn't really bother me.. *considerign she's seen buckets of the real thing.. yeah*

Jason Strode: "I think I have the only ten yer old girl who'd rather have a life-sized sweeney todd barbershop re-creation in her room than a pony."

Molly Dollanger: "I can't help the fact I'm interesting. I come by it naturally."

Ms. Fire: I just bet she laughs and giggles when playing five nights at freddy's. *she smirks*

Jason Strode: He rolled his eyes at her "And beautiful. Both of which you have your mother to thank for. All you got from me was brains and a great sense of humor."

Jason Strode: "Eh...ya know, we did a playthrough and found it pretty weak as far as horror goes. not bad, just kinda amateur hour."

Molly Dollanger: Molly nodded. "It's really hard to scare me. For it being made by one guy though, it's really good! The lore is really cool. I watch videos about it all the time."

Jason Strode: "Excuse me while i shed a tear of sheer pride. Truly, you are my child."

Ms. Fire: No matter how simple the coding, I think it's pretty well executed... he worked with the tools he had.. and came out a winner.. now those poor guys on you tube are constantly having to revise their theories..

Jason Strode: "Now don't get me wrong, his creation of a tense horror atmosphere? that's masterful. And his storytelling is a thing of beauty. Show, don't tell. He gets it one-hundred percent right. I'm just not into jump scares."

Ms. Fire: *she nods in agreement* Speaking of masterful.. Alien Isolation...

Jason Strode: "A-freaking-mazing. It's the kind of game that sets the perfect scene and always makes you fear that the monster is right around every corner, lurking in every shadow. Inspired work."

Jason Strode: "But i better get the little lady here home and introduce her to our new houseguest. I've gotta go out later this evening and do some work stuff, too."

Ms. Fire: *she smiles and nods* Take care Jason, have fun Molly! *she waves*

Jason Strode: "If you wanna get together later, my schedule is wide-open. Actually, i wanted to get your opinion on something not apporpriate for little ears."

Ms. Fire: *she nodded* ah... sure thing.

Molly Dollanger: Molly raised an eyebrow at her. "Is it kissing? I mean, I'm ten, I know what's going on."

Jason Strode: "No it is not kissing, little miss noseypuffs. Now come on, let's get home and make some dinner." and Jason and Molly went along their way up the street toward home.


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