A Public Service (Jason Strode, Leviathan, Marcus Sorensen)

Downtown New Haven gives the false impression of safety. Its old, the buildings made of stone and old architecture. They are one after another, almost on top of each other. The Highest building in downtown being 4 stories. The lamp posts are of Victorian design. The side walks cobblestone instead of concrete. And seeming to always burst with activity. There are downtown restaurants, coffee shops, wood shops, theaters and festive. Downtown also leads to the Fish Market and thus the harbor. The sky is always overcast with the occasional spot of blue and sun, the bricks often glisten with the water that is in the air. The festive city hides a deeper rot. A Alley might feel as though the worst crimes could be committed in moments. A unaware might be robbed..or killed. But that alley might also summon, call to the passer by and though they fear the dark within go like a lamb to the slaughter.
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A Public Service (Jason Strode, Leviathan, Marcus Sorensen)

Postby Eternal Darkness » Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:35 pm

Jason Strode: "Can you believe the nerve of these assholes?" Jason said as he put a savage haymaker across the jaw of one of five would-be human traffickers as he reached the steel security door at the back of what on the surface appeared to be a downtown convenience store, dropping him like a sack of potatoes before dragging him back inside and slamming the door behind him, stepping over another unconscious and very-lucky-to-be-alive thug who was still clutching his gun with a terrified expression etched onto his features "They weren't even trying to be discreet about it. We should come in here twice a week and clean house as a public service." he looked around at the disarray in the storeroom and waited for one of the other two to drag in the stragglers. "So what the hell do we do with these guys? I don't even wanna feed off of them because I might get infected withh scumbag through their nightmares."

Marcus Sorensen: The initial call to Marcus would have gone to voicemail, but Jason received a text soon after stating I will see what I can do.

There was no sign of the Mekhet at the scene, at least to the visible eye, as Jason commenced his beat-down of the traffickers. Pale eyes watched the good doctor, however, a head tilted slightly as curiosity ran its course.

The Leviathan: When Jason had contacted him, telling him about some folks he'd found that he'd wanted to handle, the Leviathan was more than happy to help - though, the Doctor would quickly mean that did not mean the Leviathan was up for joining the fight. Instead, he offered different sources - namely in the form of bait.

Apparently, his cultists could actually fight better than he could, and were more than willing to be the lures and the backup at the same time.

And when it's all said and done, the Leviathan sort of shrugs, "Better to feed knowing the suffering you inflicted was deserved, than to do so feeling that it wasn't. Though I can understand the sentiment if they don't particularly suit your preference."

Jason Strode: He shook his head at levi "I can't eat ...that." he pointed at the recently drug-in man "So, i'm new at this vigilante justice thing and i didn't consider what we do with them now."

Marcus Sorensen: The head shook slowly, a faint frown curling his lip. If there was anything that he loathed it was taking an action without thought as to the consequences, and that kind of sloppy behavior left a bad mark in his book.

He made a note of where the security system seemed to lead, assuming that the building had one to begin with; that part of this mess would be dealt with properly, at least.

The Leviathan:
The Leviathan looked to the man, and tilted his head. He looked to Jason, and was silent for a bit, before he considered, "The horror does not really discriminate. If it guides you to commit actions like this, then you should allow it to feast. If it does not, then you should find a broodmate who does feast upon these kinds of things.

"Suffice to say, I don't suggest leaving them alive. If you did not have a plan for removing them, I can deal with that - but the problem is, it's going to leave waves and ripples. The people they work for are going to be missing the people who are connected - and they will end up replaced, renewed, and investigated into. That's usually how these things work. Most traffickers are not lone individuals, and I doubt this is the center of their operations."

Jason Strode: "It's not. I lucked up on finding out about this meeting." Jason got busy committing murder in the form of slow poisoning on the men, one by one "The Doctor is very clear on his feelings regarding people that can't behave like functioning members of society. But you're right...maybe i need a broodmate who isn't as squeamish if i'm gonna do this."

Marcus Sorensen: The talk of feeding and broodmates was added to the mental file he had on both men, his natural curiosity piqued. As the men were dispatched he silently shook his head, moving into the store proper and going to the security system to see what he would be dealing with there.

Jason Strode: "We really need a supernatural craigslist. 'Wanted: one ruthless killer to partner with primordial horror. Must be experienced at body disposal and feasting on the fear of horrible sub-humans."

The Leviathan: "If I may..." The Leviathan said - moving towards one of the individuals whom Jason had not yet poisoned. He made an almost regal brush of the hands towards the man - all show, after all - and as he did, the form of the beast began to overlay his own, to the eyes of Marcus, the Cultists, and Jason. Jason of course had already seen his form in the Dream, and the cultists experienced it regularly - but for Marcus, who'd only met with the Leviathan twice on a casual note, it was a new, alien form.

To define it would be beyond the capabilities of mortal man. It is a creature that is a mass of tentacles, a myriad of forms in one - it 'feels' like it should pervade the room. Some aspects seem like some hideous and beautiful draconic visage, yet if you said he was a dragon it wouldn't be like any dragon that you ever saw in literature - not even necrotic would be an appropriate term. It looks like something you might expect would exist out in the edges of the fabric of space, rather than on earth or within any real water. And as he makes the motion, the horror seems to recoil - erupt - and from one of the tendrils closest to his hands, flame gushes out. Controlled - he made sure not to use it near any of the walls or anything like that - but directed to cleanse the other man.

Marcus Sorensen: He had already turned away when the transformation had begun, but the sudden whoosh of flame behind him made him pause, eyes widening a touch. Seeing both the beast that Levi had become, as well as the flame emerging from its appendage, made the Mekhet move towards the security closet across the room in double-time.

Jason Strode: Jason took a big step back toward the security closet as flames poured forth, his own horror's wide and unsettling visage seeming satisfied at the punishment inflicted, its needle-tipped fingers flexing anxiously. Jason refrained from any maniacal laughter with great effort, despite the urge to do so that came from is Horror "The owner is mostly innocent, by the way. He just takes cash from a guy to use this place as a drop spot and meeting room, closes up early and leaves it unlocked on certain nights and doesn't ask questions. I'm fine with burning it to the ground when we're done here if you think it's necessary. That seems about fair, given that I caught wind of this from a fourteen-year old prostitute."

He looked in awe at the flames for a moment, then remembered they had work to do "Thanks for the assist, Levi. I don't trust myself to think rationally when it's things like this....you know how I am with people taking advantage of kids. The girls, too. I think they're scarier than both of us."

The Leviathan: He considered it a bit. His eyes are sharpened as he watches his victim burn, an almost giddy sensation from that feeling of their fear, of the powerlessness they likely felt in this very moment. A smile crept out of his lips - a smile quite possibly caused by the fact that what was his - the cultists - they had thought to try to take for themselves. "You are far more a moral man than I am, I suspect. It will do you good."

His eyes looked to Strode, and he asked, "Did you invite anyone besides me here?"

Marcus Sorensen: The door to the security closet opened and closed silently, the man within taking a few sharp, normally unnecessary breaths to calm himself. Once his Beast was mollified that the flames would not be coming for them next he turned his attention to the security system, pulling out a small tablet from the messenger bag at his side and plugging it into the system. With any luck they were stored locally and could be wiped just as easily...

Jason Strode: "Yeah. A trustworthy cousin who's gonna make damn sure no electronic evidence gets out. He helped save my ass in that bite incident last month. He said he'd take care of it, and I believe him."

The Leviathan: "I suppose that explains the warped perceptions." He said casually. To no one in particularly, he called out, "You know, you don't have to hide. Being able to see you would go a long way to ensuring you don't accidentaly get set on fire. The girls I brought are immune to flame so I'm not worried about them, but if I don't know where you are I can't make any promises."

He chuckled and said, a bit quieter, "Though if he's cleaning up the local video databases we probably don't need to burn down the building. A couple piles of ash are harder to track and draw less attention than a missing spot in the downtown area, after all."

Marcus Sorensen: Levi's comment elicited a small frown and a quiet mutter in Arabic as he worked his digital magic, pulling the tapes from the evening's escapades from the system to the tablet and ensuring that the system was offline for the foreseeable future.

The Shroud of Night was released as he emerged from the closet, pale eyes looking over both men before he gave a nod. "I take it you are done here?"

Jason Strode: Jason jumped a little when Marcus appeared suddenly "Damn, that is impressive. I can see in the dark and i didn't even know you were here." he nodded at the question "I'll sweep up the ash and you two should be elsewhere. If and when this comes down on me I'd rather not have my friends caught in the crossfire. And thanks again, you guys. If either of you ever needs anything from me, ask and you've got it."

The Leviathan: As Marcus revealed himself Levi paused a moment, before letting a smile cross his lips. "Been a while Marcus. Not how I anticipated trading secrets when we eventually reached that point - but it will have to do. To answer your question though, yes, we're pretty much done."

He looked to Jason, and said, "Why don't you let one of the girls handle the cleanup? If someone has already contacted the police - which would be more because we were sloppy than anything else, and I really doubt it since how we entered was likely hardly unusual given the circumstances - they would be far less likely to arouse suspicion than a former asylum patient - no?"

Marcus Sorensen: "I have my methods." He looked to Jason for a long moment, then gave Levi a polite nod as he moved towards the pair. "Leaving would be advised."

Jason Strode: Jason quirked an eyebrow at their greeting "You guys already know eachother? Small city." he shook his head at Levi "You two and the ladies have done more than enough and I won't have any of you getting in trouble for helping me. Besides, i've got a knack for getting away clean. Go." he added "And hey Levi, talk to me later wen you have time. I've got another problem unrelated to this one and I need some insight on how to handle it. The kind of problem that breaks into lairs and kills you."

The Leviathan: The Leviathan smiled to Jason, and said, "Its quite possible I've at least crossed paths with all but the newest members of the supernatural world - and the slumbering ones. I recall them all. Though I hadn't yet interacted with Marcus in any way that would be deemed supernatural."

"If you insist, I will leave you to handle the cleanup then. Laura, Violet?" He motioned to the door, and said, "Couple of those, but I can guess which one your referring to. Talk to me when your done here and sure that you are clear. I'll make time."

Marcus Sorensen: "Just two watchers that noticed each other watching." A ghost of a smile crossed his lips as he nodded to Levi, then looked to Jason. "As you wish."

With that, unless either of the gentlebeasts stopped him, he made his way to the door leading from the backroom out into the city proper.

Jason Strode: He nodded to Levi and grabbed a pushbroom "Marcus heard about that problem indirectly." he grinned when Levi gathered his lady friends and prepared to leave "Someday, Levi. Someday I too will have hot, frighteningly competent help like that."

The Leviathan: "Of that I have no doubt, little brother." He smiled and then said, turning his attention to the doorway and to leave - "If you have time Marcus, before you vanish?"

Marcus Sorensen: Marcus paused, looking back to Levi with a small nod. "A moment can be spared."

Jason Strode: Jason made a point of hunting down any stray bone fragments, even stopping to merge with the room's shadows and search every dark corner in excruciating detail before he was certain, all while being careful not to actually touch anything that wouldn't be leaving with him. Maybe his ability to get away with all manner of skulduggery wasn't as much luck as he'd said, but when he was done he swept the last of the ash out the back door, cleaned out the doorjamb and was finally satisfied that their tracks were covered. A break-in was no big deal, but proving murder would be harder, and then he was gone.


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Re: A Public Service (Jason Strode, Leviathan, Marcus Sorensen)

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:24 am

The Leviathan
As he followed Marcus out of the shop, he quietly took his side. After a thought, he asked, "Do you have the capacity to make us both vanish, out of curiousity? Or is it self-only?"

It wasn't particularly busy, and he wasn't too worried about secrecy - but he knew vampires preferred it and honestly it was better safe than sorry if he wanted to have a private discussion.

0 | 08/19/2017 12:53 am Marcus Sorensen has rolled an Touch of Shadow (Wits 3 + Larceny 0 + Obfuscate 3 - Skill Penalty 1) roll (5 dice), getting 7, 9, 4, 10, 4, 5, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Marcus Sorensen has 2 successes.

Marcus Sorensen
"If the need arises." He nodded, lightly brushing Levi's coat as he pushed the Vitae towards the tasks. The Beast wouldn't feel anything out of the ordinary, unless he had a way to detect such things, but any who looked down the alleyway would only see the Mekhet for the time being unless they truly looked.

The Leviathan
He nodded and said, "My appreciation - and apologies if my methods of cleansing the crime scene frightened you. I know that your kind are fairly against anything to do with fire and would not have used it if I had known you were there in the room. At least, not until you left. Safer for all parties."

"So - You know the Doctor." The statement was a half question - like leading to the statement of 'how' more than anything.

Marcus Sorensen
"It was pointed in the proper direction, so no harm no foul." He nodded quietly, pushing additional Vitae to cloak his own presence to any but the man before him. The beast within quietly rumbled but fell silent once again; it was not starved by any measure, but using as much as he had in a short period of time made it...disagreeable.

"Our paths crossed the night he was attacked. The fact that he offered himself as a meal to the man in question surprised me at the time, but his actions this evening have explained much."

The Leviathan
He nodded and said, "He's young, and has yet to really delve into the supernatural world. Eager, I think - eager enough to seek out others he feels are 'like' him, without yet hesitating to assess the individual before making the approach. I actually got to see him after the attack - helped clear away some of the mess in the medical avenue."

Marcus Sorensen
"Eager is one word I would use. Sloppy is another." He shook his head quietly. "He had best learn quickly that there may not be others there to clean up his next mess."

The Leviathan
"Well - I would say that at least he had the foresight to ask before he created the mess." He smiled a bit and then said, "I believe when all monsters are new, they are sloppy. He's exploring that avenue of himself, and needs to learn from it and how to manage it."

He extended a hand, and said, "A formal introduction, since a real one was never actually given. I am The Leviathan. Though, as you know, Levi for short, particularly in mortal companies."

Marcus Sorensen
He nodded. "May it be a lesson he learns soon."

Marcus took the offered hand, shaking it firmly. "Marcus Sorensen."

The Leviathan
"Given what you've seen, I imagine you have questions. And if you don't, that's fine too. But since I already knew you and you seem to have caused interest in the Doctor, I figured I'd extend a hand to ensure you were not too suitably put off by the incidents in the shop."

0 | 08/19/2017 1:27 am The Leviathan has rolled 8 dice, getting 4, 6, 1, 4, 2, 10, 7, 8, 3, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Leviathan has 2 successes.

Marcus Sorensen
"Put off? No." He shook his head, a ghost of a smile crossing his features. "I'm more intrigued than anything."

The Leviathan
"Then we are of kindred minds, at the very least." He smiled and then said, "I am an occultist of sorts, on top of my natural state as you saw in the shop. It's part of why I could figure out your kind without much help - I've read more than a few of your kinds' misplaced diaries, among other things. I dabble in a trade of secrets - both occultic historically and in current times. Information Broker, I suppose you might call me - so if your interested in networking and becoming part of that network - and have secrets to provide in turn - I would much like to work and speak with you more beyond today and the occasional passing-by we have had in the past."

Marcus Sorensen
"I see..." He nodded quietly. "I would be interested in such; information broker is an apt description of my own pursuits, albeit more in the digital field."

The Leviathan
"Then it appears we can be equally of use to one another." He smiled and then said, "I'd like to arrange a meeting - once the matter that Jason referred to has been discussed with him, and when a time is better available for you - possibly after you have not been so taxed by a favor called in?"

Marcus Sorensen
"In a few evenings' time, perhaps." He pulled a small card case from his pocket and flipped it open, removing a card and offering it to the Beast. "E-mail or text would work better as far as contacting me."

The Leviathan
He nodded and took a look over the card, before saying, "Duly noted. I'll have one of my people send you a text. Till next we speak then?"

Marcus Sorensen
"Indeed." He nodded, closing the case and slipping it back into his pocket. "Have a pleasant evening."

The Leviathan
"You as well, Marcus."
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