You Can't Save Everyone (Jason Strode Log)

Named after the first unfortunate suicide in New Haven, she was a sister in the church who got to close to the abyss. This part of the city is the poorest of the neighborhoods and has a high crime rate. It is North East of the city, a few miles from Murkwood cemetery and the Suicide Cliffs themselves.
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You Can't Save Everyone (Jason Strode Log)

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Jason Strode: Jason had come to Nelly's Peak on the hunt, plain and simple. He needed to give his horror the sustenance it desired lest it become a ravenous and unrestrained predator, and he'd prefer to visit that gift on someone who deserved it. So he dressed in a black hoodie and jeans and went out onto the darkened sidestreets in search of deserving prey. Someone was bound to be up to no good here; he just had to find them, and to that end he lurked through the darker sidestreets and shadowed alleys of the neighborhood, invisible when he wanted to be and unhindered by the low light.

The Streets: If you were not raised in New Haven, it would be a depressing, dreary city. It rained constantly. In fact, if it were not for the weather records and reports, it'd feel like it was almost never sunny. It was no wonder that the Hive itself rained so much in many of the realms inside of it. Not all of them of course - but enough.

Few people moved through that rain on foot, in Nelly's Peak. It was dangerous for one, and uncomfortable for another. Those that did were usually the people who couldn't afford to take to the road - and at night they were wise enough not to be active. Usually. And yet, somehow that plain fact didn't make the city empty in Nelly's - far from it. It was a living ecosystem of struggling people, huddled in places where they could avoid the water - keep their eyes open - and try to survive.

It was it's own hell.

People knew how to act in the city in a way that isn't going to draw attention. You just had to know what it was you were looking for. Sometimes, a person will get desperate enough to threaten a person for money - other times, they don't have that kind of courage and they quietly rob their neighbors for something to pawn for food or drug money. The shadows show their little secrets, when you touch them. One corner reveals a man quietly sobbing himself to sleep. His skin is dark, but parts of it are rotting and in severe need of medical attention. Another shadow reveals a girl hiding inside of a trash can - no older than fourteen. She's armed with a knife, curled in a ball, and not sleeping soundly at all. That knife is gripped like a child gripping it's blanket.

Never leave a car unattended and alone, either. One shadow reveals a man, quietly taking a crowbar and working to try to pry a window open. He's working fast, and keeps checking behind him. Another shadow reveals a couple of men doing a quiet transaction of pills - and a quiet word about hoping a person's mother gets better. Another shadow in the distance you approach is another homeless man with a knife - quietly gripping it himself much like the other girl - he's standing and leaning against the wall, praying quietly. What was he so terrified of?

Jason Strode: Jason's hunger abated the moment he saw the worst of the neighborhood, almost buried under his conscience. A sick woman, a girl sleeping in a trashcan, and ....everyone doing what they had to in order to survive. Right then and there, Jason decided that he was going to do something to make these peoples' lives better, even if only in small ways. First, he'd start by making their lives a little safer. He started with the car thief, snapping his vision back and moving as quietly as he could manage toward the crime in progress, which was not all that quietly considering he had no talent whatsoever for being sneaky. Once he approached, Jason would draw forth a bit of his lair and make the light unreliable, flickering and weak, and then...he'd strike.

Jason Strode: Jason came up on the man about thirty or so feet away. he wasn't hiding, and he wasn't trying to be unseen now - his face was simply shrouded in the black hood and instantly what lighting there was became tenuous and flickering. "I'm betting that car doesn't belong to you, but if you need a ride i'll give you one."

The Streets: The man jumps - he looks to Jason, and for just a brief second... froze. Like he was trying to consider an option. Realizing he lost the opportunity to claim the car was his (because he truthfully didn't know whose car it was), he opted for the other option: Running. He immediately makes for the road, to begin rushing towards a nearby alleyway.

Jason Strode: Jason smirked and went after him. He was fairly athletic, and he could actually see where he was going whereas the fleeing car thief could not.

Management: The Streets has rolled an First Roll: Dexterity + Athletics roll (3 dice), getting 6, 8, 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Streets has 2 successes.

Management: Jason Strode has rolled an Dex+ Ath +1 + wp roll (7 dice), getting 7, 7, 3, 9, 9, 2, 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 3 successes.

Jason Strode: Jason put a little effort into it, since the guy was a bit more athletic than he was after all. As he closed the gap, he called out "Only the guilty run."

The Streets: Adrenaline pumps through the man, as he rushes away from Jason rather blindly - pure adrenaline and fear being what keeps him going at this point. The streets are not eternally barren - there are the occasional car that passes by, not caring about things going on in a parking lot - and he rushes through those roads without a car, working towards getting through. He makes a turn, rushing through the city streets - ducking through alleyways and other locations. It's clear as he moves, he knows this place pretty well.

Management: The Streets has rolled an Second Roll: Wits + Streetwise - Guess: 1 Success roll (3 dice), getting 6, 5, 7, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Streets has failed the roll.

Management: Jason Strode has rolled an Wits+ Streetwise +1/-1 +WP (3 left) roll (6 dice), getting 9, 10, 2, 6, 5, 3, 2, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 2 successes.

The Streets:
08/04/2017 5:56 am His mistake is not realizing you too know this city. You realize he's turning in a location where there is another alleyway and a wooden fence - seeing him climb it, you move fast - not after him, but around. He's running to the entrance when you cut him off from the other side - cutting off his avenue of escape and placing him in a very quiet, -nice- location. For you, anyways.

Management: Jason Strode has rolled an Dex + Brawl (grab specialty) -2 roll (3 dice), getting 7, 1, 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 1 success.

Jason Strode: However much he knew the neighborhood, it didn't matter when his pursuer could see in the dark as clear as day, and worse still when the pursuer knew it almost as well. When he leapt the fence right into the hungry Beast's waiting arms, Jason practically caught him landing and let him stumble right into his arms, and a chokehold.

08/04/2017 6:09 am The Streets has rolled an Struggle!!! roll (1 dice), getting 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. The Streets has 1 success.

Management: Jason Strode has rolled an No more struggles...only dreams now roll (5 dice), getting 1, 10, 1, 5, 3, 10, 7, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 2 successes.

Jason Strode: Jason squeezed tightly around his airways and blood vessels on the side of his neck "Do you want to live, thief?"

The Streets: "Yes! Yes! I want..." He gasped, quietly, struggling in a desperate bid and becoming less and less able to control himself - the chokehold he was in cutting off desperately needed oxygen.

Jason Strode: "Why do you deserve to? You'll just take from someone else again another night. Tell me, before you run out of breath to speak with." the Laughing Doctor took sadistic glee in the man's terror and desperation, and Jason...well, his punishing and Judgmental nature loved it too ...

The Streets: "I got a family... Look, just... lemme go --" He hacked, and barely managed to say, "I don't got anything..."

Jason Strode: At that, Jason DID let him go. he'd suspected it was something like that. "Then go be wit your family and stop taking from other peoples'. If i catch you out here again, you won't get a second chance. Now RUN." And he cackled madly, loud enough to echo through the streets, a terrifying and inhuman sound that would freeze the blood

The Streets: The man did - rather desperately. Even left a nice little crowbar there, as he made his way to the left - and as far away as he could possibly go.

Jason Strode: Jason had one last thing to do now that one person would hopefully reconsider theft, and the Laughing Doctor grinned as he started to retrace his steps and begin searching for where he'd seen the fitfully-sleeping teen-aged girl in a trashcan. The Horrors excitement was crushed when Jason made it clear this one was not prey, and when he found the location he'd carefully rap on the can, aware that the girl within was armed.

Management: Jason Strode has rolled an Feeding - 3 dice + 3 Hunger Management roll (6 dice), getting 10, 10, 8, 4, 8, 4, 10, 3, 4, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Jason Strode has 5 successes.

The Streets: You can see through the shadows - the Satiety of the near hunt not yet digested yet - and sense the girl beneath there. The girl flinched - and woke up far, far too easily. She froze too - not responding, not acknowledging her presence. She kept the knife carefully poised towards whoever might be on the other side of that trashcan.

Jason Strode: Jason tried to put some warmth and friendliness in his voice, something not so difficult considering he was, in fact, a warm and friendly person, and he pulled out his wallet and took two things out of it - five twenty-dollar bills, and a card with his name and address on it before he spoke "if you cut me, i can't give you this hundred bucks. If you don't, I can and might even get you something at the eatery of your choice. I swear i'm not a creep or a killer or rapist or anything, but I am someone who can't watch a little girl sleep in a trashcan."

The Streets:
08/04/2017 6:50 am She looked though the small crack quietly, and watched the other side. After a moment, she said, "Who are you with?"

Jason Strode: "I'm not with anyone but myself." it was technically true "And i don't have any weapons or anything, whereas you have a knife. I just want to help you out."

The Streets: She pushed the garbage can's metal lid up - carefully keeping the knife poised and pointed at him as she looked around. After a moment, she slowly moved it - down, but still pointed vaguely in his direction. "Why?"

No trust. None. At all. Not surprising, given her current living arrangements.

Jason Strode: He blinked a few times, slowly "Uh...because it's the right thing to do? And because a cheeseburger, fries and a shake sounds really good right now?"

The Streets: "I'm not hungry." Okay, even if you couldn't practically see the bones on her skin, even if you lacked Mimir's Wisdom... her stomach growled to announce her lie right there. She blushed, and then glared. After a moment, she clarified in a much more serious tone, "I'm not for sale."

She felt like she had to say it. Curiously, the Horror tells you this is a lie. Her hand trembles a bit, and she watches you to see your response.

Jason Strode: "You are too hungry. Your stomachs rumbling like a pack of hungry pitbulls, and you're so thin look like you'd blow over in a stiff wind. Malnourished, actually." and he shook his head at the second part "Good thing, because i'm not buying.

Jason Strode: Jason held out the cash and business card at arms' length "At least take those. You don't have to go anywhere, but I want you to feed yourself."

The Streets: She quietly moved to set herself out of the trashcan. She wobbles a bit. She's dirty - of course she is, after getting out of a pile of refuse. Her hair is golden, messed up, and a bit oily. She of course smells, too. She doesn't break the distance, but she watches you with a critical eye. "A cheeseburger does... sound... good."

Her stomach grumbled.

Jason Strode: "Then how about i google the nearest all-night place that has some and you can clean yourself up in the bathroom there. Foods on me, then you can go about your way."

Jason Strode: "I promise I'm not trying to do anything sick to you. I just have way more money than i need and it doesn't hurt me to help someone else."

The Streets: "...Ok." She said quietly. She neatly tucked the knife into her pocket - and her hand did not leave that pocket.

Jason Strode: "Besides, i don't wanna get cut. It friggin' hurts." he'd gotten stabbed a time or two in the asylum. That was where he'd learned to fight, too - sometimes the other patients were well and truly dangerous.

Jason Strode: With that, he pulled out his phone and searched for a nearby late-night eatery "I'm Jason, by the way. Or Dr. Strode if you wanna be formal."

The Streets: McDonalds was always open. As was Wendy's, at this point in time. Taco Bell too.

At the mention of doctor, she tensed, "I'm not crazy."

It wasn't a lie. But then, no one who was crazy believed they were crazy. Still, given the reputation, it was reasonable for her to jump to that.

Jason Strode: "I know. But you are hungry, we already confirmed that. There's a mcdonalds a few blocks up thats open late, and if we hurry we can get there before they stop making shakes. I need my shake. If you cut me, i'll bleed frosty vanilla deliciousness."

The Streets: She watched him, and said, "Okay.... lead the way."

Jason Strode: "Alright, let's go. But if you decide to knife me from behind, at least tell me your name first." He grinned and started up the block toward their destination.

The Streets: "Courtney," She lied, following him at a safe distance. He was right of course - there was a McDonalds down the block. It's still in Nelly's peak, so it's still got that air of 'not safe' written about it. The place smelled of fries and oil, and a couple of people are talking on the side of it - seeming to exchange information, while eating. At this hour of night, it only has two cars in the drive thru and no one in the inside - minus one really bored worker.

Jason Strode: Jason wasn't bothered by the locals hanging around outside, and if any of them so much as met his eyes they'd find themselves very discomfited. He headed in and went up to the counter, holding the door for 'courtney'.

"You don't look like a courtney. You look more like a Natalie or maybe a Jessica."

The Streets: "Nope. Courtney." She was sticking to her guns, but now that they were going to a well lit place well - she took her hand out of her pocket - only AFTER they passed the couple and went inside.

Jason Strode: Jason ordered himself the double quarter pounder with fries and shake exactly as he'd said "Get whatever you want. Hell, get two of whatever you want."

The Streets: She still, of course, kept her distance - but she looked to the worker, and said, "Um... The number 2? Large?" That last one was almost said with a shred of eagerness.

Jason Strode: Jason paid for their food and leaned against the counter while they waited for it "So if it isn't prying too much, can I ask why you were enjoying the fine accomodations at casa de dumpster?"

The Streets: "Because it's relative shelter from the rain, and people don't bother people in dumpsters?" She paused and then said, "Usually?"

Jason Strode: "Pfft. Most people don't. But lucky for you, weirdos like me do in fact bother people in dumpsters. But I more meant the circumstances that led to a dumpster being your best option for shelter."

The Streets: She paused, and went quiet. She didn't bother saying that was a line she wasn't willing to cross with a stranger. She probably didn't have to. After a moment, she said, "Could ask the same of you. Not a lot of Doctors go around peeking into Dumpsters."

Jason Strode: Their food was brought out, and Jason picked up the tray and chose a table with a clear view of all the exits, thinking it would make her feel a bit more comfortable "Would you like the truth, or an amusing lie?" he smiled

The Streets: "Honestly don't care," Not exactly a lie. Not exactly a truth either. "Everybody's got their own shit to deal with."

She moved to sit angled... well, strangely - but on a seat rather than a booth, and pointed away in case she needed a quick exit.

Jason Strode: "You know, in the interest of fairness I should tell you it's really hard to lie to a psychiatrist. But..i'll tell you truth and an amusing lie, and you decide which is which." he took a bit of his burger, and sipped the shake before he started again.

"First, i'm a vigilante superhero who goes around beating up criminals and buying food for people who look hungry and live in dumpsters. Second, I got bored and decided to go slumming."

The Streets: "If I had to guess... Both lies." She said without missing a blink. She grabs the food, and is pretty much trembling as she unfurls it - and it barely has a moment to register before she's digging in. That's probably about where that conversation will stay, in fact - because after the first bite is controlled, all control is lost. She is eating notably like, well - a person who hasn't had a good meal in a very, very long time. It's probably only instinct keeping her eyes on the exits at this point.

... Fortunately, though - at the rate she's going she'll be able to converse soon. That or she'll choke and die - which would be a cruel irony in this situation.

Jason Strode: "Slow down, i promise it'll be there in a few seconds." he tried to remain cheerful, while he was actually angry at...someone that a young girl was starving on the streets, sleeping in a dumpster alone and afraid for her life. Realistically he knew things like that happened, but seeing it firsthand was something else entirely. It made it more real.

The Streets: She paused and coughed for a bit as she slowed - already halfway through with the sandwich at this point. She shrugged, and said, "It's... been a while since I had a decent meal."

As though she needed to justify her eating habits - or as though that was not obvious.

Jason Strode: He frowned "I know." and suddenly his own appetite had vanished "That's what bothers me. There's something seriously wrong with a world where a kid starves and lives in a dumpster." there was a slight edge of anger to his voice, directed at no one in particular

The Streets: She doesn't respond to that. How do you? To a stranger, no less. Even this prickled her pride on some level, even when it shouldn't. She still has that ocassional tremble, of course - and she takes a bite of her food before she just... starts crying.

Not loudly. Just... the tears start rolling and she takes a bite of her food to try to save some face and maybe seek a moment to wipe them clear.

Jason Strode: Jason handed her a clean napkin "...hey, look....You seem like a nice kid. Why don't you let me help you out somehow? There's gotta be something I can do. I time someone stumbles across you sleeping on the streets, they might wanna do way worse than buy you mcdonalds." he really didn't like that thought one bit. "There has to be somewhere safer you can go than out here. I don't wanna get in your business, but what's up with your parents, or a relative or something?"

The Streets: She sniffs - and notably, does not reach for the napkin. She instead wipes her eyes on her dirty coat, and mumbles something hard to read behind her almost fully eaten sandwich, and equally hard to hear. You almost miss it. "Quar...Quarantine."

Jason Strode: "Ahh don't have any other relatives? No family at all you could stay with?"

The Streets: She lets out a hollow laugh, and says, "You think I'd be living like this if I had a place to go?" She coughs, and starts working on her fries - ten fries at a time.

Jason Strode: "No, but i thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

Jason Strode: Jason was, at heart a person who genuinely wanted to make the world a better place. So now he had a dilemma. It lasted all of a second, though. "I can't let you go back out on the streets. There is some seriously dangerous shit out there and you didn't do anything to deserve this. So here's my offer: crash at my place while we figure out something permanent. You get a couch to sleep on in a warm apartment and food to eat, at least. No strings attached."

The Streets: 'Courtney' froze a moment. She seems to be thinking, but while she's thinking she's just watching you at the moment. Her hands have started trembling again. She doesn't eat for this period of time, this moment in which she is frozen. Her eyes, still moist from the previous session of crying, begin to tear up again - before she croaks out, in a hoarse quiet whisper, ""

She swallows again, and then says a bit more firmly, "No. Thank you."

The last bit is added as a forced afterthought.

Jason Strode: He sighed, but nodded "You sure? It's a really comfy couch." he tried to force a smile even though his insides were twisted in a knot "i can't make you, but if you ever change your mind give me a call. I have some colleagues who could help you out with finding a permanent place to stay. and some counseling. You've been through more shit than a kid should ever have to see."

The Streets: "I'm... I'm sure." She whispers very quietly.

Jason Strode: "Okay..." he pulled out one of his business cards again, and slid it across the table along with five twenties. "Promise you'll call if you need anything at all. I mean it."

Jason Strode: "My cell number and my office number are on there. You get in trouble, you call me."

The Streets: She waited as the cards were slid, until his hand was away from them - before reaching for both the card and the twenties. She smiled a bit - still a bit hollow - and said, "Okay."

She was lying - she had no intention of calling him. Probably actually lacked a phone -to- call with. But at least she had the number. After a moment though, she thought and said, "...what kind of Doctor?"

Jason Strode: "I'm a psychiatrist. And you're stubborn and proud and a bad liar. Just be really careful, and take care of yourself. And maybe next time I see you, you'll tell me your real name?"

The Streets: She nodded and said, "You um..." She thought a minute, and shook her head, "Nevermind..." She quietly nodded then, and said, "...Thank you."

Jason Strode: Jason looked at the time and frowned again "I better get home. It's late and I have to work early." Jason reluctantly stood up "Keep that knife close by."

The Streets: She nodded quietly, and said, "I will." She looked to him - and added, "...Goodbye."

Jason Strode: And he thought to himself 'and stay in the dark so i can find you', but of course he couldn't say that. Then he finally made his way out, none too happy about the encounter "Bye." Jason was not at all religious, and never had been. But he did believe fully in the Dark Mother, and wen he returned to his lair in the primordial dream he'd speak to the darkness and ask, just this once, if she'd keep nightmares away from someone.

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