Future Court Options

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Future Court Options

Postby Jakondite » Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:10 pm

Alright - so as has probably already been brought up before to everyone interested in mage, there is a high probability that when it switches over, we will be altering the court system slightly into a new model. Changeling is rapidly going towards it's end, or at least it feels like it - if not, then oh well this is still an idea. When the book comes out, I'm going to do a poll on the 'favorite' options chosen by the staff. But - I want to give those with a creative vibe an opportunity to suggest potential court options that would fit with the site. Feel free to post a single court that stands on it's own, or a court system that works best when placed with others, and if we like it we'll add it to the poll when it comes out to determine what we as a site want to do :)

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