The Color Blue (Rose & Ruth Log)

Named after the first unfortunate suicide in New Haven, she was a sister in the church who got to close to the abyss. This part of the city is the poorest of the neighborhoods and has a high crime rate. It is North East of the city, a few miles from Murkwood cemetery and the Suicide Cliffs themselves.
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The Color Blue (Rose & Ruth Log)

Postby The Lone Gunman » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:38 am

Ruth LaHaye:
Ruth had a lot on her mind these days, which was something of a problem for her. Ever since her little epiphany at home, Ruth had been caught in loop of thinking about her durance (but not too hard, lest she get lost in that terrible chorus again), her past nature, and what and where her and her friend(s) were now. It wasn't anything specific either just...a recognition of sorts? Ruth had to do hear another voice on the matter though...though as she entered the bar and heard Rose singing, she felt pangs of guilt as she recalled their conversation at the seedy hotel.

She adjusted a stray strand of depressed stormgrey hair and took a seat, listening quietly while thinking about that first encounter. Had she really improved since then?

The music is what calls most people here. It's the Siren Song which draws them as close as a lover ever could - a beautiful, mind numbing sound that drowned out even the sound of your own thoughts. It played supported by the piano - until at last it didn't. The sign that her break had come, or that her shift was over. Honestly, it was Rose - it didn't matter. If she stopped and left, the bartender would not do anything about it (besides sulk). She didn't own the place, but she may as well have.

Rose is dressed for work, which means that she's dressed in a way that highlights her gorgeous form. It's a dazzling dress - really, it is - sparkling with purple down to her thighs. Like all her dresses, it left the back bare - a bit of exposed flesh for the mortal boys, but more to let her wings loose. But no matter how beautiful the dress, it's the woman that occupies the attention: A woman with hair golden and glowing, like literal rays of sun that flowed down her back, and slightly over the shimmering wings. A woman whose eyes were like a myriad of colors - a rainbow texture that sometimes hinted to the mood - or individual - who was speaking. A woman who, when voice left her lips, commanded not the attention but the hearts and minds of those who were blessed enough to hear it. Even the simplest things she could say were like liquid gold to the ears.

"Fancy seeing you here."

Ruth wasn't immune to the sheer glory that Rose embodied with each step...she was however a bit used to it, and jaded enough to insult her anyway. But not tonight. "Hey! Wow...Damn, you're looking good tonight," She said with an honest smirk. Compared to Rose, Ruth was a pale counterpart of muted colors and fading light, though Rose might pick up that the compressed dusk clouds that made up her flesh seemed a bit more substantial and active, and her strange halo of faint shadows was a bit less faint than before.

"Yea, it's been a bit, hasn't it? How are you, how's-" Ruth paused as she seemed to fumble for the right words. "The family?"

"Hectic and Dysfunctional, much like all families." She said as she moved to take a seat next to her. The light that radiated from her was potent - potent enough that her mantle was clearly the stronger of the two. That likely was no surprise though - she embodied her court so well that she'd skipped the need for a patron, or so the courtiers whispered about her. Around her, everything seems more vibrant, more alive - brighter, because that was Seelie in it's own way. Including, of course, her - it made things blinding in a sense. "What about you?"

"Well, I joined my club, so hurray there," Ruth announced candidly. "But mostly I've been thinking...yea, huge surprise, but I guess I wanted to hang out and maybe talk" What WAS she going to say to Rose about all of this? Was it even worth bringing up? "So...I haven't broken THAT promise to you, have I?"

"Not to my knowledge," She said casually. She looks to Thomas, and says, "Something nice for me and my friend, Thomas? Thank you."

She looked towards Ruth, and said, "If you did, I think it'd be pretty obvious. You'd... feel a 'snap' of sorts? I don't know how to express it, but mostly like most broken promises, you'd know. I would too, more than likely."

She did a thank you nod to the bartender before turning back to Ruth. "Ah, OK., yea, I've been thinking about that admittedly since...well...I...kinda know what it's like? Or I" Ruth flushed a muted dusky red in embarrassment. "I think I should start off by saying sorry. About what I said when we first met? You know, the thing that made you want to kill me? Yeeeeaaaaa...." Ruth bit her lip as she stared into the bartop before glancing sheepishly at her friend, trying to read her eyes and see who was listening right now.

No, Rose wasn't lucky...but Ruth still thought Rose had the better experience than she did. That was a fair statement, right?

Her eyes were the myriad of colors, not solidly fixed on any hue. Blue, green, red, a bit of purple between the two - rainbow hues, really. She chuckles, and her chuckle is decidedly glorious, and says, "Is that it? Trust me, there are worse things one can say to another. And you were - are - decidedly new to the culture. I'm not going to hold past mistakes against you - at least not mistakes as minor as that."

Yeaaa...Cas ruining interference was minor. Sure, sure. "Thanks, but no, that wasn't everything. And it was less about the culture and more, one of the things I've been thinking about is...why I escaped at all...and I came to a conclusion that I don't really like. was less about me being an individual or something and more about getting away from those fuckers in the family." Once again, Ruth tried to see who was listening through Rose's eyes. "I think my color would be grey," she said after an awkward pause and turned back to the countertop. "I'm weak, Rose. Not because you knocked me out that one time,, thank you all for saving me there, too." Damn, Ruth almost forgot about that whole experience, but...oh dear, and then the memories of what she saw in that vision came flooding back: her unfolding into a choir of death and madness.
She shook it off, but not before a flash of shock and revulsion crossed Ruth's face that Rose wouldn't need to roll to spot. Ruth searched the bar for that drink, eager for some kind of distraction.

In an almost perfectly timed manner - it had to be Cassandra, given that timing - the drinks laid themselves before them as Thomas set them down. Of course, it could also be coincidence. Who really knew regarding them? Rose took a drink of her drink, letting the statement slide long enough, before she said, "We're all weak at first. No one comes out of those thorns -strong-."

Ruth LaHaye has rolled an Wits2+Empathy1+Specalty1+Willpower3 roll (7 dice), getting 5, 5, 3, 8, 5, 10, 7, 5, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Ruth LaHaye has 2 successes.

Ruth looked over at her friend...or friends? Collection of rivals? All of the above? Looking for any outward signs of how the general mood was over there inside that utterly beautiful shell of rainbows and sparkled feathers. She agreed of course, but now she was curious about Rose's early days...which must have been terrifying for all of them, she realized. Is that why they seemed uncomfortable and even insulted when Ruth brought it up? Plus her being rude as fuck about it, at least at first.

"I think I always was, though," Ruth admitted, still studying Rose. "I mean...shit, no wonder I reacted so badly when I first met you all. You're the antimatter me." Ruth thought about that for a second. "Wait no...I'm the antimatter one here. I mean, not literally, it's just...well..." Ruth fumbled for words, hoping that Rose or someone would pick up on her thoughts.

"You feel as though we're opposites? Contrasts?" She took another drink, and thought a bit about it and said, "I can't say it's too far off a thought and can see how you would reach it. Though even in the heights of opposition, one can find common ground to seek out similarities." She chuckles a bit and said, "Were I you, I would not try to compare myself to another - even myself. We are who we are by our own accomplishments and merits, after all."

"I know, there's...just not a lot of those right now," Ruth sighed, though she did finish her GED and survive being knocked into a was a bit of a start, right?
Ruth was quiet for a bit, sipping her drink. "Thanks for at least hearing me out, Rose and fam. So...does anyone else know? About you all? Who do you all talk to when you need an outside perspective?"

She thought a moment, and said, "We don't hide it. We merely don't advertise it as well. If someone knows me as Rose, then they tend to figure things out when they meet a Rose by any other name. Most of ours don't usually mention it. It's a bit of a Faux Pas to mention the little quirks in us."

Ruth nodded. "But that still leaves part two of my question. I mean...who else has been part of a hivemind? Seriously, who, I...don't know anyone else I could talk too about this." Ruth looked sheepishly at her drink and sighed mournfully. "You know, if I'm making you uncomfortable you can change the subject."

"You aren't, though keep in mind we're in the middle of a bar and most people don't overlook me - ever." She sipped her drink, quietly tracing a statement to be careful in the words she had listed. Not that Ruth had pushed the envelop too badly, but better to be sure she knew they'd be speaking in tongues at some point if they kept things up. "But while there is no one who will share your unique experiences, there are plenty of individuals who were raised in enviroments mundanely similar to yours. Perhaps there is where you'd find companionship, when not talking with me?"

Ah...right. Ruth wondered if there was some changeling trick to help with this sort of thing as she recognized the rebuke, but really she had wondered if this was a great spot to talk about something so personal. She then thought about the other suggestion, talking to...who, former churchgoers? Maybe. But Ruth was reluctant to go back to that part of her life at all though.

There was Allison, though. She didn't need to know about Rose, but she could probably lend an ear for Ruth's many, many issues. Or it could go really, really badly.

"Maybe," she admitted, unsure of which was the better option for her. After a while, she finished her drink outright. "Thanks for at least putting up with me. I...uh...didn't really intend on getting so intense there, there's just been a lot on my mind and I didn't know who else to blab too."

"What are friends for, if not to listen when you need someone to talk to?" She smiled and said, "I get free drinks, if you want another one."

Ruth smiled back, though in a bout of paranoia wondered what Rose and her sisters actually thought about her. Ruth was pretty sure she wasn't a threat to them, but an annoyance? They might want to get rid of an annoyance. But what was more annoying, to take advantage of an offer or refuse it?

"If you're offering," Ruth accepted. "And uh...yea, same, if you ever need an objective listener..." Ruth trailed off, letting the offer hang while wondering if or when Rose followed up on it, if she would be ready.

She grinned and said, "I actually do need to head back to the piano - so do help yourself." She grinned and then said, "Oh by the way. The colors are not the colors of people - I mean, they do tie a bit closer to an individual person but they shift due to a lot more than personality. A lot has to do with 'emotion' more than 'character'. So while you might be grey, I think you'd probably more likely be blue."


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