Coffee and reflections (Ms. Fire Mood post/open rp)

North West of Bay side, Brunswick village is the hip and up and coming neighborhood with small restaurants, coffee shops and corner stores. The old rail road once went through Brunswick but was decommissioned in the late 40s, now the Caboose and a few of the older passenger cars serve as a quint restaurant and hang out, called "The Tug"
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Coffee and reflections (Ms. Fire Mood post/open rp)

Postby JupiterJones » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:43 pm

Ms. Fire
Cover 7 (Alicia Wells) | Primum 1 | Destroyer Sabatour | Presence 3

"Alicia" Sat quietly as she enjoyed over-priced mocha latte at the little corner store coffee house. Although outwardly, she maintained the appearance of just an ordinary young adult, relaxing from a long and 'fruitful' day of settling in to her new surroundings. Inwardly was another matter entirely. It wasn't regret that she felt for taking on her current cover. No she dealt with that particular guilt trip miles ago. Besides, she wasn't the one who made the pact, she just claimed it for herself.

It was more a matter of paranoia as she mentally recounted all the facts she knew so far about her current situation.

First off, her cover. The original Alicia Wells was, in a phrase, up a shit creek without a paddle. Insurmountable amounts of debt, incurred by her asshole father, a drug addiction, and a criminal record all added up to someone who was royally screwed and not very likely to turn their life around. The poor woman had wanted out at any cost. Then she just happened to meet Mr. Broker, who offered a way to make all that go away, and get her into college. No more asshole father, no more massive debt, goodby drug addiction, and hello clean record! All it would cost her was her soul.

She wondered if Mr. Broker had set this up from the beginning to trap the girl. The desperate will often agree to damn near anything just to escape it all.

She knew this because at the time, she was that desperate too. Her old cover was nearly burned out. Angels just seemed to hone in on it far too well. She needed a replacement and needed it fast. Then she ran into Mr. Broker... who Oh-So-Convienantly had a pact that would suit her needs perfectly. She only needed to do a few small things... whats a few more cracks in a cover to be thrown away anyways?

So where did that leave her now? The trail her old cover had is dead and cold. The evidence promptly redacted as reality decided it no longer existed. The only ones who knew who she was were the God-Machine (Even if it doesn't know where she got off to now, Ha! Suck it!) and... Mr. Broker. She wasn't entirely sure how much she should be worried about the last one. The only concerns were the fragments of Alicia's old life that didn't get 'corrected' by Mr. Broker. Her asshole father still existed, but he wasn't in a position to come after her, let alone know where she was at. Alicia canceled her cell phone plan and liquidated every asset she had before preparing to leave, so the jerk can't even follow her. She no longer had any 'friends' as those were all junkies that no longer associated with her because she was 'clean' now.

Upon arriving and getting herself registered at the Campus (and dropping off her meager collection of things at the dorms). She quickly went about to start establishing herself there. Bank account established, motorcycle, cell phone and laptop purchased... well she had wanted a car, but Alicia had only ever owned a scooter.. and also didn't have enough money to really afford a car outright. The 'stipend' from the full-ride scholarship deal was not going to cover car payments. Only nessessities. That said, she could appreciate the advantages of having a motorbike over a car.

All in all, she had an almost perfectly clean slate and was relatively safe and secure for the time being. There was nobody to care about any oddities in how she acted as Alicia, not to mention what could also just be explained away as 'typical college kid behavior.' It made her nervous.

As her eyes turned to watch the people come and go, she had to wonder... Could she make this work? How far would she have to go to maintain this life? Would she do anything to keep the little ground she had gained.. and even grow it?


Even if she had to raze cities to the ground. She would.


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