NPC Pack: Primal Shadows

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NPC Pack: Primal Shadows

Postby Jakondite » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:57 pm

"There are so many things you refuse to see."
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The Primal Shadows are weird. That's the feeling that most Uratha packs are going to get when dealing with them. It's not just the fact that the Alpha is a Kinfolk, and that she and another member of the pack are 'Other'. Even the Uratha are a bit strange, to hear others say it - especially people like the aptly named Glitch. Outsiders to the People, and Outsiders to the Awakened, the Primal Shadows are deadly regardless for their allegiance.

Tribal Representation
There are three wolves in the Pack. Damage is a Blood Talon, while Control is a Storm Lord. Glitch is an Iron Master, supposedly. The other two however are not recognized in any tribe, simply because their allegiance is less to the people and more to themselves.

You would be wise not to underestimate them. The Primal Shadows have few members, but their members can't be treated like normal wolves or even normal herd members. The lack of information on them is their greatest strength.

The Alpha of the group is Luna, who has taken up a name based upon the moon itself. For the most part though, Control usually deals with interactions between the People.

Destroy the Ghost Mother
Break down the Gauntlet Storm
Become members of both Societies

Investigate the White Fog

The Assembly of Outcasts
The Protectorate ?


The Primal Shadows can be found mostly in the Surrounding Woodlands near Dogwood Presence. It's been said their pack has also been found in the Surrounding Woodlands near Downtown, and even as far away as the cliffs - but they don't seem to go there for the most part. An aspect of the Fog, perhaps?

Due to their Awakened and Wolf natures, few groups trust them. The Awaken see them as an ally to the wolves. The wolves see them as an ally to the Awakened. It doesn't bother them, but if there was ever an issue between the two major groups it would complicate things.
The wolves see the Primal Shadows as weak - the werewolves cannot best a human. The human girl does not seem to be willing to perform her duties to continue the line and bear a cub. Because of this, few would think not to challenge them if they saw an opportunity.


The Whisperer


Territory Advantage 5

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