The Protectorate of Black Waters

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The Protectorate of Black Waters

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The Protectorate of the Black Waters
Unity ●● Threat ●●● Strength ●

The Packs

Grey’s Professional Logging
The Brunswich Mafia
NWCSEC - Pending
Storm Crows - Pending

Protectorate Aspirations

To Determine a Protectorate Totem
To Be Filled
To Be Filled

The Protectorate Totem

The Protectorate lacks a totem at the moment. It's been prompted by the Beta Council, though some believe that there is an issue with it. Most of the issue has been deciding between all the wolves -what- totem to take. When this is done, it becomes a major political decision. If it's chosen not to, it is just as major.

The Threats

The Shepherds of Men
The Bycer Company
The Empress of Knotwood
The Avatar of the Ocean
The Watchful Crows
The Wounds
The Others


The Alpha of Alpha's: The leader of the Protectorate, the Alpha of Alpha's is the final authority upon all things involved in the Protectorate. Becoming the Alpha of Alpha's is a trial - one must first be a part of the Beta Council before they can challenge for the position. At the moment, it is held by Martha Grey - known as Veiled Walker to the People. Unfortunately for Martha, the position owed may not be an unchallenged one - new pups at every turn look for a sign of weakness, a chance to prove their strength and push forward. Avalon and Snow, in particular are individuals that Martha must deal with - all while guiding the Protectorate. Current: Martha Grey

The Beta Council: Membership in the Beta Council is a very simple thing - if you are the Alpha of your pack, and your pack is acknowledged into the Protectorate, you hold a position on the Beta Councilor. You speak for your pack in in matters that concern your territory, particularly when large threats are involved in those areas. The Alpha of Alpha's takes your knowledge and makes decisions for what is best for the Protectorate as a whole. Members: Martha Grey, BattleSong, ???, Avalon, Yang.

The Ritemaster: The ritemaster is a simple position. Simply put, the Ritemaster is the leading authority on all rites that involve the Protectorate as a whole. While she may not know every rite, she likely knows the most - and knows who knows the rites she doesn't. Current: Yin

The Master of Challenge: The Master of Challenge is the judge and arbiter between challenges outside of packs. While most packs are fully capable of arranging the terms of a challenge between themselves, the Master of Challenge is responsible for ensuring that such challenges do not get out of hand - as well as ensuring that both sides honor their agreements. The Master of Challenge is also responsible for creating the challenge for a pack's alpha to hold a seat on the Beta Council, and be fully recognized as a member of the Protectorate. Current: Unknown

The Border Judge: The Border Judge is responsible for being the eyes of the Protectorate, and monitoring activity within other territories to ensure that the packs have things under control. Additionally, the Border Judge is responsible for maintaining knowledge of nuetral ground and directing individuals to deal with issues which packs would not otherwise deal with. Current: Unknown

Lunar Guardian: The Lunar Guardian is the one responsible for the newly changed wolves in the protectorates territory. Typically reserved for a Cahalith, the Lunar Guardian monitors activity that would suggest a nascent first change, hoping to collect those wolves before the Pure do. When they collect those wolves, the Lunar Guardian teaches them the ways of the Forsaken - either themselves, or by directing them to a pack who is interested. The Lunar Guardian is also responsible for the accounting of Kinfolk, as these so often find ways to become members. Current: Unknown

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