cute boy... bike... BAD IDEA!.... so why not

The beach is a long expanse of land with various places to park, one must walk across the small rocks to get to the sand of the beach. The air is always cold and the sky is always gray but that does not stop those who wish to spend time upon the beach
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cute boy... bike... BAD IDEA!.... so why not

Postby Elsaa » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:18 am

Summer:WELL, she had been out worrying about her 'new dad', worrying about the vamp, worrying about the deads , worry, worry, worry, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! she had to go out, JUST out, so yea.. she kind of had JUST followed her steps, meaning, she meandered without route, with an inkling to just find something that seemed fun!

OF course when she saw she was by the beach, she hurried on along the edge, where the wall met the sand, moving to walk along it, balancing, one foot ahead of the other, and look around... where to go, what to do, she needed something fun!... maybe she could find a bike race! or a car one! nha... bike race would totally rule more over the other.... but where, she really didn't know how to go finding one... her lips pursed as she looked on around*

Adrien: It seemed that there existed a span of road that stretched across the way from the beach to the cliffs - a span of road that few really ever used, except to take a trip down to the edge for parties or because they'd gotten lost or wanted to circumvent traffic. In any normal situation, someone without contacts or people on the streets, it would be hard to find the location where an impromptu gathering was being held...

But as Summer wanders, she can see what appears to be dots in the distance - people driving at insane speeds. More than that though, she catches large group of a multitude of people that seem to be partying off the edge of the beach road - laughing. Flashes of signs seem to reach her, as a connection between the two facets comes to her. Perhaps she was at the finish line?

Summer:*hum! finish line? would be bad without seeing the beginning, but better long tail than short beginning, right?..... where did THAT come from, she didn’t think much on it though, hopping off the wall, she did made her way over, tucking a lock of red hair behind an ear, then thinking it better and reaching to pull the hair band, and let her hair lose, would fit better than a messy tail, as artfully messed as she had it.

Of course, she had chosen a shortish skirt, after all, Summer was all about skirts, it was jeans-black and it covered enough that she would not need to worry about showing undies, but short enough to be in vogue, with a sleeves blouse due to the heat, in a deep green, she had on lace boots, because well just because they were in vogue, no other reason!*

Adrien: As she moves towards the area, she sees two motorcycles coming across the way - both drivers masked and covered up. The person in the front seems to have a good lead, but the person behind him is putting pressure on him - trying to find a way around. The lead keeps cutting him off until...

Summer sees glitter flowing around her eyes - shimmering lights that distract her as she moves about, a key sign that somewhere, close enough for her, she could sense magic. As she does, the second person hits the gas and their nitros goes on. The hydraulic's kick in on the rear wheel, and he goes... -up-, literally over the lead.

He swerves in front, barely managing to land properly and forcing the former-lead to swerve to avoid a crash, before he realigns himself and pushes forward towards the finish line.

Summer:*ooh! Wooosh! she stares, THAT is awesome! of course must be more to be ON the bike, so she hurries up, to get a good look.... that is until the glitter seems to float about, she looks around, to the race, around, to the race.... a slightly bit of her lip, before she decides Glitter is always FUN to watch and tries to concentrate on that, trying to figure out what it was*

Adrien: As she opens her gaze to the mirrors of fate and causality, she sees the flickers of destiny and the weave of time - the exact moment it is now, and the various alterations to destiny before her. As she looks, she sees time seemingly fold around the now-lead driver, and streaks of lightning and code seeming to run across his skin - neon green characters that looked like they might have come out of a matrix movie streak across him leaving him with an almost tron-like afterimage. Moments pass in that instant, and he's already there - across the finish line, swerving to claim his spot, his face still masked by a helmet.

Summer:wow....*yea... staring after the lead guy, that... was... AWESOME! and so she bolts on, to get a better look!*

Adrien: As the second driver pulls up, the man pulls off his helmet. He's an attractive young man, short hair with a sort of lanky athletic build - with the greenest eyes one might have ever seen. He laughs a bit, and goes to talk with the 'loser' - probably regarding winnings and losses.

Summer:*oh crap... he is cute, and of course in her mind flares the whole GET OUT GET OUT! or get a frying pan!..... then.. curiosity wins and she edges over, she wants to see the coding green glitter! and figure out... well kind... she doesn’t HAVE to talk to him, right?*

Adrien: He grins, and looks around for a moment - before his gaze flickers to Summer. There is a look at her - almost like he recognizes her? But that's impossible, he'd have to have -met- her before, right? He waves with a grin, giving her a wink before moving to get his ride parked and set.

Summer:*oh woa! when he winks, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, BAD idea!!!!!!

And of course she goes over, mean is public, all she has to do is scream murder and run, right?* You won by a bald rat's hair....

Adrien: "Keeps the game interesting when you have a good challenge," He said with a grin as she approaches. "Hey aren't you that girl who got into a fight over a D3?"

Summer:*aaaaaand she blinks, blink, blinkaby, blink, was this boy at school?* I never say you at school *nop, not denying it* and I did -not- get in a fight... that boy -tried- to fight, big difference *huff, light one*

Adrien: "Well I mean at that point you had other things to work out, didn't you?" He grins, and then said, "And your right - you didn't throw a punch at all, just sort of let him hurt himself. Not that that changes much when your dealing with the D3 - people there are sort of conditioned to hate them. I'm Adrien. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Summer:*ahd pffts* yea... bunch of assholish school, and prissy assy principal *she frowns, then blinks, tilting her head* S *oh crap, wait, he would know she is Summer, then what is she supposed to say! AH!! she didn’t ask! oh crap! oh crap, oh crap, subject change!* SO you go there? went there? how do you know?

Adrien: He watches her as she avoids giving her name, and lets out a little chuckle, "Well it was sort of the talk of the school for a bit. That sort of thing travels, after all."

Summer:*she rolls her eyes, he did not say if he was at tha school either!* really they should get a life. And I mean it! people going after a class? and just follow up like brainless puppies that man? wait no, they deserve not having a life *she puffs. Then blinks, oi!* you aren't going there still, are you? *as in uh oh*

Adrien: "Well I wasn't in the fight - and to be honest, I have better things to do than school." He grinned and looked her over, and said, "Don't you ... -- I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

Summer:*Her head tilts* SO you are no longer AT school...* a blink, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap! WAIT! aha! she grins* what? wasn't I famous? *a pout*

Adrien: "A little yeah - doesn't mean they were spilling your name across the area though, does it?" He said with a grin.

Summer:*she pouted a tad more visibly* aww... well a girl can hope? *not REALLY meaning it, it seems, ok, ok, she shrugs* call me Eris *a little smile, mean he DID sparkle code green! so better save than sorry?*

Adrien: "Eris?" He paused and said, "Like the Goddess?" He thought a minute, and then said, "Yeah - I guess I could see you as a bit of a goddess. Possibly with a penchant for trouble - else, why would you be here?"

Summer:*She blinks, blinks, blinks, then she giggles* well.. I was bored, why ELSE? *and she gave him an innocent smile* but I'm not trouble, I swear

Adrien: "Pity. I wouldn't have minded to get in a little trouble," He grinned, and then said, "But you don't deny that you -are-, in fact, a goddess?"

Summer:*She blinks at him, blinkety blink, trying to figure out if she should get a frying pan or not, but what ever, Summer was trouble but still a bit naive, as that comment just didn't hit the wrong side, she shrugs* why not *a little smile* sounds fun to be a goddess

Adrien: "Well then, goddess," He bowed, and said, "I am honored to be in your glorious presence. So - you were bored and came to a street race. You wanting to watch the racers? Have a party, have a little fun?"

Summer:*that first part made her giggle, oh! mental slap! cute boys are bad, remember! and a huhmm, then a shrug* I just went out to see what the World had to show.. apparently bikes! *a smile* hum.... well racing sounds fun...

Adrien: "You need a bike to race. Or a car." He grinned and said, "Ever raced one before?"

Summer:yea.... *a hum, she'll have to talk someone into letting her use theirs!* of course! .. well kinda

Adrien: "Oh really? What did you race with?" He asked with a grin.

Summer:eh.... well... video game...*stage wishper* I crashed.. a LOT was boring... then I stole my dad's car... that was... a bad idea too, but at least it was funnier, and you can count with the gazillion bike races when I was a kid *oh cause she is SO grown up*

Adrien: "Oh. A -video- game. Yeah, I don't think your going to win any races based on a video game. Specially if your crashing." He grinned and said, "How about this. Ever -ridden- on a motorcycle with anyone?"

Summer:uh.... *uhm! flaring warning! bad boy, bad boy! too cute to be good!... but but... BIKE* not.... really....*ah she is doomed*

Adrien: He lets off a little grin, and said, "I tell you what then." He smiles, and then said, "Over there, across the way? That's Suicide Cliffs. You could say it's cursed land, but a lot of us like to race over there because of the risk if you make a wrong turn." He smirked and then said, "If you like, I'll let you ride with me for a bit. If your comfortable with that, of course."

Summer:*oh gosh! nonono bad idea bad idea bad idea bad idea!!!!! she looks over where he points* are you going to speed?

Adrien: "Oh yes. I'm going to hit that location like a speed demon, and break every cops speedometer - and, if there happens to be one between here and there I'm going to keep driving away from said cop till I lose them." He grinned shamelessly - though at least Summer could be sure that that wasn't going to happen simply because he'd just finished a race.

Summer:*oh damn it! yea... she was seeing it clearly, BAD IDEA written all over this boy's face, and could even hear Jack going about the interrogatory when... IF he found out, she fidgeted, fighting with...'reason' for about... half a second, before she grinned, excitement in her eyes* al right!

Adrien: He grinned and then said, "Go ahead and hop on then."

Summer:*oooh.... this a bad idea, bad idea, bad idea! she could STILL backpedal, she knew, but really? she did as he said, moving to hop on his bike, JUUUUUUST making sure the skirt didn't ride up, mean, a girl has to be careful with this things, doens't she?* have you done the clift often? *well curious*

Adrien: "Few times." He said, smiling. "Go ahead and hold on tight as you want. Might get a lil bumpy." He said, turning on the ignition.

Summer:*she bit her lip a tad, this was.. oh stop kididng yourself! you WANT to feel the race! so she does so, moving her arms around him to hold on* don't let me fall! *she said, not REALLY sounding scared, just excited!*

Adrien: He grinned - and hit the gas at top acceleration. She could - feel - the magic touch the air a bit as he did, catching speed and catching speed - off onto the road faster than she's likely ever ridden before.

Summer:*she felt the tingle and she DID feel worry, mean Orion had gone all about how some were good and some bad and some worse.... but really? the speed wasn't letting her focus TOO much on that... because her Glittery sense would ping right? right? oh smoosh! this was.... exhilarating!!!! hell with worries! she held on tighter and let herself JUST feel it, the emptiness forming in her stomach, the rush of air, the unknown of riding with someone she JUST met, it was... it was.... well she giggled, delightedly*

Adrien: In mere moments they would reach the cliff - he swerves to the left, and immediately skidding to a stop, with more magic pinging as he did. He had stopped close to the cliffs - close enough you could see over it. After a moment he says, "See that?"

He points to the skyline, to the water."It's beautiful. They call this area cursed, tainted land. People come here all the time, to party, to get a bit closer to the danger of those cliffs. Sometimes, someone falls in - other times, they jump. A lot of people think it's a horrible location for that reason." He paused and said, "But for all it's horrible history... everytime I look out over here. I can't help but think how beautiful this water is, especially at dusk."

Summer:*She did feel her heart skidding with the moment of the speed and the parking so close to the clift, of course she looked down, then towards where he was pointing, taking in a breath* why would anyone want to jump? mean unless is with a shut or a deep, deep lake *mean she would jump into a deep lake, no thoughts, but to just die? BORING*

*and on ahead, oh wow!* well... maybe bad stories are only the powder that cooks secret beauties?

Adrien: "Diamonds in the rough?" He grins a bit, and said, "Yeah, I can see that." After a moment, he said, "Want me to take you back, oh goddess? Or you want to stay here for a bit?"

Summer:*she hmmmms, smilling, damn it, she liked this trouble! nonono! she didn't cute boys are bad idea!! but she keeps on looking on, before she giggles* we could stay a bit *why not?

Adrien: "Ok," He said with a grin, before setting it to park. He moved to offer her his hand, before saying, "Then we can sit a little closer while we watch. Give it a little time? Might see something interesting."

Summer:*She... fidgeted just slightly, sitting closer, nhu uh! but she did wait for him to park, and took his hand to get off the bike, making sure to keep track of skirt!* uhm... interesting? like? *she then smiled aaaand moved a tad closer to the edge, to peek down, curious*

Adrien: He smiled and said, "Come sit with me goddess and watch."

Moving towards the cliff.

Summer:*She looked at him, biting her lips some, hummm.... and after a moment she did move, not sitting exactly NEXT to him, but close enough to be civil and friendly, mean she liked him, he was STILL too cute to be good*

Adrien: He waits, and said quietly, "Wait for it. Wait for it..."

He smiles as the sun slowly lowers. Slower. Slower. And then... Clash - the water begins to glow with the color of the sun - dangerous, dark rocks turn into rippling shimmers, sparkling perfectly along the rocks. He smiles - and the location probably has much to do with it, because the view was unique to itself.

Summer:*well she does sit, looking to him, then on around, not really ever the patien girl she did start to fidget... but then... oh* WOW! *leaning a tad forward to see better, her eyes shinning as she took in it all, who'll thought! alluring dangerious could turn into glittelry wonder!... soooo* coool

Adrien: HE smiled, and then said, "And yet - for as pretty as that sunset is..." He smiles and leans to kiss her gently. "It is nothing compared to the goddess before me."

Summer:*Well... she did liked the view, it was.... breath taking! and she DID need something beautiful, coated with the danger of being so close to the clifts.... he spoke and she turned to him because well.. it was cute, though, she still had flares of CUTE = bad! and he leaned.... his lips might brush hers, because she wasn't expecting it, he'll see the shiver... and almost right away panic, yes, clear panic, it wasn't shock, or surprise or just a frear of the new boy she just met who was so close, it was panic, not really Adrien's fault, but he might never know...

and the girl just suddenly moved to BOLT!*

03/07/2017 2:24 am Adrien has rolled an Rewind! roll (9 dice), getting 6, 4, 9, 8, 8, 5, 3, 5, 9, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Adrien has 4 successes.

Adrien: He pauses, and pulls forth the bit of magic to take him and yoinks at time itself - to pull it backwards. In his mind, she starts running backwards, moves to sit down so that she's looking at him, looks back - he moves away, and he's sets back to his original position.

"And yet, - for as pretty as that sunset is..." He smiles, and looks to her. "It is nothing compared to you."

Summer:*Well she felt the tingle of magic, just second before she is glancing his way, tingle... glittler, her head tilts, then she blinks and blushes hard as she looks off, bad idea! bad idea! cute boys are bad! she fidgets, biting her lips, like if she didn't know what to do... torn between ... well he IS nice, but she has seen nice that turned monstery, and it makes her scared.... she hates feeling scared! another fidget and she looks down, even as the blushing takes a moment to face, and she wishpers* thank you...

*yet.... hmmm.... a wince, she can't help but feel scared now!* I.... I should go.... before.... my dad figures out I snuk out

Adrien: "Not a problem," He said with a grin. After a moment, he says, "You want me to drive you home? It'd be faster." He grinned. "Likely wouldn't even realize you had gone."

Summer:*She bites her lips again, feeling....worried, but she really can't possibly walk all the way back! so... she nods, with a gentle* I... I'd apreciate it *telling herself, he got her here, in the middle of the clifts and hasn't tried to snag her.. so he... HAD to be not so bad, right? right?*

Adrien: He smiled and said, "Alright. Come on, Miss Eris. I'll get you home safely."

Summer:*she... tries a smile, this time coming out a bit shy, maybe because she was not nervous, and a tad sad, he WAS cute, but.... that what made it worse!*

*she stood up though and moved with him* thanks...
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