Message in a Bottle (attn. Bodycount)

The beach is a long expanse of land with various places to park, one must walk across the small rocks to get to the sand of the beach. The air is always cold and the sky is always gray but that does not stop those who wish to spend time upon the beach
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Message in a Bottle (attn. Bodycount)

Postby Jakondite » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:34 am

Sailors knew that New Haven was bad news to come to in the middle of a storm. It wasn't that they couldn't manage a storm - it was that, when the stars aligned, when the sailor lacked their albatross - when they brought a woman on board, bad luck seemed to hit. The lighthouse could never be found, and then - all that was left of the ships was the rubble in the graveyard.

But sometimes, even in the middle of a storm, pieces of something seem to make it - despite all odds. On the day that Bodycount chooses to walk the beach, a side of the beach was a bottle - a tiny little thing with a clearly written out paper on the inside.

The stars are right. I will be arriving upon the cusp of the next crescent moon. Gather the weary, the young and the oppressed. I have heard much of this city - I wish to know the truth for myself. Call them together in a place where we can gather, then meet me here by the water to take me to them. I will require food and refuge, until such time that our enemies may know of my presence.


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