Wanted: Kidnapped Princess

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Wanted: Kidnapped Princess

Postby Jakondite » Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:55 am

Her face is posted on every hob city this side of the coast. For her safe return, the King of Westar will grant any wish within his power - even, if you so desire, true freedom without fear of being hunted by the Keepers. His enemies, the Kingdom of Dethros also seek her out - in order to use her for their own dark purposes - they offer a similar price.

Her kidnapper is none other than the Black Pirate, who has stolen her away to do unspeakable crimes to her!

What they don't realize is that she initially left of her own free will. Her kingdom was on the verge of rebellion - her people terrified of a potential war with the legendary kingdom of Dethros, who had demanded that she be turned to them - they saw her as an abomination, a freak, a monster who needed to be put down. Realizing that her people would be destroyed, she left in the custody of rebelling citizens who wanted to turn her to the other kingdom to spare their families.

Only she was interrupted! And kidnapped by a man who was cloaked in shadow and ribbons - a man who basically told her she was an idiot if she thought this was going to stop the war, and that she was coming with him to create this scenario! Realizing that this was in fact the best option in order to save her kingdom, she left with him to an unknown world - to learn more about herself and her past.

For those of you who don't know, I'm playing a Pirate. I've recently been inspired by the Indies comic Ghost Blade, and am using the character artwork for this. However, I find the Ice Princess and the contrast of light and dark a beautiful parallel. He is a murderer and a thief - she is a naive princess who cares deeply about the suffering of her people - together, they fight crime!


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Re: Wanted: Kidnapped Princess

Postby Elsaa » Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:18 am

*signs up*
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