The Territory Hunt (Storm Chasers)

Surrounded at all sides, will you be the Hunter or the Hunted?
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The Territory Hunt (Storm Chasers)

Postby Jakondite » Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:47 am

This post takes place after You aren't strong enough and integrates What will it be, What will it be

As the Sacred Hunt is called, the Prey is given a name - Havenswood. Samson leads the rites, and he does so in the way that Little Red taught him. Every rite is different, particularly between the three - eventually four of them - and this fact would not go unnoticed by any of the members. The Rite of the Sacred Prey had some common elements though - the most basic was that they prey must be represented.

It must be an individual or a group of individuals - and in this case, when they were staking their territory, the prey would be any who would pose a threat to the challenge of their territory. For Samson, and unknown individual deserved an unknown face - a mask, a cloak, something to make him undefinable. If the ritemaster was the ritualistic prey, then those participating in the rite were the hunters.

When he'd been in the city, Little~Red would make herself into an effigy of their intended target - and the pack would chase her through the streets, running along rooftops and trying to catch her. She'd evade them, be caught and escape their grasp, and otherwise prowl the streets and the alleys as her packmates followed along - like thiefs in the night on the roofs, culminating in a glorious howl to signify the true start of the Hunt.

Here, it was no different - though the terrain may be. There were woods you could run through, and the city itself. Lupine senses let you be aware of the world around you, particularly of where your packmates were as they "hunted" you. It took no longer than five minutes for the edge of the hunt to settle into the lupine souls, for the wolves to feel the edge of the Siskur-Dah in their spirits - and the moment it does, the prey is no longer Samson, but those challengers who would stake their claim against you.

By the time the ritual stops, you can stop running - but the hunters in all of you are now in full gear. Like dogs who've been riled up, you can't help but move - patrolling the area with your senses, smelling the scents and history of the place - sensing danger, change, normalcy. By this point, you haven't recruited Mike to your cause - so the Hisil is not an option for you, but that doesn't mean the Wise do not take the time to observe it periodically.

You become familiar with both sides, though the Hisil for all of you is naught but a blurred shadow - and looking through it at any end is like sticking your head underwater, while being able to breath. While you can barely see the shadow forms beyond the gauntlet, you are keenly aware of the border - a pale light that exists around the local area at certain points in the city. You can use that to define what would be a good 'space' in which to claim. It holds the majority of the city proper, without cutting into any other territories beyond that - and your Seer at the least would be able to advise that at the present, only darkness remains outside those borders.

You are limited to the physical, but that doesn't mean you won't find a target to hunt. In the run, as your prowl the streets you'll recognize the scent of another wolf in the air - little hints, little echoes - but you knew who it was. You knew that he hunted here, especially now as you walked through looking for something - and, at least physically, he's the only one besides the locals who can challenge your claim - because his territory is now your territory.

It leaves you with a choice - drive him out, or make him submit. Of course, submission is more than just one person pressing a wolf down - in this case, it is the collective strength of many wolves, giving only the option to join or leave. Even the strongest hunter is weak without a pack, and the Irraka bends - he sees the merit in a unity with you than with himself - and you all fill roles and niches he doesn't.

That could be the end of it - if you wanted. After all, in the physical realm no one would try to push you out other than another wolf - but there is another group that you could make into your prey - in which you could establish your dominance - the People of Havenswood themselves. This path would be a little more direct - going to people, informing them of the whole 'neighborhood watch' thing like Samson had with Mike, keeping an eye out for strange happenings and if anyone needed help... or, if you were not advertising help, you could always go up to the local businesses and make them hire you for protection.

There were many ways to make yourself a force in the area, and to establish your presence - not all of them through solely the wolves.

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