The Silvers

A Location for setting information, as well as OOC knowledge relating to the Werewolf Game and the setting of Havenswood.
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The Silvers

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The Silver Family
"Bow your head mutt. You are in the presence of Royalty."
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The Silver Family has had it's roots in the territory for generations. Jonathan Silver, one of the Founding Fathers of the city, built it on the back of the ideals of purity and of creating a strong base of operations across the native lands. He acquired the Silver Mines, which despite their name hold far more than silver at their center - though the Silver Rush of the 1800s did do much to spur economy.

Havenswood is not the only town which the Silvers hold territory though. In addition to the mines, the Silvers hold a stake in a good share of the land of the neighboring city of River Run, a few miles off. This shift in focus may in fact be the reason that the Forsaken have been able to gain something of a foothold in the city, as the Silvers do not seem particularly focused on snuffing them out. Some spirits, particularly from the untrusty Conspiracy of Zero, speak of battles happening in the other city that occupy the Silver's attention far more than what occurs in Havenswood.

Tribal Representation
Naturally, the Family is composed almost entirely of Ivory Claws. Their kin are in the know about werewolves, and tend to assume that unless the Alphas have made it clear they are allies, that any Werewolves not in the family are enemies. The Silver Mines ensure that they are stocked properly with significant levels of silver ammunition and weaponry.

The Forsaken do not know how many werewolves are in the Ivory Claws. They know of at least two - the Twins - who are said to be gaining a reputation in the spirit wars in River Run. Beyond that, the Family seems to be composed of mostly aristocratic Wolf-Bloods. Their true strength is indirect - they provide money and resources to groups that tend to make the Forsaken's jobs difficult at best, and are either in or married to high political ties in the city.

Like all the Pure, they have strong associations with the spirits of the area. Because of this, the spirits are far less likely to help the Forsaken, seeing an easier path to dealing with the Pure. Specifically, the Greed of Industry has strong ties to them, as well as the Insider-Trade.

The Silver Estate is lead by Wilheim Silver, a Wolf Blooded Aristocrat who has his fingers in almost every pie of the city. The current mayor of the town, Brent Caldwell, actually married into the Silver family by way of Loraine Silver - and makes it a point to push a platform of trust and faith in god and in his work. Yet still, while these names hold power - none of them are the actual Alphas of the Pack.

That title goes to two wolves - the Silver Twins. The Silver Twins are a vicious and ruthless pair of individuals who have not been seen in about five years. The spirits tell of their exploits however in River Run - of them crushing the packs there under heel, of them forcing high industry and empowering the spirits of the Greed of Industry, and many other things besides..

To be researched ICly.
To be researched ICly.
To be researched ICly.

The Silver Estate
The Silver Mines
Silver Co. Logging Company
Unknown - Something in River Run.

  • The most obvious complication is that they are dealing with the wolves in River Run. It's possible the wolves do not know of the Forsaken that have holed up in Havenswood, or simply do not care.
  • Despite being allied with the wolves in the forest, they still require trade to the outside. They've had to make several issues between themselves and the Predator Kings to ensure the safety of their resources.
  • One of the wolf blooded of the family - Scotty Silver - can't control their libido, and has been involved in a number of scandals. While it hasn't reflected poorly on the family as a whole, and his image as a golden boy has remained maintained, the fact that he's been degrading himself with ... the family would call them 'impure whores' has been a point of contention.


Ancient Silver is the avatar of the bloodline of the Silver Family itself. An old and wise spirit, the entity is one that seems composed of the myriad of souls born to the noble Silver Line. As it's name suggests, Ancient Silver is old and connected to the land the Silver's have called home for centuries. It knows where people hid their wealth in leaner times and where the richest ore veins are; when the world was young, it found and hunted and killed prospectors for their claims. One of it's blessings to it's 'children' is access to this wealth. When the family needs money, they happen to 'find' an old box of deeds or stocks buried here and there. Sometimes inside their prey, transported by means unknown as a blessing for their deference to the Shadow.


Status 5 (Silvers), Allies 5 (Police, Law, Politicians, Etc), Den 4, Territory Advantage 3

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