Catching Up With the Times (Artie and Ross Mood)

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Catching Up With the Times (Artie and Ross Mood)

Postby Jakondite » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:26 am

Nine Years.

It had been nine years since Artie's fingers had touched a keyboard. Nine years since he'd typed anything. Searched for anything. After nine years, everything would be awkward. Everything would be new. There were some old things, with extremely new designs. Gmail was still extremely new back before he had been gone, and yahoo and hotmail were still the norm. Google was still competing with Yahoo at that time as a search engine though it was quickly growing. Instagram was barely a thing. Twitter was... more of a thing, but still growing more and more.

And now the world is dominated by Social Media. Every website page seemed to have some connection to these applications. The languages had all evolved and changed five times over. Even Artie had changed. They said that through the passage of seven years, every cell in your body was a completely different cell - that meant that his fetch, even if it had started as a clone of him, was now a completely different entity than he was. And honestly, he himself had changed enough that he didn't even need that scientific self-analysis to realize it.

But even after nine years, the feel of the keyboard is familiar. He's slow at typing, he recognizes it, but he'll collect his old form.

"Dude, how can you even type that fast?" Ross said looking over his shoulder, as though contrasting Artie's self-analysis that he had been slow. Well, for Ross and most people, he was probably fast in comparison but...

"I like electronics. Apparently a lot. Been looking into myself over the last few years... as well as most of the rest of us," Artie said, moving his head but not completely turning from the monitor - to acknowledge Ross.

"Yeah I was curious about that. Your guy is famous, right? What, did he become an actor or something?"

"Flattering you think I could do hollywood, but no. He's more famous in the way that Einstein and Stephen Hawking are famous. He's brilliant."

"Brilliant huh?" Ross looked down to Artie, considering that. Artie was small, diminutive. Short hair, didn't stick out much. He'd probably gotten good grades, but students didn't rank each other on their grades in Ross's school because they weren't public. How smart -was- Artie? Especially to be famous for it. Figured the best way to learn was to ask, "Most smart people aren't famous."

"Yeah, but most smart people don't own their own high tech business conglomerate at the ripe old age of 21," He smiled a bit, looking over the information that he'd found out.

It was a bit more than that. Artie Martinsen was something of an inspiration in the LGBT community as well. Shortly after Real Artie was 'taken', Fake Artie came out to his parents - something that Real Artie had always wanted to try, but never could manage. He never had the courage to do so. He wondered if he had stayed, if he would have managed it, but honestly.... couldn't see it happening. Which meant, that in some fundamental key way, this fetch was different than he was.

When his parents heard, they reacted in a manner that Artie knew they would. They disowned him. They cut him off, and tossed him on the streets. There was no where he'd had to go, but a few years later he cropped up again, with the patents to a few new technologies and built his own starter company. It grew, and became Arkadia Technologies - with Artie Martinsen at the steer.

"Arkadia Technologies..." Artie murmured quietly, looking at the companies' site.

"Arcadia..," Ross said, looking at it. "They are fucking taunting us."

".... I don't know," Artie said, breathing in. "Name aside, the technologies seem sound. Not fey or pseudo-science, but real and functional technologies."

"So that what you been looking up? Just yourself?" Ross asked.

"No, not just myself. I've been trying to get a feel of the way the world has changed. Update things, fill in the rest of the group so that they can adapt a little better. You look yourself up?"

"I mean I tried facebook, but my password is changed. Apparently my fetch isn't doing too bad for itself, though. If that picture is anything to go by, he's either got a hot wife or a hot girlfriend. Can't really tell."

Artie clicked a few keystrokes, and looked up Ross. "...That's..."

"I know, right? Looks like my fetch had a little bit more luck with that day dream than I did. Not for a lack of trying, I'll admit -- but after what happened..."

"... Should we.... tell her?"

"Nah, probably not. I mean, it's awesome in my opinion but it might not be for her. I don't want to rub that in her face, especially when she like all of us are still getting used to getting back. If she looks herself up, she'll find out - and if she asks us we can talk to her about it."

Artie considered that for a moment, unsure of what to think of it. How he'd feel if it were him. If he'd want to know, or want to avoid it. As he thought, Ross tapped his shoulder and said, "So why didn't you tell anybody you were a Genius? You might have been able to take up the King's role. I'd have felt a lot better with you at the helm than -that- asshole."

Artie chuckled, and said, "Different kind of smarts, I guess. And honestly, I think this is more -him- than me."

"Isn't he supposed to -be- you?"

"Sure. But whose to say that the copies are exact replicas of who we are? Whose to say that this person, for instance, isn't everything I couldn't be? That he's smarter, more charming, and braver than I am? I mean, this guy did things I couldn't even dream of. He challenged his parents. Survived on his own on the streets. He made a name for himself and became something great."

Ross looked to Artie a moment, considering. After a moment, Ross tapped Artie's back and said, "Way I see it. You went through way tougher challenges than surviving the streets. You fought against people and pieces way bigger than you ever were. You've been away from the world for like a decade, and your still better with that computer than most of the people here who've been here the whole time. So way I see it? Your every inch the man that guy is. Hell, I'd say your more."

Artie didn't say anything for a moment. He just typed away trying to get more and more news about the world - but he couldn't hide the faintest hint of a smile on his lips as he did.

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