Such a Pitiful Display [Alistar Intro Mood]

The beach is a long expanse of land with various places to park, one must walk across the small rocks to get to the sand of the beach. The air is always cold and the sky is always gray but that does not stop those who wish to spend time upon the beach
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Such a Pitiful Display [Alistar Intro Mood]

Postby Jaling » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:40 am

The night has set. How do I know this? Ah, I am awake. Sealed in perfect darkness so tight the elements couldn't dream to touch my exquisite suit. Sealed from both within and without, allowing either myself or a servant to open it. I wait for the servant. The beast has awoken as well. It lay their coiled and quiet like a demented serpent in the darkness. Waiting for hapless prey to come before it so it can snatch it away. Like me, it waited for the servant as well. I smile to myself as I picture the face on the poor sod they send to release me. If a ghoul, it would be terrified. Though killing it would be no way to impress his brother in blood. Waking from his slumber only to owe a boon and lose face the moment he arrived. Maybe they will send me a kine instead. A doll perhaps with the promise of a lovely knight to give her a sweet kiss, if only she were to give one to me. At least I hope it is a damsel. Though I could see them sending a fat pauper to greet the bastard son of a...well never mind. I can deal with that when the time comes.

...shouldn't it be time now? What woke me up that my casket has yet to open? I slide my hand over my chest to ensure there is no hole over my heart. Good. No crew decided to peak and see if some dame had been prettied up for burial to wank off to only to see me stir and run me through like some cobblestone whore. Oh, the beast is stirring. No need to get worked up over something that didn't happen. Like letting me out of this casket. Are they seriously going to make me release myself? I might be the bastard son, but I'm still the son damn it!
"And shut up you watery tart! I will feed you when I hear the first beating heart of the bloody peasant that has the sorry misfortune of opening this god damned casket!" I yell at my beast. The echoless confines of the silk lined interior absorbing the sound. The hunger stirring it to provocation much easier.

Wait, what was that? A noise!
"See my good boy? Patience is a virtue after all. You might not like it, but...oh bloody hell will someone open this damndable thing so I can stop speaking to a creature as deaf as you!" I wait, and still nothing. The casket shifts, but nothing is heard beyond this deep groaning. Am I still at sea? "Fine, I will open the casket myself, but I WILL kill the first person I see, kindred or no!" My beast starts to uncoil in gleeful anticipation. It wants to feed to its fill. It is oh so used to being full with the wealth of the First Estate. The herd swooning and swaying to my every word like marionettes.

Yet the latch I reached for refuses to move. What shite crafted nonsense is this? Now the beast is angry, and I bloody well agree.
"Fine, we'll do it your way, but I-"

I don't finish the thought, let alone the words before it attempts to seize control. I grab the slippery serpent by the neck and it fights back. Twisting and turning to escape my metaphorical grasp. Snapping at me to release it and let it have its way. I do, but with restraint. Keeping hold of its reins while it chomps at the bit. Riding the wave of anger I jerk at the preserved lever over and over and over again. Slamming against the canopy of the casket in bridled rage I let out an uncivil roar! To hell if some peasant discovers me! I will drain him to a miserable husk! No, that is the beast speaking. I will obliterate this confound contraption into splinters and shards! The beast bucks at the direction of our rage, but I hold fast.

Finally the lever gives way! the sound of shoddy metal creaking and shattering under the beast's grasp.
"THOSE WEREN'T THE SHARDS I MEANT!!!" I throw myself at the canopy of the cheaply made piece of scrap. I'll be damned if this will be the end of my danse. I am a charmer, lover and dominator. I am meant to dance. Yet I am no fighter. As I throw my corpse at the roof of this death trap I can hear bone crack and break. Neither the beast nor I care. Something cold touches my back, but in the haze of rage it barely regiters. The beast was deaf to the groaning outside.

Finally movement! I keep slamming until it opens fully, but it won't budge. The beast hesitates and I along with it. Something had moved, but my senses were confused. It was almost as if the crate was being moved. It only took a couple of seconds for the beast to stop caring and slam into it again anyways, this time having great success! We feel the casket crack, metal creak and latch snap along with the rest of the gears that had kept us from freedom.

"Wha..." I feel a loud rush of sound for but a moment, then everything went cold and quiet. Ice cold. The beast's anger is now sated, but now both of us are shocked and confused. When I move my arm, well not that arm. That arm's just useless now. There we go, my other arm has resistance. It's still dark too. Hold on...WHAT CURSED WHORESON SUNK MY SHIP?!?!?!

I look down towards my chest in the darkness. Damn it all, this was a new suit too.

The sounds of the waves can finally be heard as my head breaches the surface of the water. Dragging with me a sealed crate that contained a number of my possessions. Easy to find in the dark once the casket containing it had been splintered from crash and rot. Not so easy was finding my way out to the surface. Yet here I am victorious once a...wait. I look back to the crate that breached the surface as well. Tugging on it again and again it would seem it wished to bring the beach with it. Confounded thing. Was this to be the second useless contraption they thought to send me off with? Third if I counted the ship and fourth if the bastard incompetent captain that wrecked it were counted among them.

I move to place my other hand on the handle, but yet another useless broken thing presented itself. So with my one good arm I pull with all my strength! Only to have my fingers slip from the handle and my feet with it, falling to the sand full on in the face. My withered salty tongue only wanted to taste the fresh warm stream of a live wretch, yet all I can taste is the sea and the sand. This is the most humiliating display I have ever presented since I arrived upon the shores of the land where I was embraced.

I look up in my dismal state to see a lone body silhouetted against those unusually bright street lamps. Next to it is what I can only assume to be a rather oddly shaped automobile. My beast coils inside me and I allow an aspect of it to escape from me. An enticing raw animal attraction that the savages wish they could find in themselves. Immediately I see a reaction in the other's body language. I reach out my good arm and with a rather pathetic display I cry out for help with my voice and beast in kind. Water clearing from my throat and out my mouth as I did. Of course, I forgot to exhale it out. That's all that was needed to bring the mortal running to me. Internally I grin in satisfaction. Although given my present state it was a rather small victory bought at a humiliating cost...I'll accept it.

My one arm, with the sorry state that it was in, was kept tight up against my side. I push my other into the sand so its corpse-like state isn't seen immediately. Likewise my face, too, it lowered to the muddy sand where I can taste the despicable sea in all its saltiness. I hear the trollop's footsteps and concerned tone as she gets closer. Soon the sound of her heartbeat graced my ears and sounded sweeter than even her voice. The beast hisses at me and starts descending my fangs, but I keep it at bay, if even just. If my mouth could water it would be moistening the sands as much as the sea.

"Hang in there! I'm calling for help!"

Wait, what did she just say?! I raise my head and the woman has a pocket book of some sort in her hand that glows. Seeing the movement she pauses to look at me and gasps. The beast tries to get out, but even though I am holding it at bay, I can't hide its starved expression from my dead waterlogged face. My serpentine eyes catching her own, I speak quickly. "Do as I say. Do not call for help and stand still."

The wide eyed woman froze in place. It is interesting how her hand shakes while holding the pocket book. Like it could save her from me. I rise and the comforting smile of charm mixed with the malevolence of the beast as it threatens to break through my chest and drain her to the husk I look now. "Be at ease, miss. Do you think I would harm a beautiful woman like yourself?" I can see her perception of my visage fight with the sway I have over her mind and her heart. Oh look, she can't even nod convincingly. "Close your eyes." I whisper, and she does just so. My cold clammy hand brushes her cheek and she flinches. I can see her try to force herself to 'be at ease', but that visage is just too much for her. "Don't you worry about a thing, my dear. Relax your body and enjoy."

I can hear her gasp and something fell with a splat to the sand, but I am almost just as lost as she when I taste her. Oh sweet succulent nectar of the damned! How I've missed you so! damndable serpent, will you stop trying to slip past me? You're distracting me. Yes, I know you are hungry enough to eat her entrails, but listen to yourself, that's just uncivil. If we were home I might even let you, but we need her. No, no. Stop it. That's it, we're done!

I pry my jaws from her with great effort and lick that now paler skin until it is as smooth as silk again. My lips, teeth, anything that might have that sinfully amazing taste if even a drop more. I pull myself away from her and she takes an uncertain step back, misplacing her feet and falling backwards into the sand in a light headed haze. Meanwhile I push that vitae into the rest of my body to make it look, well as good as a water logged and recently drowned human might-

"BLERRCH" What in the blazes...oh. My lungs and stomach would, of course, be filled with sea water when I try to emulate life. Why wouldn't they? I have only been walking around all night in it. Damned mortals and their need to breath. Now here I kneel on one good hand and knees, an even more pathetic mess, while my body expels an astronomical amount of liquid and...was that seaweed? Reaching up and pulling it out I feel it down my throat into what I think is my lungs. Sliding it's slimy slippery surface through my insides until finally it flopped on the ground. Followed then by more salt water vomit as my throat is switched to the other side.

"Are you alright? You need a hospital. Let me call 911." I can hear her move about the sand looking for something. Memories of the past couple minutes now a haze. "Where's my phone?"

Damn it all, my Voice's hold on her broke. "Wait." My voice is a bit raspy, but she holds. Her mind may be free, but her heart is still mine. I cough a couple more times and gasp for good measure. Looking up at her I can see the conflict in her eyes, but she listens.

Do you see now you slippery serpent? She is our key to shelter. She and her friends, her family, they will be our banquette. Be grateful to her kind soul, because she unwittingly gave it to us.
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