Court Summons during the Quarantine.

In Murk wood Cemetery there is a Mausoleum with no gates and seems to have a bit of breathing space unlike the other graves, crypts and Mausoleums in the cemetery. It is beautiful but unmarked and not even the grounds keeper knows who it once belonged to. Which is lucky for him. Those who dare to try to vandalize or sneak in, are never seen from again and with good reason. [Kindred only, unless you want PVP or are kidnapped there. For further description see the setting descriptions]
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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby fairfolk » Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:41 am

Marquise Saraphina Moreau
Blood potency 4| Striking Looks 1 *statuesque* | Clan status 2| Invictus status 4| City status 4| Trained Observer

She stood next to her childe as he spoke, and while her outter countance did not show it he could feel her pleasure at his knowledge and her discomfort at the idea of Hunters nearby.

Duke Anton LaVigne "the Spider"
Blood Potency high| Creeping fear

As the Father spoke the shadow seemed to solidify into a dark patch of a man, and those watching where pretty sure that if one touched him they would feel solid mass. The smile that was ever present on the Dukes face twisted into a snarl, shadow tendrials of lips pulling back to show jagged teeth that looked more solid then the rest of him. That potent beast was almost unleashed, but, he was still in control. One word was whispered to get the Father to calm a little. "Crusader" to call him back to himself.

The eyes turned to the Mekhet as he stepped forward and seemed to narrow.


A rolling dread seemed to fill the room, the skulls on the wall seemed to turn their attention to those present. It was unpleasant to say the least.
When Marcus was done speaking he turned his attention to the child , sitting on a child...

"Mister Gage....." His voice boomed in the echos of the chamber, sounding all around. "Take the Childrens Cruade into Nellys peak and bring me back the ashes of the Regent, Alexander Crane of the Ordo and anyone who gets in your way. Do NOT leave witnesses"

The room suddenly felt like the air was sucked out of it and with a pop the prince and the feeling of dread was gone.

ImageFather Michael
Blood Potency 3 |Anointed |Lance status 3 | City status 2|Condition: Informed

He calmed alright, with a bit of a huff.
When Marcus started to talk , he gave a empathic point to him as if to say SEEE.
And then the prince did the unthinkable..or rather something rarely done. He unleashed the children.
"Oh...shit" the Priest said. He would not wanna be in that path.

Little Mister Gage
blood potency 5 | City status 3|

The little monster slid off of Sophia who stood behind him. Her pony tails where sad, and tragic. The make up on the small girl ran down her face: but upon hearing what the prince decreed both little monsters smiled showing rather sharp teeth.
Sophia opened her mouth to whisper/sing "devils gonna get two gage is coming for you.."

Gage, gave a bow to the prince far to schooled for someone his size but the look on his face was purely gleefull. He looked to Alexi and Anna and spoke in his small voice that carried the lisp of a small child "You are welcome in the hunt, my children. Please say you will come and play with us once more..."

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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby JupiterJones » Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:12 am

Valerie Fortuin
Blood Potency 1 Invictus Status 1 | Striking Looks 2 (attractive) |Inspiring 3 | Enticing 1| Conditions: Intoxicated

Her eyes went wide as the 'children' were given thier task.. it took all of her will to keep from speaking out or saying anything.... the terrifyingly creepy mr. gage alone was bad enough... but.. better that fuckr they're being sicked on than her.

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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby Jakondite » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:12 pm

Alexai Ivanovich
Blood Potency 2 | Nosferatu Status 1 | City Status 2 (Influential) | Invictus Status 3 (Alder) | Striking Looks 2 (Chilling) | Small Frame (Child) | Invested | Notary | Acute Senses | Conditions: Hungry, Tempted -1
The look that Alexai gives Gage is an impassive one. Outsiders - those who were not his kin, those who were not family could not feel the air drop ten degrees as his cold fury reached out - the beast inside him wanting nothing more than to leave Gage up in two separate pieces. But tonight, just tonight, that would be an unforgivable crime - just attacking him would be a slight to the prince, who'd chosen to use him as one of their tools. No - He simply watched quietly, without saying a single word.

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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby Elsaa » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:34 pm

*She could feel Alexai, how could she not, good thing her small hand was already in his, so she didn't have to hold back from reaching, Imperseptible to anyone else but her brother, her small fingers squeezed his just a tad, she was there, like she always was, like she always will be. And though in any other circumstance she would have looked up to her brother with silent eagerness in her eyes to ask for his concent, this time around she DID give Gage a sweet smile, mean she WAS known to smile to the little toodler, and said in a soft tone, not to betray her own nervousness at her brother* We apologuise Mr. Gage, but there is a matter of import I need to adress, which requires Alexai's presence *her head tilted* yet, after it has been seen to, if we have the opportunity we shall see if we can asist you on your endeveour.
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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby Jon Snow » Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:00 am

* Wulfric
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Wulfric had moved back to the spot that he'd found, leaning against a column or wall or something mostly out of the way. Then the prince got pissed and that sense of dread came down. and a skull in the wall turned to look at him and the Gangrel jumped! "Fuck me!" Then hissed, hands clenching but not quite popping claws. Shaking his head to clear it he tried to calm down and glanced around, reaching up to pull the hood further around his head and face. Shaking his arms to loosen them and shake out some of the stress. The brows raised when the prince seemed to sic the freaky kid vampires on people and a shudder passed though him. Better those other vamps than him. That's all he had to say on the subject and he kept that thought behind his fangs.
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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:03 am

Marcus Sorensen
Presence 2 | BP 2 | Touch of Shadow | Status (Invictus) 3 | Acute Senses | Quarantine Condition: Informed
His sire's pride brought a small bit of warmth to the Mekhet's heart, but even Marcus paused and stood up straighter as the looming dream radiated from the Prince's shadowy form and the skulls turned to follow his gaze. When the children were unleased upon the Ordo leadership his eyebrows went up in a quiet show of surprise; he had to imagine that they were only allowed to 'play' under certain circumstances, and he almost felt pity for those who would be their targets.


As the prince departed and the air regained its relative warmth he relaxed slightly, looking towards Sarafina in a sort of "shall we?" fashion. The meeting was over, by all appearances, and there was more digging that could be done into what was going on...
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Re: Court Summons during the Quarantine.

Postby Jaling » Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:28 am

Alistar Mason
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For all the smiling the lush had done this evening, even in the face of the eerie grin of the Prince, it vanished when the kindred of shadows manifested himself and drew the attention of the skulls about them. He wasn't sure if it was the alcohol swimming in his vitae that brought the extra dose of creepiness to the party or if it was all the Prince. If it wasn't for that intense aura of dread, the thought of sending children to take out the head of the Ordo would have been hysterically absurd.

After the Prince vanished, Alistar just looked to the Baroness and mouthed 'the children'?
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