Soggy Vamp looking for a Thrall/Ghoul roommate

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Soggy Vamp looking for a Thrall/Ghoul roommate

Postby Jaling » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:53 pm

Imagine coming home to find you now have a roommate! Has he lived there all along? Do you take sympathy to a poor soul in need and offer hospitality?(Don't know, haven't finished statting out disciplines >.>;)

Concept: Vamp fresh out of torpor crawls out of the ocean, breaks into a house and mooches off them until he gets on his feet and caught up on local events. Establishing the tie in question as a touchstone.

Originally planned on this being a retainer, but thought it would be more fun with another player. More details can be figured out if there's interest :)
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