Claimed character: Avatar list.

Introduce yourself, claim your avatar, tell us out of character news like dates you can be on, ect.
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Claimed character: Avatar list.

Postby fairfolk » Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:04 am

Do not forget to claim your avatar to face your character. If you have not, then another could come in and claim it and you lose your claim and will need another. We will not be having double avatars there are a few intentional but no more are allowed. (Unless they are twins)

Players Please claim a single avatar to represent your character. The only exception to this can be if you have one that has two faces, such as a mask and then you may claim another, BUT it must not be a person. For instance you can not claim two actors for a character or twenty other as your added masks.
One actor/model per character.

Please Keep Three things in mind:

One: Please, put last name first, so all I have to do is cut and paste it into the right place on the claimed listings.

Two: when a character is pulled or has died, please place a "Release such and such" at as a reply so that I know to remove it.

Three: When you remove a character or pull it, please delete it both from the Character gallery as well as the character sheets.

As a side note: we will no longer be allowing un-played characters to keep a character claimed for 3 months. Unless real life has kicked you, and you inform -ME- that you will be back, then 3 months and the avatar claim is released and thus free game.

Nor will we be allowing players to claim faces for background non player characters or retainers. There is really very little reason to put a face to a non player character. However, if you feel that you need to face it then speak to the staff (all of us). If someone wants to use the face you are asking for for a players background characters, then it needs to be given up to the player. Player characters take priority over player background characters.

This does not apply for non player characters (admin npcs) though you can still ask but be prepared to be told no and accept that if they chose not to give the face over.

Staff Please list your characters not only IN this thread as well as a response so we know its updated.

Thank you!


Angelinia, Julia (Azure - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Appleman, Hale (Belphagor - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Ashida, Mana (Pixie - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)

Baquero, Ivana (Pooka - Sleepwalker NPC - Jakondite)
Beaver, Jim (QSF, Ling NPC)
Beckinsale, Kate (fairfolk, mage)
Berges-Frisbey, Astrid (QSF, Ling NPC)
Biel, Jessica ( Fairfolk, Mage)
Boseman, Chadwick (QSF, Ling NPC)
Bourne, J.R. (Fairfolk, NPC)
Bennet, Manu (Kryten , Vampire)
Browning, Emily (Quicksliverfox, Beast)

Clark, Emily (Beast NPC - Played by Jupiter Jones)
Clark Duncan, Michael (QSF, Ling NPC)
Connelly, Jennifer (QSF, Ling NPC)
Cooper, Bradley (Alaric - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Cooper, Dominic (fairfolk, Npc)
Courtney, Jai (fairfolk, Npc)
Cox, Emily (Thalassa - Mortal PC - Played by Inkfox)
Cage, Weston Coppela (twinky /unknown)
Curry, Tim (Fairfolk, npc)
Claiming: Abel (Shane, beast)
Claiming: Adams (Shane, Mage)

Danner, Blythe (QSF, Ling NPC)
Diesel, Vin (Damage - Werewolf NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Delevingne, Cara (Fairfolk, NPC)

Ellis, Tom (QSF, Ling NPC)
Evans, Chris (Crimson - Mage NPC - Played By Jakondite)
Eastwood, Scott (RuSirus, Mage)

Farrell, Colin (Jaling, Mage)
Free, Charlotte (Luna - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Fox, Megan (Fairfolk, Vampire)
Fimmel, Travis, (Jon Snow, Vampire)

Green, Ashely (fairfolk, mage)
Gunn, James (QSF, Ling NPC)
Goss, Luke (fairfolk, something)
Gadot, Gal, (Jon snow, Changeling)
Gosling, Ryan (Jaling, Vampire)

Hardy , Tom (QSF, Mage)
Harris, Jared (Colibri , Lost)
Hiddleson, Tom (QSF, Mage)
Heard, Amber (fairfolk, Beast)
Hunt, Samuel (Jon Snow, Beast)


Johansson, Scarlett (fairfolk, npc werewolf)
Johnson, Dwayne (The Immortal - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)

Kebbell, Toby (fairfolk, npc)
Kaine, Adelaide (Elsa, Lost)

Lee, Amy (Lilith - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Leon, Gezzilyn (Summer - Mortal PC - Played by Elsaa)
Leontieva, Viktoria (Fairfolk, mortal)
Lovato, Demi (Fairfolk, vampire)
Lynch, Evanna (QSF, Ling NPC)

McGorry, Matt (Archimedes - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
McGrath, Katie (Avalon - Werewolf NPC - Played by Jakondite)
McGregor, Evan (QSF, Mortal PC)
Miller, TJ (QSF, Ling NPC)
Meyers, Jonathan Rys (Fairfolk, vampire npc)


Olsen, Elizabeth (QSF, Ling NPC)
Olyphant, Timothy, (Jon Snow, Beast)

Padalecki, Jared (fairfolk, vampire)
Paige, Ellen (Hiddendream *Twins* Mage)
Page, Ellen (Inkfox *Twins* Mage)
Pearce, Guy (fairfolk, npc)
Pinder, Lucy (Jupiterjones, mage)

Quinn, Molly (Amara - Mortal PC - Played by Elsaa)

Robb, Annasophia (Snow - Werewolf PC - Played by Jakondite)
Robb, Annasophia (Pestilence - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Robinson, Leon (QSF, Ling NPC)
Rose, Ruby (Willow - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Ron, Jose (Leviathan - Beast PC - Played by Jakondite)
Ryan, Matt (Dropbear, Mortal)

Sanada, Hiroyuki (The Dragon - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Satsuki, Shimabukuro (Kyoto - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Schneider, Max (QSF, Wolf-blooded)
Spacey, Kevin (High Lord Ellyon - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Stan, Sebastian (Quicksilverfox, Lost)
Stam, Jessica (Constantine - Mage PC - Played by Elsaa)
Schneider, Max - (Wolf-blooded (QSF)

Taylor-Johnson, Aaron (QSF, Ling NPC)
Thyne , TJ (Twinky, Vampire)

Urban, Karl (Lucifer - Mage NPC - Played by Jakondite)
Urie, Brendon (QSF, Ling NPC)

VanCamp, Emily (QSF, Ling NPC)
von Teese, Dita (QSF, Ling NPC)
Varela , Leonor (Fairfolk, Vamp NPC)

Walton, Anna (Fairfolk, Lost)
Woll, Deborah Ann (Fairfolk Something)
Watson, Barry (Fairfolk, NPC)


Yustman, Odette (Inkfox, Mage)

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Re: Claimed character: Avatar list.

Postby Jakondite » Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:20 pm

Placing this list here. Will update when I get towards the galleries, just trying to make sure my prospects are not yoinked while I'm working on other things. (So don't add them up there yet either)

Stacy Martin
Freya Mavor
Sophie Turner
Maisie Williams
Lili Reinhart
Sophie Ward
Annasophia Robb
Alexandra Breckensridge
Chloe Norgaard
Elizabeth Gillies
Unnamed Model (Veronica Morphine Art)
Blood Betty
Julia Angelina
Jessica Stam
Summer Glau
Ruby Rose
rosie huntington-whiteley
David Legen
Jose Ron
Dominique Purcell
Brian White
Chadwick Boseman
Edward Norton
Jo Seung-woo
kang hye-jung
Soo Ae
Will Merrick

The above list is up for negotiation if people want to use the characters for them; I've not yet added them to the character galleries or chosen which NPC they will be for. The below list are people who -are- claimed. I'll likely remove the list and update this when I'm done :D

Evans, Chris (Crimson)
Johnson, Dwayne (The Immortal)
McGorry, Matt (The Hierarch)
Spacey, Kevin (High Lord Ellyon)
Angelina, Julia (Azure)
Free, Charlotte (Luna)
Urban, Karl (Lucifer)
Lee, Amy (Lilith)

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Re: Claimed character: Avatar list.

Postby fairfolk » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:52 am

With the exception of the monstrosity of a list that Jakondite has above which, he NEEDS to update....or else...
also, are capable of editing post: Please if you have claimed a avatar edit it yourself instead of waiting for me to do it please.

The list has been updated =p

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Re: Claimed character: Avatar list.

Postby JupiterJones » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:37 pm

Claiming Gina Carano for Ms. Fire Aka Alicia Wells

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Re: Claimed character: Avatar list.

Postby Eternal Darkness » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:59 am

Adding my claim here:

Kaluuya, Daniel (Jason Strode)

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Re: Claimed character: Avatar list.

Postby InkFox » Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:10 am

Not sure if we are still doing this but here we go

Rush, Odeya (unnamed Changeling, InkFox)

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