Round Two Begins

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Round Two Begins

Postby Jaling » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:38 pm

He had received a call from Lockdown about having received a rose and when told to
meet her at the police station, he changed the location to the beach. A parking lot used
moderately less than others specified. He wasn't quite sure why the thing would bother
giving a second warning, but he was curious.

She pulled the jeep into a parking place and hopped out. She was dressed for a night out,
skinny jeans and black ankle boots, and a leather military jacket (drummer boy) her hair
was down.

Levi arrived in his own vehicle, having dropped Constantine off at Jesse's and gotten her
settled. Spotting Jesse he gave her a quick up-nod and walked to meet her, looking around
for the Mastigos they were there to meet.

One of the handful of vehicles there had a door open and Orion stepped out in jeans, a
button up shirt to cover the thin layer of Kevlar beneath, and jacket. Closing his sedan and
locking it before heading in their direction.

She leaned against her jeep and waited. Seeing Jason she gave him a nod and looked over,
watching Orion get out.

"So it approached me in public"

"Right bold bastard, too." Levi nodded, watching Orion as he approached. "Showed up,
tossed the rose at her and then ran out the door very ricky tick."

He saw the Thyrsis approach as well and looked to him for a moment, then back to the
next potential victim. "Blond kid again?"

She nods "The exact same guy that ...he set me on fire" She grumped

"Mmhmm." Levi thumbed back towards his car, leaning against Jesse's jeep. "Got the rose
with me, no one's touched it directly 'cept for him."

The Mastigos kind of looked at both of them for a second then said curiously, "You
couldn't catch a kid who tried to run from you?"

He looked off to the car for a second then back. Curious if there would be anything worth
examining on the rose itself.

"He moved unnaturally fast; got across the cafe before I could get up from my seat, and
was down the road not long after that." Levi gave Orion a 'really?' look of his own. "Not
like we didn't try."

The Guardian looked about to respond to the 'try', but decided not to poke the viper. At
least for now. Especially with something 'unnatural' happened around them. "How many
people saw this?"

"Cafe wasn't too full, maybe another table or two barring us and the staff. No one else
seemed to notice him running out, though."

There was a nod and he made a mental note of it. "He's pretty adept at mind games, so it's
possible no one did notice. Will check to see if footage caught him later. He say

"Think he did, but she'd be the one to ask." He motioned to Lockdown briefly. "She was
heading across the cafe when he approached her, so I didn't hear what he said."

"Alright, enough. Orion don't be a flippant bastard" She said in a near growl "clearly you
know JACK and shit about vampires. So here is a little lesson, they can move at unnatural
speeds, as in, blur. They do not come up on video, they actually blur there too. They can
become invisible, or change their shape. So since you have not caught him, and know so
little. Don't be a dick, or you know that bullet I said Id put in your head if you got all
asshole guardian again? Ill put it in your ass for fun, cause I know you have access to a
thrysus to heal you. Now, instead of cutting us looks like we didn't try, accept the fact that
what we say about trying is true. Or you can get your ass back in the car and I wont work
dick with you"

He turned and looked at her as she spoke, gears turning and logging what she was saying
about vampires and their capabilities. When she finished he very calmly said, "I do
believe you. This thing almost killed you so I know you are both invested. I wasn't given
context, now I have some."

Levi smirked a bit as Lockdown went off on Orion, giving her an 'atta girl' nod as Orion
finished his reply. "And your thoughts, with the context in place?"

"Should have asked for it to begin with. But damn it all, I wanted you to try my resolve
about shooting you in the butt cheek" She smirked and gave a nod "They have a good bit
of power, he was not there and suddenly appeared. But those in the room seemed to just
accept that he was there, as if he had been there. I was pretty far from the table, and he
threw something at my face. By the time I batted it out of the way, he was at the door, by
the time I reached the door, he was gone. No one around."

"I'm sure I'll try it before we all leave."

It sounded like the mind tricks he knew about and then some. "My thoughts are he is
either blinded by arrogance or insane." The irony of that coming from him. "Normally I
would think it's a sleight of hand trick. Worry about you while he does something else, but
it could just be calling out his next target."

Levi nodded, looking between Lockdown and Orion. "She's slipped his grasp once,
wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't try for her again to finish the job. Not that that's going
to happen if I have anything to say about it, mind..."

"You say that a lot , Levi" She said grumpy and added "Orion, you should come over for
Christmas Dinner, bring your family"

And that was her response to all that, cause she had told him everything. Except "Oh yeah.
He said 'You looked good in blood'"

And at that moment, a text came over Orion's phone from Geminis number Sending me
white roses now??? You need to stop before Kelvin realizes your all romantic and shit.
J/K. Dude I got white ..wait..Kelvin gives me white I ask him, did you
send them OR should I thank our iceman?

"He attacks at your own home, so expect it there." Giving Levi an informative look then
blinked and turned to the Obrimos.

"Orion doesn't have a family." Very particular about keeping those two references away
from each other. "When did he say that?"

While waiting for a response he retrieved his phone and looked rather irritated.
Responding to it White before red. Thank the uninvited guest who stopped by the other

"I say it because it's true, love; I'd rather not find you dead somewhere. Although it does
help if you tell me where you are sometimes..." Levi gave her a look at that, then looked
to Orion and nodded; there was a hint of steel in those golden eyes, however, implying
that anyone who tried something at his home would be in a world of hurt. "Noted..."

Try not to confuse me, you bloody know who I am asking and why dip shit" She smirked
"Cause you know, you DID introduce us to my partners family, so put two and two
together. Unless you can't count"

She shrugs "right before he threw the rose at me, right when he appeared"

She put a arm around Levi "Now, I did say I'd live with you so you had a better idea of
where I was at" She smirked talking to him as Orion started to text

There was another ping Oh fun, I get to play with that old black magic. Imma go find
Hades to protect me. See ya!

"Don't want you to get used to that sentence." Looking up from his phone. "Now we have
target number two if he keeps with his pattern."

Looking at his phone again he paused, then smirked at the song reference and slipped it
away. A shake of his head, "Something's not right. We need to find out what his other
hand is doing."

Levi's eyebrow arched a touch about the family talk but he gave a small nod.

"Lovely...and agreed. Don't like being two steps behind this little shit..."

She nods and took Levis hand "Yeah we can look into it tomorrow. I need to pick someone
up. Give us a call if you learn anything. I also need to grab that video before the humans
see it. Later"

With that she pulled Levi to the jeep and grumped when she realized he drove by himself,
and wasn't sure how that happened. Eh, she made the sound, dropped his hand and got in
her car to drive away
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