Shadows and Cute Boys

The Pier is old, its been there as long as anyone can remember and promises a good time for adults and children alike. It has old fashion game vendors, a automated gypsy that will tell your fortune, places you can get great hot dogs and funnel cakes. A indoor merry go round with weathered sea animals and sleds, and a ferris wheel that allows riders to see across the Gulf into the ever vast ocean. Watch your children, more then one has been lost here and more then one woman has disappeared never to be seen again.[The Rack]
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Shadows and Cute Boys

Postby Elsaa » Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:36 am

Stess: Samandriel had asked Summer if she wanted to have a Sam and Summer date, basically girls night, or mommy and daughter night.

IE: Let me get to know you.

So, they had gotten dinner already and where currently on the beach near one of the beach houses, walking towards the Pier

"So, your a bit spooked about this issue huh?"

Summer: *She wasn't too sure she felt right about putting it 'mother-daughter' but she really could not deny she -was- feeling kinda daughtery towards them... even when she felt annoyed by Jack, she had not yet felt annoyed by Sam truth be told. SO she went along happily.

Walking by the beach, she had easily gotten rid of her shoes, to feel the sand on her toes, and she did moved a bit too close to the water truth be told, like if she felt the temptation of splashing about, yet had yet to do it, keeping her shoes in one hand, she looked up to Sam, then on ahead... spooked...*

I think... I'm a bit more than just so...*she said softly, pursuing her lips* I.... uhh.... I don’t want you or Jack to get hurt because of me *spooked WAS short to how scared she felt sometimes, but she wasn't about to say so... she had kept Jack's retractable baton with her at all times though, hidden in her jeans, or jacket*

Stess: She tilted her head as she walked, considering then said "Well you know we are here for you and we wont get hurt, much if we do" She smiled "I’m sturdy"

She didn’t walk near the water ,just on the side of Summer

When summer looked at Sam, she saw a halo of light around her, like you would see around a candle

Summer: *she blinked at the halo, her head tilting, that looked MUCH like a candle... maybe it was the moon.... she did seem to get distracted though as her mind kind of wrapped without holding about the fact that it looked like if Sam had a light of her own... before she blinked, slowly, then hummed, and shook her head, looking downward* but you almost did... and JJ too....

Stess: When she blinked it went away.

She smiled over at her "Yeah but we aren't. That’s really what matters right?"

As they moved

Summer: eh....*she peered once more, and moved her head a bit, kinda trying to check... yea.. maybe the street light, and back down, kicking at the sand slightly.... seashells, would they see the lady looking for seashells if they kept walking?... a sigh, her lips pursed* yes... but... Jack said ... Jack said I should not let him manipulate with you guys again but.... but I still don't know what I'll do if he does that again... mean... he DID have JJ for a moment.... and.... and.... *she shook her head again*

Stess: "Yes. For a moment" She said with a frown.

As she looked back she saw fire in the foot steps, but they disappeared when she blinked. And then a dark shape following them that also disappeared when she blinked

Summer: *She nods, her head moving though as she thought to see fire, first off, because she was JUST about to tackle her away from it! but then it was gone... made her blinks a couple times, and then perk, as she looked behind them, ... dark shapes... shadows.... she couldn’t help but think immediately in shadows, and that got her to look around, light? where was light? they should move to where there was light... Shadows ate People... but the Light ate the Shadows, right?, right?*

Stess: She followed as summer started to move in another direction, towards the parking lot.

"you okay?"

Summer: yea.... just... *she hmms, looking around again... she was aware she could have imagined, mean she had been seeing shadows ALL along since ... since... her dad... she frowned, then tried to smile* eh... can we get ice-cream? *light, light, light!*

Stess: She nods "sure" She said heading towards the busyness of the pier

"So we gotta talk about your schooling. There are online classes if you wanna do that"

Summer: *She smiles a tad, looking around yet again, yea.. she probably imagined it... then a blink, blink, blink as she stared up at her* uh?! school? I'm going back?

Stess: "Oh hell to the NO" She chuckled stepping onto the wood that would lead to the pier "No, but you can do class via online"

Summer: *She blinked yet again, blinking* online? *that sounded.... like what she would try to tell her dad to cheat out of school, really?* serioulsy? *stepping to the good, she moved to stomp her feet a tad off the sand and dust them, so she could slip on her shoes once more*

Stess: She nods "Yep, seriously" She chuckled and headed towards the little stand that had the ice cream "Sound good to you or you wanna go back to a actual school?"

Summer: *She followed her... pursuing her lips.. she would NEVER have guessed she'll miss the hell of school, but there WAS a something about... going OUT of the house... yet... she sighs* I don't know... *frowning* its not that I actually like school.... but being cupped IS boring... you know? *she looked up to her, then again, she could just go out, without teachers.. that could be, right?*

Stess: "I do actually" she chuckled again and stopped at the ice cream place "Think she’s gonna get chocolate ice cream" She told the guy behind the cart

Summer: *she giggles slightly* yup, but with strawberries and peanut butter! *then a blink to her* you do know?

Stess: She looked over at her as the guy got her, her ice cream. "I know being cooped up i the house all the time is boring, yes"

Summer: but.. you do get to go out... oh *right, she WAS cupped for a good while, she nodded and got the ice-cream with a *thanks *then a sigh* but also I DO know I'm always getting in trouble at school... but I SWEAR I don't mean to!

Stess: She chuckled "Ahh HA! now you get it"

Out of the Corner of her eye, Summer could see a very handsome blond teen, beautiful green eyes and he was looking their way!

Summer: *She made a little face, taking a small bite of the ice-cream, and a sigh* yea.... fine.. I can try the online thingy... *guess school was inevitable, even you were actually NOT goi.... she did catch the teen...

and there was a second, nhu uh!! no want to do anything with boys!! of course she could not help but double peer, nhu uh!!! nhu uh! nhu uh! she bit her lips, last cute teen had tried to kidnaped her, and JJ and kill Jack and Sam! she could live without boys!*

Stess: The boy looked away to talk to someone who came up to speak to him, and then went to play video games

Sam chuckled "Didn’t think you where getting out of school id you?"

Summer: *eh... she DID kinda keep a peeking peek towards the boy... still repeating herself cute boys where bad idea! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad bad bad! nhu uh! and a blink to Sam.. uh, what did school had to do with boys? oh! right* well... I could hope for?

Stess: She smiled "Well you gotta get a education Summer or you wont get anywhere in life"

She saw a flicker, a flash of the boy taking a bite of a hot dog and starting to choke on it.

Then it went away....just as he was being given a hot dog

Summer: eh.... well.. you DO know Einstein failed school, right? *she peered to her, then blinked towards the boy, just about to run his way when she stopped, blinked again, and stared... nhu uh.... he wasn't.... uh....*

Stess: "Don’t care, you might fail but your gonna try" She smiled and got a ice cream , strawberry and chocolate too

The boy took a bite of his hot dog and chewed, then looked around, then his eyes widened and he looked like he as trying to swallow. The hot dog fell from his hands as he reached up to his throat

Summer: *no way...., no way, no way... hei! wait!, *oh crap *she did kind of without thinking left the ice-cream on the counter and ran to the boy, erhg... how did they do it! oh right? just hug, strangle the stomach, right? right? right?*

Stess: She turned and watched her run over to the kid. "Oh shit" She said hurrying after her.

The boy was turning blue

Summer: ACK! how you do this!!! *she DID try the hug and crush stomach as they pull it on the movies, hell! surely some teacher gave the maneuver sooner or later at school.. not that she paid attention, but! it essence you just hug and crush, right?!*
Management: Summer has rolled an dex 4 no medicine, + will!!!!!!! roll (4 dice), getting 4, 9, 4, 7, with a difficulty of 8 on a 10 sided die. Summer has 1 success.

Stess: She managed to do it right, and the kid threw up the hot dog! Then could breath. He was breathing heavy when he let her go "Thank you"

Summer: *aaaaaaand..... ew! but she still staid still.. oh! before letting go, and blinking, blink* eh... uh.... are you alright? *wait... it was welcome? but the other fit more... ok, that was... on crap, she blinked and moved to look at him, ok.. no blue... that was good*

Stess: He gave a nod and looked really embarrassed. "Thank you, um I should go"

Sam leaned against the railing to watch and smiled a bit

Summer: *a... blink... uhm.... that was disappointing?... nono! cute boys are bad idea!* eh... hmm.... take care...

Stess: He stepped away, paused and came back pulling a pen. He took her hand and smiled , wrote a number on it and a name "Paul' and ran off

"Think he was embarrassed" She smiled a bit

:Summer*aaaaand... she blinked, blink, letting him of course write his number and run off, rather fabled and confused, and .... blinking, she looked to Sam then the boy's way, then to Sam* but... cute boys are trouble....

Stess: "Tell me about it" She said pushing from the railing "that’s how I got JJ" She chuckled "Come on, let’s go home"

Summer: *she looked after where the boy left once more... nhu uh! boys are trouble! she nods a tad... and goes to follow, then stops and goes back for her ice-cream!... wait… a blink to Sam, she was talking of the S- word! EW*

Stess: She laughed seeing Summers face "alright, come on girl" She chuckled and headed to the car
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