NPC Pack: The Brunswick Mafia

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NPC Pack: The Brunswick Mafia

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The Brunswick Mafia
“This is our shitty little city, got it?"
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The Brunswick Mafia is a young and odd pack, formed shortly after the Bycer massacre. The sudden and violent loss of the Jaws of Steel pack shocked The People of New Haven, and it provided an imperative for three small packs who had resided in the city, two of whom knew the Jaws. These packs were hunting for a totem when the massacre happened, and with the stories of strong entities such as the Unchanging Wolf and the Empress of Vines, they decided to coordinate their efforts.

Rather than helping each other find and acquire their own totems, the packs decided to join together under a single totem, and become a singular pack. Somewhat. Personality clashes still followed, but interestingly the totem himself stepped in to help come up with some sense of...if not unity, then cooperation.

Right now, the Mafia is made up of three subpacks. The Muscle Market is led by an old wolfblooded with two young werewolf students at the old man's gym. While the old fighter is experienced, his lack of the spiritual and occult knowledge has made him a limited mentor for what his young pups need to know. The Siblings keep to themselves largely, and few knew what the deal is with the oddly identical pair other than they know quite a bit about the shadow. Lastly, the OG Mafioso, as they call themselves, form the core of the pack and are composed of mostly former criminals and drug dealers (and drug manufacturers in the case of Crystal), who are rethinking their life choices after their change.

Tribal Representation
Carl Wallis, Owner of the Muscle Market, is somehow a Blood Talon despite his Wolf-Blooded nature. One of his students aspires to join the Blood Talons as well, while the other remains a ghost for now.
The Siblings are both Bone Shadows and are oddly knowledgeable of the local spiritual politics.
The Mafioso are a mix of Talon, Lord, and Shadow.


9 werewolves, 1 rather potent wolf blooded

The Brunswick Mafia is a rough democracy with each of the sub-packs getting one vote. Often the siblings are left to be the tiebreaker, a choice they often grumble about.

Establish a good meeting place for all three packs
Acquit Crystal (who is under house arrest) of his impending drug manufacturing allegations (the fact that they’re true are not helping)
Figure out Bycer’s plan for New Haven

the Secret Mural- The shared Locus, located on the backside of a building.
The Forum- a secret BBS the Mafia uses to communicate, but not secure enough for the in-depth conversations they need.

Bycer (and the cops) are onto some of them
The Old Man is thinking of selling his gym, and one of his students doesn’t have a career as a boxer on account of being a werewolf
The siblings are having an identity crisis

The Conductor of Arrangement
The Conductor of Arrangement is an interesting spirit of organization from the choir of messages that resembles a long robed humanoid figure made of copper wiring dressed in the finest of legal legislation, with a baton that can double as pen or sword. The conductor is a complex spirit who enjoys complex challenges, but his reasons for putting this pack together still remain a mystery.

Territorial advantage 2, Magnanimous Totem 2, Contacts 1, Fence 1,

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