NPC Pack- Grey's Professional Logging Company

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NPC Pack- Grey's Professional Logging Company

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Grey’s Professional Logging

"Respecting our forests since 1973"
Size ●●●● Physical ●●● Mental ●● Social ●●● Primal Urge ●●●

Founded in 1973 by the entrepreneurial werewolf Hiram Grey, Grey’s Professional Logging was never a major player in the logging industry, but it was always reliable and stable, and notably one of the first logging companies to really try their hand at environmentally friendly logging. Along with Hiram’s own professional and environmental ambitions, the company was also a front for the Grey pack, a large and tight-knit clan made up of a very strong wolfblooded dynasty in the Grey family and their assorted kin. The pack has always been large numerically, but they have never been known for their martial or occult power. Wisdom and Tenacity have been the Grey’s main attributes which has seen them through thick and thin.

Today, the pack has neither. The Greys have been historic enemies of the Shepherds of Men pack since the start, though all hostilities have been relatively low key with only a few deaths throughout a cold war of their own. Last year, that changed with the revelation of the Unchanging Wolf. The great beast, apparently permanently shifted into a fully-powered Garu form, formed the spearhead of an open attempt to decapitate the Greys once and for all.

It worked. Hiram Grey the 2nd is dead, along with many of the pack’s werewolves. His son, Hiram the 3rd, a wolfblooded, led the counterattack and saved the pack by using their small store of silver ammo to kill the Shepherd's second in command, causing just enough chaos for the remaining Greys to regroup and drive of the Kings and their holy saint.

Today, the pack is led by Hiram’s grieving widow Martha, while Hiram the 3rd is busy trying to gather what remains of the pack and the company and keep them safe. Their family is in trouble as they’re paralyzed by grief in this time of war. Together, the pack made the decision to reach out to the Protectorate and to any packless werewolves. While the Greys have always had one another, the day has come where they must reach out to the greater family of The People for aid.

Tribal Representation: Martha is the highest-ranking Hunter in Darkness in the area, and much of the rest of the pack is of the same tribe. Four of the five Grey children are split between the Bone Shadows and the Iron Masters, while Hiram the 3rd is tribeless as he focuses on the mortal issues facing the company (which are important as the Ivory Claws are currently attacking the pack through litigation). There are no Storm Lord Greys, and only one Blood Talon.

Strength: Roughly 10-15 werewolves (from over 25)

Leaders: Martha Grey leads the pack in all matters of Wolf. Hiram the 3rd leads the pack in all things of Man.

Rebuild the company
Get sweet revenge on the Unchanging Wolf
Ensure that the company has a future

The Old Tree (Friend of the Ent)
The bloodstain (where the grandfather was slain)
The Spring (primary Locus)

Ran afoul of the Predator Kings
The Empress doesn’t like them
Martha (the entire pack, really) is caught between grief and war
Hiram is so in over his head.

Totem: The Grey Ent, Lord of the White Pines
The Grey Ent is a cankerous old tree who rarely speaks, and when it does there's a 50/50 chance it'll either profound wisdom or a profound insult (often its a profoundly wise insult). Still, the tree is a powerful totem for the pack that grants them great endurance. His protection is the reason the pack has survived the attacks as well as they have, the casualties would have been far greater otherwise.

Merits: Den 2, Territorial Advantage 3, Resources 3, Professional Training 2 (Logging)

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