Werewolf Setting: The Challenge

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Werewolf Setting: The Challenge

Postby The Lone Gunman » Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:46 pm

Ruin will come to our lands.

The venerable lands of Haven County have long been under the watchful care of the Protectorate, from the deep elder forests to the salt-soaked city built with brick and blood. For decades, werewolves have stalked the land for transgressors of flesh and spirit alike in their tireless and thankless duty. It is a Forsaken life of hardship, blood, and glory. And in all this time we have had no real challenge to the dominion of our lands

No longer is that the case.

The Empress of Vines, choking native life from the land with her armies of foreign spirits.

An Avatar of the Ocean, possessing might and knowledge that is just as endless and unforgiving.

The Watchful Crows and their many agents of corpses, pigs, and even wolves who hunt for our secrets.

The Bycer Company, with their forbidden knowledge whom embody the brilliant cruelties of humanity that seeks to either domesticate or destroy us.

The Unchanging Wolf, a holy saint of our feral brothers who has proven to be our reckoning.

The past hunts of the Protectorate of Haven County have ill-prepared us for these puissant horrors that assail us to this day. We have been ravaged and beaten as many of our elders lie slain, and our remaining number are stricken with the ever-bleeding wounds of trauma.

If we are to survive, we must do more than collect ourselves. We have become predictable, knowable, and lost. Like our Mother Wolf, we have become a liability to the hunt. Now is the time where we must face the challenged presented to us and prove ourselves...or we shall be replaced. Or destroyed.

Ruin has come to our lands.

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