You Found Me

The Pier is old, its been there as long as anyone can remember and promises a good time for adults and children alike. It has old fashion game vendors, a automated gypsy that will tell your fortune, places you can get great hot dogs and funnel cakes. A indoor merry go round with weathered sea animals and sleds, and a ferris wheel that allows riders to see across the Gulf into the ever vast ocean. Watch your children, more then one has been lost here and more then one woman has disappeared never to be seen again.[The Rack]
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You Found Me

Postby Jaling » Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:06 am

One day while Summer was in between school and home, she would receive a call on her
cell phone. The number that came up didn't look familiar.

*Well she walked home, and school, and school was a pain in the ... so she was sometime
moody, she was plotting evil against Rebecca Suderland.. evil as was not known, she just
needed to be discrete about it...

So when it rang ad she didn't recognize the number, briefly.. she considered not
answering, BUT curiosity got the better out of her and she did, poking the answer light*
uh... hello?

"Hello Summer. I hear you have been looking for me." The voice that came across was
just as unfamiliar as the number itself.

*She blinked, checking the number thing again, because let's face it, her heart skipped a tad.
She put it back to her ear though* uh... who are you?

"Orion." The name was stated plainly. The voice was deeper and a little rough over the
phone. Dead of emotion or inflections.

*She lets out a faint sound, stopping on her walking.. no way! really?!, and then, just as
so.. out loud* NO WAY! but... but... I couldn't find you!

"I am giving you a chance to find me now. I am at the pier. Call this number back when
you get here." Then he hung up. Not entertaining a conversation or even a question over
the phone.

*she was already opening her mouth to shower him with such.. when he hung, and she
STARED at the phone... now.. Jack surely would have kittens and cows and make
discovery channel for it if she went to the call of a stranger... BUT if she told him, he
would not let her go... and her Dad HAD told her to find him... now she was SURE of it,
so he could not be some psychopathic murderous .... gangster, could he? ...

nha!... so she went, taking a bus, and phoning again once she got down*

After a couple rings the phone picked up and the same voice answered. "Go to the game
stalls. You will find me there." Then he hung up again.

Bu..*aaand another blinking, this guys is frustrating!, hufpt! but there she goes... game stalls,
game stalls, oh! there ! oooh nifty! big teddy bears! owowow is THAT a dragon?!*

As would be expected, there was a crowd at the pier enjoying the rides and the games.
Parents and children. Couples and groups of friends. The game stalls were always an
attraction for kids and dates, but as she walked down it she started to hear that voice from
over the phone.

"Excuse me miss. Can I interest you in a game of darts?" There in a game stall was a man
with long slicked back hair and mustache with dark blue shirt and jeans under an apron
meant to help guard him from the thrown darts. Looking right at her, he smiled and placed
five darts on the counter.

*she blinks, blink, blink, staring at him* nha.. no way! he looks like a steroid bumb!...but
she does go over* uuh... Orion?

There was a nod, "Looks like you found me." A gesture was made to the darts then to the
cork board full of balloons on the wall. "You get one question per dart after you tell me
why you were looking for me."

*She eyed the darts, then the balloons, this was odd* uuh... you do realize you are being
all shady and creepy? *she eyed him*

He stopped and gave her a very peculiar look. Confused as well as a little...well confused.
"Do you realize who you have been looking for?" Then a pause as he looked off down the
counter and someone else came up. "Excuse me just a second."

"Hello, welcome to a game of darts." He gave them a quick rundown of costs, five dollars
a dart. He hadn't asked Summer to pay for her darts, but at that price the woman and her
child seemed less interested. Well, the mother at least. The son pouted while she tried to
find a cheaper game. When they left he came back to Summer's side of the counter.

*She watched it all of course, blinking* you aren't charging me...*watching the mom and
child go on, then at steroid bump... maybe she got the name wrong...., she frowns,
watching him intentily* no... I thought I had hallucinated it ... I hallucinated a whole bunch
of things that night...*she said that more low, looking back at the darts*

"For you, the first five are free. Anything you want to know after that will cost you more
than $5 a question." Gesturing to the darts he stepped aside so he could give her a clear
path to throw them. "You get all five and you will get this as a prize." Pointing at a bear
with a zipper over its belly. Something from the inside peeked out from the zipper, but she
couldn't tell what it was from where she stood.

*She eyes him, then eyed the teddy, then him, she presses her lips, about to ask what it
WAS gonna cost her, but she didn't in case he held it as part of her questions* you ARE
creepy... *she frowns, staring at him still before sighing* My dad told me to find you

He took a step back and looked to a couple people walking by and gave them a smile and
a nod. Arms folded across his chest. Then he turned back to Summer and lowered his
voice, "Say something that draws attention like that again and you will get no answers."
He didn't need people to start looking his way thinking he was a pervert in a public place
with kids after all.

The smile returned, though more for appearances of passerbys than for her. "Your dad and
I were not friends. He had a job to do and it was to find people like me. Just like you, he
had a hard time finding me too."

*she blinks at him.. pffting* well then don't act like a creep *she wasn't loud. Frowning,
then shaking her head* don't think so.

"You don't think so?" One eyebrow raised in a questioning look.

*She frowns, looking at the darts, fixing her eyes on the darts* no. He didn't say it just to
find you, he said it because he thought I would be safe with you *she was sure of that, he
had told her to find him, just when... when... she shook her head hard* so he either trusted
you, or I got the wrong Orion

"I said we were not friends. I did not say he could not trust me. Not so black and white in
our world. Him and me ran in more shades of gray than you know." Nodding his head at
the board. "At least look like you are playing."

*She frowned at him* and you are trying not to be creepy? *she hummed and threw the
dart to the balloons, frowning ore, it did hit, on with a pop* but you are not the legal
guardian he appointed... *she eyed him, no, of course her dad would have not wanted her
with the steroid bump, she frowned more* why did he want me to find you then?

He watched the balloon pop and smiled that fake man behind the stand smile in case
anyone looked over at the loud popping noise. Maybe he should've chosen a quieter game.
When he turned back the smile lessened some, "I don't want kids. Plus the state would
never accept me anyways." Then he thought for a moment, "Who did he give you to?"

*she pressed her lips, he WAS a CREEP, she wasn't sure why she stayed though... cause
dad had trusted him, she pulled a lock behind her ear* Jack Connolly *she threw another
dart that went pop! into another ex-balloon* Do you know who.... who killed him?

When the next one went pop he smiled and gave a couple claps. Afterwards his hand
rested on the stall's counter and he brought an imago to the fore to conceal the kiosk. It
would only be safe to do this for a few minutes at best before risking notice. He shifted in
discomfort like he had a broken rib that hurt when he moved a certain way. Whatever was
with the tapestry here made it frailer than paper. For his favorite spell it drew more
attention from the abyss than any vulgar spell he had ever cast in his lifetime. It had
succeeded though and for now they could talk in private.

Orion's voice lowered and he shook his head, "Been trying to find out who was looking
for me. That will be the next on my list."

He looked at her for a moment wondering just how much he should tell her. "Your dad
saved my ass and he knows I make good on my debts. If his dying wish was for you to
seek me out for protection, I will do it. Reason he can not leave you with me legally
because I have a criminal record."
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*She did not notice a thing, clearly as she made to throw a third dart, she frowned, he didn't
know, then a blink as she stares at him... and then blinks at his distorting face* why do
you have a criminal record? *then a stopped faintly, hadn't dad helped Jack too? * you
know if you have to go poo the bathrooms aren't that far off...

He gave her a bit of a look at that and shook his head. Kids say the damndist things.

"Because I do illegal things." Just a blank statement. Though he probably should clarify as
that covered a vast variety of nasty things. "I can get things for people or hide wanted
people and get them out of town. The law does not like that." Although it would be useful
in helping her if she needed it.

*She frowns a bit more, watching him.. he didn't LOOK much but like a steroides
gangster... but who knew* so... you can get guns? *well it's been a subject lately*

"Possibly." he left it at that. taking a glance around. This stall didn't have any security
cameras facing it, but you never knew when someone might recognize the veiled spell.

*she eyes him, eyes narrowing, then she threw another dart. Frowning, yeah Jack would
have kittens and dragons if he ever finds out she was here... and she IS only staying
cause... cause... for some reason, dad wanted her to contact him* I like the people I'm
staying with, so I won't go with you *She eyes him* but you can make sure they are save
too, right?

"Good. Living with me would not be fun." He nods and after that dart goes over to grab
the hanging bear and hand it to her. Closer up it looks like the thing hanging out of the
zipper was a part of a piece of paper. "You can find me with what is inside. If you need
something you can not normally get, or need to hide out someplace safe, let me know and
I will take care of it."

*She blinks... actually hesitating a bit before taking the bear, she eyed what was poking
out, then at him* okay... if you find anything will you tell me?

He nodded and stepped back, "I will keep you in the loop if you do not tell your cop
parents about me." Last thing he needed was them knowing she was in contact with this
cover after all.

*she blinks, then bit her lips somewhat* alright, I won't tell them... but you'll tell me

The darts were removed from the board and put away. "Of course, kid. I told you I make
good on my debts. Now head on home before someone notices you are missing and starts
looking for you." The spell was dropped and he started to head towards the back, that fake
smile came back up and he gave a small wave. Voice raised back to normal volume,
"Enjoy your prize and have a good day." Then he disappeared into the back.

*She hummed, watching after him, but after a moment she started to walk on, back...
home.. well yes, it was. But she DID look inside the bear as she did so*

Inside the bear was an old flip phone and a piece of paper with a phone number on one
side and an address on the other.

*She blinks, turning the paper over and over, then the flip phone* ew...*who USED those
things now a way?... still she made sure to fold it right and put it inside again, she'll keep
them there, cause if she got them out, she'll sure loose them, and sighed... life had gotten
SO complicated...*
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