Lore of Havenswood

A Location for setting information, as well as OOC knowledge relating to the Werewolf Game and the setting of Havenswood.
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Lore of Havenswood

Postby Jakondite » Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:38 pm

Iduth Gishur (Forsaken Name Not Created)

The Lost Journal (#2) - Within Havenswood, there are areas where sigils have been placed - sometimes carved into the woods of trees as they grow, sometimes imprinted in the foundation of certain buildings. Some of these markers have been damaged and defaced at this point, some intentionally and some unintentionally - but most of them are still intact. These sigils are typically First Tongue, though some markings use a language that is unfamiliar to the wolves. When Cersi Lockwood was investigating the Journal of her mother, she didn't understand their significance or meaning - only that there were power, and the whispers were strongest looking at those words. Now though, as the memories slip back into her mind off what she learned, she understands that many of them represent protection, defense. You couldn't rightfully call them territory markings but they were certainly an element of them. The books had mentioned they were there as a part of empowering the barriers, and that the Barriers were there to protect Havenswood from Outside Forces. The Silvers had a name for this barrier - Iduth Gishur, the Moon's Wound.

Iduth Gishur is not an obvious force - it surrounds the general area of Havenswood, but only in the Hisil - as a silver, luminescent wall that seems to keep spirits from the outside from wandering in. The symbols that litter the area can be found floating within this wall, sometimes attracting unique eldritch angels at night which the wolves call Lunes, and serve in the Lunar Queens Choir. They are the weakest of the lunes, those that She can afford to offer while the strongest face off in her eternal war against the Outer Darkness.

Even when those Lunes are not present however, there is still power to be found in the wall. A spirit born outside of Havenswood seems to be unable to cross through this wall, or at the very least seems unwilling to do so. The Conspiracy has ways around this though, as the Choir of Secrets, Rumors, and Deception - by feeding on spirits that cross over they have found ways to take their shape and form, in essence 'becoming' them. Shamans of Havenswood would be wise to keep an eye on spirits which act outside their usual patterns - their ban does not seem to change, nor does their name, so certain gifts are capable of revealing the Hidden Ones for what they are.

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