The Storm Chasers (Pack)

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The Storm Chasers (Pack)

Postby Jakondite » Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:29 am

The Storm Chasers
"I haven't said anything cool yet, so the Storyteller gave me this quote."
Size ● Physical ●● Mental ● Social ●●● Primal Urge ●

A New Pack forming in the wake of an unknown one, the Storm Chasers haven't done much to make a name for themselves. Truth be told, they exist a little bit out of sheer luck and tolerance - as well as a small bit of patronage from unseen hands. Still, they mean well and they are growing, preparing to make a name for themselves and to change the foundation of this town - but how they do it, only time will tell.

Tribal Representation
For such a small pack, representation is almost equally spread. Cersi is a Bone Shadow, Melody is a Storm Lord, and Samson is an Iron Master. When and if they manage to recruit Lucian, the only tribe that will not be present will be the Blood Talons - making a pack who has a versatile advantage to quite a few types of prey.

The Storm Chasers hope to hold at least four werewolves, but at the moment are only numbered three. They have a few prospective wolf blooded packmates, but only three who know about the werewolves existence and of those three, only one could easily be called a packmate at this time.

At present, leadership in the pack is subjective and undecided and seems almost balanced between the three wolves.

Seek out what the Eye of the Storm is Looking For
Build the Pack

The Grave of Elaine Crowley - A small grave, dated for the year 2020 and signifying someone who was only a few months old, the Grave of Elaine Crowley is the grave of a child who died in the process of the first hunt. The hunt was successful, but not idyllic - and the grave serves as a reminder both of what it is that the Pack is trying to protect, and what it is that the pack is trying to avoid.

At present, the Pack is incredibly new. Because of that, they haven't completely finished forming - and the wolves have yet to fully inform the wolf-blooded and bring them into the fold. As they are not humans, this has led the current totem to not acknowledge the blooded as members of the pack - something that he hasn't done with human allies too, but only because as far as it can see there are no human allies.


Nimhur-Zela, First Tongue for Storm Cloud, is a Sky-Wail that is as mercurial as clouds in the wind. It has some ambition, but at the moment has thoughts only of growth - and perhaps seeking out the object which the Eye-of-the-Storm wants, if only to either use it to appease it and have it leave the area or - if the object is sufficiently useful - acquire it for itself to empower it further so that it may take the reigns away from the Isulah above. It will know what it wants, once it finds the object.


Unknown at this time.

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Re: The Storm Chasers (Pack)

Postby Jakondite » Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:42 am

Full Member's List

Cersi Lockwood
Melody Compton
Samson Ward
Bellamy Lockwood
Mike Crowley

Pending Packmates
These packmates will eventually be packmates or at the very least be considered for packmates, but for now are outside elements by Nimhur-Zela's perception for one reason or another, often because it's never seen them and doesn't know.

Harlem Princeton
Cadence Compton
Louis Carmichael
Stephanie Ward

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