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Havenswood Topology

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 3:11 pm
by Jakondite
(This is an initial draft of the topology of Havenswood. Local Hangouts, Spots of Interest, and Bizarre additions will be applied as they are made or as I am convinced to add them.)

If you start at the town center, you have the Town Hall, the Local Church, the Schools, the Sheriff's Office, the Farmer's Market, a worn down electronics shop, and the heart of havenswood - the docks and the warehouses. There is a truckstop at the warehouses, and the trucks will travel between the town and the mines, and the town and River Run - depending on what's being delivered. Most of the time the materials mined are loaded onto the boats and sent off, but sometimes River Run needs supplies for expansion and trades local supplies to the town itself. Recently, a group called the Deep Sea Salvaging Corporation bought local rights to shipping out, so people now have the option of working for a group besides the Morrisons or the Silvers - though very few locals are willing to work with Outsiders, with Havenswood having an incredibly superstitious and xenophobic culture. The only exception to this is military - there is little to no social ostracism for taking the time to serve your country though - notably - all enlisters will leave by the port rather than the road.

There is a road from here that heads north, lining the coast and heading towards the mountain ranges. Along this path you'll pass the lighthouse, and the shore will rise into cliffs. Eventually the road will lead to the mines, which are owned by the Silver Family (officially licensed to Silver Industries). They say that the mining business isn't as lucrative as it once was, but that isn't entirely true - the Silver Families presence has merely shifted their focus from Havenswood to River Run, which means that they simply... care less. Despite that, the industry is still incredibly powerful and a good career choice, and brings in metal that is then brought to the docks to be shipped out to Outside suppliers. These days they don't even do that - seems the Deep Sea Salvaging Co. will buy the metals up right quick, using them for expansion which seems to be directed south.

To the Northwest is land that is owned by the Silver Family, but even though it's owned on paper the territory is that of a pack of wolves who do not seem to have a tribe. These wolves claim that their territory is nuetral ground, and if you ask them they will intercede on your behalf to speak with the Pure - but the Forsaken and the Pure have little to no desire to work with one another, and more often than not the Silver's consider these meddlesome fence-sitters to be more trouble than they are worth.

To the West is a road that will eventually lead out of the town's official premises. That road is about an hour trip, passing multiple farms and homesteads including the Morrison's Manor (which is actually fairly close to the town center). At the end of that hour trip, you reach an area that locals subconsciously recognize as the territory of the Beast. No one knows what the Beast is - it is very much a local legend which stalks the forests of the border of the town and feasts upon the pure souls of the locals. The Uratha don't rightfully know what it is either - it might be a Predator King, or it may be something else - it seems to fight like a wolf, but none who have seen it can say for sure what it is, and any meetings with it always end in at least one death.

Still, that doesn't stop people from traveling out of the town towards the neighboring town of River Run. The only locals who actually do it are the Lockwoods, who operate officially to deliver under the employ of Silver Industries. Everyone else who does it is an Outsider, usually working for the DSSC - who are too stupid to realize the risks, or who locals claim have made dark pacts with the Beast for safe passage. River Run is known to have far better facilities than any location in Havenswood, so if you talk with the Lockwoods (or the Outsiders) they can usually get you things that you can't get in the local area, though it will cost a lot more than if you talk to the foreman at the docks, mostly because it's faster and more dangerous.

Directly south of that territory (technically southwest of the Town Center) is the territory of Apex. It contains a series of log cabins and a lake, which is fed water through the River in the Beasts territory and is said to connect all the way to the mountains. Apex has a goal of slaughtering the Beast as a short term goal, but they are preparing for the advent of something else - something strange and foreign. The lake is where the water pools, but branches out to another river which continues on to the coast.

Re: Havenswood Topology

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 5:44 pm
by Jakondite
The Abandoned Church

To the Southwest, not quite in the territory of Apex but outside of the territory of the Beast and the Town proper, there is an old, abandoned church... allegedly. It's actually not a well documented incident, but if you look in the town archives you'll find that there was an attempt to expand south about fifty or so years ago. They started with building a church, but gave up after a series of freak accidents and 'the judgement of god' essentially making itself known. The church is still there, a bit run down but quite beautiful. No one has been there for years, and the walls have greenery growing on the outside, vines crawling up the windows and nature claiming her own. Inside, the pews are comfortable though covered in dust. Some aspects of the church are unfinished, but the main room is fine - and at the center, in front of a large pane of stained glass, is an altar. The altar is in perfect condition, and examination of that altar will reveal a unique symbol of what looks like it may be a face, or a mask.

Certain Spirits that are a part of the Conspiracy can be found around this location. Because of these spirit's presence, information spirits do not seem to be able to glean information about the location or what it's purpose is. Actually, to be honest those spirits tend to not even know of the church's existence, a common theme that seems to happen when the Conspiracy of Zero gets involved.

Re: Havenswood Topology

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:50 am
by Jakondite
The Forbidden Towns

To the Northwest, slightly north of the Beast's territory and within the territory of the unknown wolves, there is a village. This village is off the map, completely unknown to the people of Havenswood. A similar village exists to the South, that is far more easily accessible but seems to be about the same distance as River Run. This town is also completely unknown to the people of Havenswood. The Conspiracy of Zero knows of it's existence, but unless you are part of the conspiracy... will say no more.

Still-Waters Island

To the north east is an Island - this Island is to the east of all towns in New Haven it seems. The Island is notoriously hard to get to, having been known for several ship wrecks in the nearby area as the waters become erratic and the storms worsen. Locals throughout the region have begun referring to the wreckage around the areas as the Ship Graveyard. Occasionally, the DSSC will send ships over to that location - often to salvage remains from the wreckage - but these trips are expensive and risky for the station in Havenswood. There has been considerations of building a bridge between the island and the coast, but that is a bit of a ways off in the future - and would likely connect to the Metropolis rather than to anywhere close to Havenswood. At the moment though, it seems that it costs people less to utilize a ferry system between here and the island, given how large the bridge would have to be.