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Pack Creation

Postby Jakondite » Sat Jul 18, 2020 1:37 am

The Pack is a character, as much as the PCs inside of it. It has a purpose, a drive - something that keeps it moving, something that it's working towards - things which define it and bond it's people.

Step 1) Choose Aspirations
Step 2) Choose Pack Touchstones
Step 3) Choose Pack Complications
Step 4) Choose Hunting Nature (Usually Human or Wolf)
Step 5) Choose Pack Merits (You get 5)

Populating the Pack

Character Type | Average Dice Pool | Pack Cost

Animal | 1 Dice | 1 Cost
Low-skilled humans | 2 Dice | 1 Cost
Skilled humans | 3-5 Dice | 2 Cost
Highly skilled humans | 5+ Dice | 3 Cost
Wolf-Blooded | 4+ Dice | 4 Cost
Spirits (Max Rank 3) | 20 Dice | 5 Cost
Supernatural creatures | 6+ Dice | 5 Cost
Uratha | 6+ Dice | 6 Cost

Every Player in the pack gets 10 points to allot to NPCs which populate the pack. They may share payments for NPCs, and this represents a connection between the parties who paid for it. The ST may also provide NPCs, which the Players would pay for if they like or which would be given to the pack as an antagonist, granting them 1 less point than if they had bought it (for example, an enemy spirit would grant 4 points, since it costs 5 to have it as Pack).

It is worth noting, that Low Skilled Humans are not noteworthy - they get 2 dice to their dice pools and a role, and that's it.

Skilled Humans have the following traits:
A Name, A Concept, One Aspiration
Three dice pools, one at 3 dice, one at 4, and one at 5 dice.
2 Dots of Willpower.

Skilled Humans and Wolf Blooded get the following:
A Name, A Concept, Two Aspirations
A Virtue and Vice
Attributes (5/4/3)
15 Dots in Skills, Divided however you choose
Wolfblooded get 1 Tell
5 Merit Dots
Then Derived Traits

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