The Lockwoods

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The Lockwoods

Postby Jakondite » Sat Jul 11, 2020 1:28 pm

Being on the open road isn't an easy thing for the people of Havenswood, but some people love it. There isn't a lot of trust to be given for those who skirt between the cities, but the Lockwoods are still locals, even if they are also undesirables. Employed by the Silvers, the Lockwoods are one of the families which ship materials between River Run and Havenswood from the port, both legal and illegal. They use trucks, but some of them have taken a liking to biking as well and created a whole club around it.

The territory of Havenswood and River Run are both very big, but also very dangerous. To that end, the Lockwoods have a few rules - never take the road at night. If you are forced to take the road at night, never stop until you reach the town. If you are forced to stop, drop the cargo and run. The Silvers don't like that last rule, so no one ever mentions it. Officially, your supposed to wait for support, but the Beast's influence is pervasive. Many of the Lockwoods practice worship of the Child~of~War, who offers power to those who cannot protect themselves from the Beast.

The Lockwoods of course know about the mythos of the Beast, but sometimes - while rare - some sap wants to get out and go to the big city, and doesn't feel like making a break for it. The Lockwoods claim they can be an escort (at least, particular members do), for a right price - and sure enough if you get in one of the trucks you can reasonably expect that you will make it to River Run. Still, the fact that no one ever comes back only fuels the seeds of distrust in those members of the family willing to offer that exit - as well as seeds more lore on the tales of the Beast.

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