Apex: The Chosen Ones

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Apex: The Chosen Ones

Postby Jakondite » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:46 pm

"You don't understand. I was chosen for this."
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As much a cult as a Pack, Apex exists as a pack dedicated to protecting the Forsaken as a whole. They believe, through the words of one of their older members, that a great Doom is coming - or, perhaps, it has already come. Through the words of this same werewolf, they created a cult which was made to raise the young and train them to prepare for this time.

At this moment, the cult is more wolf blooded than wolves - but because of it's nature, it's also one of the larger surviving packs in the area. The pack is lead by Avalon, a young girl who was blessed by Fenris-Ur, and is said to be his direct descendant - though the cult is lead by Prophet, the successor of the Cahalith who prophecied the Doom.

Tribal Representation
Avalon is a Blood Talon and a Scion of the Devourer Wolf. Because she is one of the Cult's alleged chosen, many of the cultists (roughly a third), opt to follow the ideals and concepts of Fenris-Ur, even going so far as to train themselves to hunt other werewolves. The other two wolf members of the group are a Bone Shadow and a Hunter in Darkness.

There are only three werewolves in the cult, however one of those wolves is a Scion of one of the First Born. The Cult's true power comes from it's massive number of wolf blooded, of which there are over ten times the amount of wolf blooded to werewolves. Due to esoteric rituals, those wolf blooded are no laughing matter too - and about a third of the group is combat trained due in part to the hope of recognition from their Alpha and Messiah.

The Alpha officially is Avalon, who is one of the five chosen messiahs of the Pack. The true power, however, can be said to be in the hands of Prophet, a relatively young Bone Shadow Cahalith. The difference is semantic, however - Prophet does not speak his gospel to control the masses, but because he actually believes in the visions he tells them.

Acquire Scions of the First Born, at least one of each Tribe - for they will guide the Pact to prepare for the Coming Apocalypse.
Slay the Beast, for he alone bars the Path Forward
Pending Third Aspiration

The Church - A Homestead dedicated to the Cult, where Avalon and the wolves make their home. Religious gatherings are made here, often before a hunt.
The Altar - A location tied to the Totem of the Cult, in which any member may make contact with the Tribal Totem. Usually only used to give gifts.

Recently, Avalon established a relationship with another Scion - a potential chosen to join the cult. The relationship was said to be non-platonic, but shortly before he joined he disappeared.
Prophet and Myrad - the other wolf - often are fighting amongst each other and seem to hate each other's guts.


Altered Destiny is a spirit of the future. It is a spirit which was formed by the focus and ideas reflecting innovation and change - and as such, takes the form of a technostic kind of spirit, of wired, numbers, and prediction. Altered Destiny has a vested interest in assisting the pack because it believes that the pack has a means in which it can fulfill it. Already, even now it's grown from a minor gaffling to a major jaggling due to the sheer worship that is offered by the cultists. It believes by empowering this pack in their goal - to change the future - it will one day grow to be an Incarna.


Magnanimous Totem 4, Library 3

New Cult: Apex
  1. You have been initiated into the pack. You automatically gain 1 dot in totem and benefit from all the bonuses granted by this totem.
  2. You've been around long enough to know people in the cult, and gain access to information most people wouldn't. Gain 1 dot in contacts.
  3. You have been trained, constantly, to prepare for a future where you are said to be doomed. This firm resolve in the future empowers you, willing to change destiny. Gain the indomitable merit.
  4. You are empowered consistently by your devotion to the pack. If you are a wolf blooded, you gain the benefits of a new tell. If you are a werewolf, you gain the benefits of three dots worth of rites.
  5. You are considered an invaluable member of the pack. You are leadership, you are blessed. You may not be chosen, but because of your connection your close. Werewolves at this level gain the Embodiment of the Firstborn merit related to their Tribe. If they already have this merit, they get a second bonus dot. If you are a wolf blooded, you gain the benefits of the Moon's Grace Merit

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