Chess Club - Experience

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Chess Club - Experience

Postby Jakondite » Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:46 am

This journal is specifically for the entirety of the Chess Club. All 20-30~~members! It will be updated periodically, both with Aspirations of the Group, Conditions of the Group, Status (if I apply that to the group), as well as a special little something that we get in most RPGs: Quests! Ok, they are just Aspirations, but they are Aspirations I place on you, and typically have a reward listed with them for fulfilling them.

Chess Club - or, rather, Motley experience - can be spent on anything that it's members decide that they want to put on it on, including a single PC or NPC's traits (NPC traits increase at half off - there is a lot of them. Some quests may involve increasing their traits for things later on, so don't always focus on just the group or main PCs).

Up to Players

Mechanics: Pending

Quest (Got Tons of these. Do them at your leisure. Only 1 PC required to do most of them, but more than 1 is welcome. Can only be claimed once though)

Resolution: Attend the Homecoming Party
Reward: 1 Motley XP

Winter Wonderland
Resolution: Speak with Anavel about the Winter Court
Reward: 1 Motley XP, Mindy Gains a Contract

Summer Fun in the Sun
Resolution: Get your ass kicked Speak with Leone or another Summer Courtier about the Summer Court
Reward: 1 Motley XP, Ross Gains a Contract

Autumn Nightmares
Resolution: Learn about the Autumn Court
Reward: 1 Motley XP. Sabrina Gains a Contract. You learn more about the nature of the Strangers.

Springtime Flingtime
Resolution: Learn about the Spring Court
Reward: 1 Motley XP. Lily Gains a Contract.

Resolution: Unknown at this time (Quest Line Pending)
Reward: 1 Motley XP. Potential Winter Goodwill

Current Motley XP: 3

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Posts: 636
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Re: Chess Club - Experience

Postby Jakondite » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:39 am

Go to Market
- 1 Beat

Shelby Gained Goblin Contract - Materialize Emotion. General Effect is, when harvesting an emotion, the glamour used can instead be crystallized into a material form reflecting that emotion. These serve as hedge fruit (and suffer the same limitations) but, ultimately, allow her the ability to create paint materials by harvesting emotions. Of course, being a goblin contract, this means that she will also accrue debt as she does, so using this contract means paying the price for those materials.

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