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House Rules

Postby Jakondite » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:05 am

Elemental Affinity

The book isn't particularly clear on what it means when it says elemental affinity, so for ease I'm going to write in a house rule for it. When you make a character of the elemental seeming and pick a kith, you will also pick an element. Whether the element in question is appropriate depends on the ST, though in some cases I may allow you to affect different versions of the element - such as a Diamond Elemental manipulating earth, or a water elemental manipulating ice. The element in question should not contradict the kith - no snow skin is going to be a lava elemental.

There are certain contracts which have Elemental Seeming Blessings that reference 'the Elemental's Affinity' or something like that. This always refers to the element chosen above, however an elemental - and in fact any Seeming- can learn the blessing again, referencing a different element with each purchase.

Contract Edits, Revisions, and Clarifications


Hostile Takeover
Clarification: Hostile Takeover does not in the home of an individual with this contract, so long as the individual is present within the building and has taken the time to activate this contract (which they may do for free, as the abode serves the loophole for this contract). The clash of wills is the aggressors Manipulation + Wyrd + 1 (Night Long Effect) vs defenders Wits + Wyrd + Hallow Rating (or Equivalent, Max 5). In the case of shared hallows, their shared strength gives them power, allowing them to use the highest wits among contributing members, plus the highest wyrd (even if those belong to two different individuals).
Duration: Until the user of this contract leaves the home.
Ogre Benefit: A Bruiser with this contract may force their way into the home, even when the other individual has this contract. Naturally, this incurs a clash of wills. If the defender also has this power, they gain +2 to their roll.
Darkling Benefit: The Darkling further removes any trace of their presence from the abode. Unless they intentionally take something, everything the Wisp interacts with returns to the exact location it was before they entered. They leave no footprints or fingerprints, even if they come in covered in mud and wet from the rain.
Elemental Benefit: TBD
Wizened Benefit: TBD

Mask of Superiority
Duration: Scene

Beast: This contract may be used over animals. For the duration of the contract, the animal is treated as though the user has the Bonded Condition with it.

Paralyzing Presence
Duration: Scene

Summon the Loyal Servant (Credit to Unahim)
Beast: The servitor gains some of the Beast’s resilience: its Resistance is 3, rather than 1.
Darkling: The servitor gains some of the Wisp’s malleability: as an Instant action, it may rearrange its attribute points. No attribute may go below 1 or above 5.
Ogre: The servitor gains some of the Brute’s strength: its Power is 3, rather than 1.
Wizened: The servitor gains some of the Wizened’s creativity and ingenuity: it has Influence (Element it is made of) 2.

Clarification: A True Name is nebulous. Typically, it refers to the name of a target's fetch, or the identity they took before they were taken. In the case of individuals who don't actually know what this is, however, it refers to the name they identify with themselves until the time in which they learn the former.
Duration: The conditions last a scene or until resolved; Triggers we can say last a week.

Discreet Summons
Wizened: The Changeling may pull out any object which he is the owner, regardless of it's location and availability. If the changeling owns the object, the object does not vanish. Note that ownership can be nebulous - a stolen item may no longer be the property of it's original owner, depending on time and circumstance.

Mastermind's Gambit
Clarification: Unless otherwise noted by the ST, a Chapter is 1 Month, and the 'end of story' is 1 year.

PIpes of the Beastcaller
Duration: 1 Scene

The Royal Court
Duration: 1 Scene

Jewel Contracts

Blessing of Perfection
Clarification: Blessing of Perfection increases the equipment rating or skill by the user's Wyrd, rather than replacing it.

Darkling: The Darkling may apply these bonuses to himself.
Ogre: The Ogre may instead apply these effects as a penalty to a chosen target rather than a benefit.
Beast: The Beast may apply this contracts effects to their Animal Ken, Intimidation, and Survival rolls.
Elemental: TBD

Might of the Terrible Brute - 1 Glamour, Strength + Athletics + Wyrd Roll (Reflexive); DF - Arm Wrack Tilt for the Scene. Each success grants 1 turn with a bonus to strength equal to Wyrd. E success makes it last a scene. With the Beast Seeming Blessing, you can boost Dexterity. With the Ogre Seeming Blessing and an additional point of glamour, you don't need to roll - you exceptionally succeed. The Catch works while you are fighting multiple opponents alone.

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