The Time Shift

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The Time Shift

Postby Jakondite » Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:59 am

So there are a lot of people coming over from Vegas to New Haven; When creating your characters, if you were playing with such a character be sure to let me know. Decide what it is your character remembers. They don't remember Vegas per se, but they remember people - people they had connections to, people that were important to them. In most cases, they remember the people who are still connected to them through time, even if in New Haven they may not be connected in the same way (for instance, someone who remembers being married to a certain individual may now be mortal enemies with them - the memories are there of course, and there is no telling if the mortal enemy remembers, but it... complicates things).

Besides these chosen connections, most memories are gone. If you meet Silver (Matt) or the Immortal (Cross), there may be a hint of an echo of familiarity. But you don't know them. They might create a fond memory or a dread memory in you, or maybe even the choking presence of power, but that's all - an echo of a time lost. Some, however, remember more. Some remember every detail of their other life, from the day the world was revealed to the day the humans took back the earth. From the transition of power between the Consilium to the shattering of the universe. Those who did had a patron - someone or something beyond just Chronos who wanted them to remember; Those who did are Time Shifted and should take the merit for being Time Shifted at character creation (It's three points, Awakened, I'll post it in the custom forums).


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