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My Shadow (Open)

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:17 am
by Jakondite
The last few weeks had been fairly eventful, all things told. Perhaps it was that Winter was continuing throughout it's season and Spring was upcoming, but the tension seemed to be riding high in the air - so high, in fact, that that very tension was one of the potential reasons cited for the "incident" between Ross and Everleigh.

The Incident... that's what they called it. That evening, when the Freehold was awoken to the sound of screaming, followed by chaos. The sight of Ross' body lying there on the floor, blood pooling out of it like a river. It'd triggered far too many memories for too many people of Chessworld. Everleigh's hand had been covered in his blood, and she was trying to keep him from dying - and no one understood what had happened. He had lived, because of Lily's healing - but that didn't make many feel much better.

Lily's healing was a gift from the Spring Court. It may as well have been a gift from Thomas himself. That left a bitter taste in the mouth of too many Chess Pieces.

After the incident, more than a few rumors seemed to swirl. One of those rumors was that Everleigh was still playing in the pocket of the Black King, and that the string on her back was allegedly a sign that she still had loyalty to the Game Master. Or to Thomas. The story and her allegiance changed depending on the teller. Another rumor that seemed to swirl was that she'd slept with Ross after to 'apologize' to him - a sort of rumor that seemed to have people laughing at the Rook - because really, how desperate did you have to be to sleep with a woman who literally left you lying dead on the floor? Each rumor seemed to make things worse and worse, for both parties...

It's the middle of the afternoon when it happens. Most of the Motley is at home, but these days many of them have jobs and social lives. They have people that they are trying to connect with, and while the buddy system was still in effect because people just felt safer with it, people had lives outside of the Hallow itself. Shelby had days she wanted to spend with Tyler, and would happily take whoever wanted to go with her to whatever they wanted to do if it meant that she could spend her night with him... even if that sometimes meant sharing him. Artie had shown a lot of interest in the Autumn Court, less for their madness and more for their knowledge. Some people had gotten jobs, under the table, that they had to work around.

Richie went out a lot to make social connections between the fae and between humans, often bringing with him knowledge of the modern social world, and took whoever would go with him. Because he'd sworn to the Spring Court though, few people actually trusted him these days - even with the Motley oath that he swore to Lily, they couldn't get past the fact that his oath to Thomas would conflict with his oath to the Chess Club. Still, there -were- people who would go. The Queens, who perhaps felt he could not harm them. Mindy from time to time - including this time. But the numbers were sparse.

That was why when he bust into the Hallow, out of breath, it was surprising to note that he was alone. His eyes were wild, as he looked about the room - an automatically alarmed set of lost who were certainly not used to anyone - even members - busting in in that way. Lily. Ross. Victoria. Piper. Sabrina. A series of faces who had all had to compose themselves, long enough for him to finish scanning the room and ask, almost desperately, "Mindy - did she come back here!?"

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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:27 am
by Elsaa
*Diamond ... so it was known would go with Ricky too.... depending on what was to be done, she didn't distrust him, but she was shy and it was a few bunch she actually trusted, she would still go...

Yet, on that day, in particular, she had been spending time doing the sewing she was ough to do of late. So when Ricky burst in she didn't look up, she was in her room, it was the words 'Mindy and come back' along with the tone... that made her look up... and then go right on to check on the pawn's bedroom! if she was still sleeping with Sabrina, which she hoped she wasn't or in hers and Destiny if she had agreed to come with.... making sure to check under the bed*

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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:47 am
by QuicksilverFox85
Damien Wetherford
Darkling Hunterheart | Wyrd 1 | Presence 3 | Eidetic Memory | Fast Reflexes 1 | Iron Stamina | Lethal Mien | Trained Observer 1
Damien had been sitting in the common room with a book in hand and a notepad nearby when Richie burst through the door, hazel eyes immediately snapping towards the door and the grip on the pencil in his hand switching from idle twirling to one that was better suited for holding a blade.

His eyes narrowed at the question, setting the book aside as he got up from the couch. "Not unless she snuck in...what happened?"

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Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:56 am
by InkFox
Wizened Helldiver | Wyrd 1 | Trained Observer 3 | Acute Senses 1

Everleigh had been making her way from the gym to the front room drying her long curls with a towel, her silver string trailing behind her. She had been hearing the rumors and it had not put her in the best of moods and she had started to distance herself from others again spending most of her time in the gym or her room. When the door flung open and a paniced Richie made his way in her brow raised slightly and she hung the towel around her neck. " No sorry I have not seen her since last night I think. Should I be rounding up the troops?

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 2:34 am
by Jakondite
There is a certain level of tone in a person's voice that can be distilled when something is wrong. If the fact that he flew into the room like hell on wheels wasn't an indicator, how he asked it certainly was - and that air was enough to raise the hackles of every individual in the Hallow, immediately. There were movements to grab weapons, only halted by the realization that it was one of their own that had done it. Victoria seems unphased, composing herself before Lily managed, and said, "What happened?"

"Already lose your girlfriend, Richie?" Sabrina sneered.

"Sabrina shut the fuck up, this isn't the time," Richie said, looking about. "She ran. Shit happened and she bailed and I lost her scent when she ran and..."

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:17 am
by Elsaa
*She heard Victoria's voice, she heard Ricky, she moved, grabbing the sword that had been a gift, and her knife, which she tucked inside her jeans, got a jacket and simply strode out....

Now, you have seen her like this, for seconds, milliseconds, as you swear ice myst seems to shine around her, even if it's not ice, is the shine from her own skin as she just moves RIGHT in front of Ricky, next to Victoria* -where- *one word, Diamon looking quite right on to just stomp there and get Mindy back. now.*

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:44 am
by QuicksilverFox85
Damien Wetherford
Darkling Hunterheart | Wyrd 1 | Presence 3 | Eidetic Memory | Fast Reflexes 1 | Iron Stamina | Lethal Mien | Trained Observer 1
Damien frowned deeply as Richie continued, giving Sabrina a low glower before returning his attention to the other knight. "Define 'shit happened'." Diamond had rather forcefully asked the other question he had so he didn't bother repeating it, the hand at his side flexing briefly at the thought of one of their own in danger.

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Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:43 am
by Colibri
" gotta see this chillum I made, Richie...oh. Oh."

The tension in the room, the urgency in Richie's voice, and the what happened to...Mindy, was it? punched through Shane's weed infused mental haze and he sobered up quick.

The 'wheeler' paused, late to the party as always, and slipped his hands into the pockets of his hoodie as he listened to the others, then looked at Richie with raised eyebrows.

"Come on man, what happened?"

Shane already knew the answer. He had been friends with Richie for a good while and recognized a I've fucked up when he saw it.

He looked around at the others, then, "Sorry. I guess that question's been asked already. Thing is..." he paused " to deal with the situation. Who goes looking for Mindy, who stays here and watches the place."

He looked at Richie again, then, "...because Mindy bailing from a bad date is one thing, you are scared."

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Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:22 am
by Jakondite
"I... well, we'd gone out. I don't know if you remember, but back in Arcadia Mindy and I well..." He didn't have to explain it. Visions of Arcadian dreams touch upon the memories just briefly. It wasn't uncommon - two pieces, sometime more, seek comfort and security in each others arms in that hellhole. Many of them had stories like that, spending time getting close to one another to distract from their hell. It was especially true of pawns - an image seems to almost resonate of pawns who would hang behind a piece, clinging to their arms - both for their own protection and because of the representation on the Arcadian Board. "She's been different since she got back. She got back and --"

"What did you -do-?!" Victoria said, interrupting with an almost uncharacteristic amount of accusation to her voice, cutting off his story.

Richie paused and swallowed, before saying, "I kissed her. She freaked out, and ran. I tried to follow her but she bailed into the hedge and I lost her. I... I hoped she'd come back..."

The air felt like it was getting colder in the Hallow. Ross, the Levinquick Rook scowled, and said, "Fucking really, Richie? Really?"

"Hey don't fucking act like your the paragon of fucking virtue, Ross." Richie said defensively. "How could I possibly know she'd freak out over something far more tame than -anything- we ever did."

"You probably brought her mind BACK TO ARCADIA. At least my fucking actions don't get us losing track of our god damned members!"

"Both of you, -shut up-," Lily said, turning to the others, "We need to find out where Mindy went. Now searching blindly isn't going to get us anywhere, and fighting each other won't either. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find her?"

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Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:39 am
by Elsaa
*Diamond STARED at Richie, like if he was the dumbest, most horrible man ever.. then blinked, as something clicked absolutely clear in her mind....

And then... then Diamond is striding to Richy to simply rather, just SLAP him* IDIOT! *well... and then the little Throphy starts stalking out of there, her mind set on going to the last Winter Court place she was at with Mindy* IF she doens't want you to find her, you won't *is all she says as she seems to be about to just get out of there to find her friend*