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Character Journals

Postby Jakondite » Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:22 am

Alright. If you've been playing long enough, I'm sure you are all aware how we use Journals. If not, then contact myself, quicksilver, or fairfolk in order to have a forum made for you where you may create a journal for your character's activities. In essence, at the beginning of the month, you will summarize your characters actions and achievements regarding the prior months - and set new goals for your character in the upcoming month.

Journal Submissions will automatically grant anywhere between 1 and 5 beats simply for prompt, detailed submission as well as activity. There is a general rule of thumb that a 1-3 beats will be given for active roleplay in chat, while 1-2 beats will be given for mood posts and active roleplay in the forums - but considerations to people's availability and real life situations will be taken into account - so if you can only play in forums, then that will be noted when I'm dishing out the beats.

In addition to the default 'activity' beats, there are other ways to gain beats.


Every character can have up to 3 Aspirations by default. System benefits will allow for more - a Totem Aspiration, Lodge Aspiration, Burden Aspiration all count as extra personal aspirations which can be used to net extra experience. Of the three default, 1 should be long term while the other two should be short term - in our case, one should take considerable time and effort to accomplish, while the other two can be managed by the end of the month. For Changelings, it is recommended that at least one of your aspirations be related to your mortal life.

You can get 1 beat for every Aspiration that you fulfill - or in the case of your long term aspirations, for making a considerable effort towards achieving that Aspiration. At the end of the month / beginning of the month, you refresh your Aspirations when submitting your journal.

Other Beats

While Aspirations are the primary method of gaining beats, there are other ways in which one can grow.

Conditions - Resolving a Condition will net a beat. If that condition had a 'beat condition' within it, then you can gain a total of two beats from this source. This may be done twice, for a total of up to 4 beats.

Integrity - Uratha do not get beats for risking Harmony - but most supernaturals who risk their integrity check do get a beat (it is essentially gambling experience). Until further notice, there is no limit to the amount of beats in a month you can get through integrity risks, but each risk requires the ST present for the roll.

Failure - Certain situations can grant beats through embracing failure - and through failure, growing. When a failed roll is accepted as a dramatic failure, or when a player takes the beaten down tilt in combat, or when a player accepts the terms of social conditioning without providing an alternative, beats can be gained - up to a total of 5 beats in a month.

So right now, it's looking like until further notice most people will get at least 1 experience a month, with the possibility of up to a ~2-4ish experience soft cap assuming you manage to check all your dots and t's

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