Character Models

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Character Models

Postby Jakondite » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:35 am

As you've probably guessed, this is the Avatar listing, the Face Claims, Etc. This is the forum where you will submit what model, actor, or inspirational source reflects the character that you are playing or any number of NPCs. A couple things to keep in mind when making a submission for a face claim.

1) Face claims can only be made after the character has been submitted, not before hand. This means if two people want the same face, and one person makes the character faster, that person is the most likely person to get that face. The character does not have to be approved to make the claim, but if they are not approved that claim may be removed.

2) Avatars should be unique, unless meant not to be. Twins can - obviously - use the same model, as can Fetches. But two people with no connection being dopplegangers should not be common - even the most similar looking people have distinctive features to separate them from each other. By this same token, people on other sites who used a certain model for a character do NOT look like people who play on this site using that model. If there is a reason for characters to look similar, discuss it with me before hand.

3) Some models are obscure enough that, when a person finds a picture they like, they cannot identify who it is that they are trying to claim. If that is the case, what will be done is the picture will be sent to me - I will see if I can figure it out - and if I cannot, then it will be uploaded, and the link to the unknown model will be placed here in lieu of a name. If later, that model's name is determined, then the individual retains the claim.

Julia Ademenko (Amber Grant)
Tom Ellis (Elliot Solemn)

Changeling the Lost

Jason Dohring (Thomas Sutherland)
Taron Egerton (Damien Wetherford)
Dianna Agron (White Queen)
Bryce Hodgson (Pawn #1)
Zach Roerig (Rook)

Mia Wasikowska (Destiny Mathewson)

Dakota Fanniny (The Silver Twins)
Katie McGrath (Avalon)

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Re: Character Models

Postby fairfolk » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:00 am

krysten ritter

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