Arkadia Asylum

This is where you can find the descriptions of the rooms. You may put a photo of the house your character lives in so that its known what area you live in as a reply post. Do not post mechanics: Just descriptions.
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Arkadia Asylum

Postby Jakondite » Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:28 am

You keep talking like that, and you'll find yourself in Arkadia Asylum. At least, that's what they tell people who peer too deeply into the Shadows. The Asylum is well kept, and on the outside looking in it's a beautiful estate. It boasts the highest recovery rate of any psychiatric center in the state, and those who've left it's halls have nothing ill to say about the place.

They have nothing positive to say about it either.

Not many people can claim to know much about the Asylum's inner workings. Those who come out come out changed - a shell of the person they once were, following a specific set of moral codes ingrained into them by the Asylum. A functioning member of society, shuffling throughout their life on a dose of pills, annual checkups, and routines, but barely a person left.

Checking into the Asylum is easy, and it doesn't even have to be willing. If someone has the right connections, they can just ask a small group to take you and lock you into one of the buildings countless padded cells. Worse yet, the Asylum is smack dab in the middle of a Null Zone that reaches further than just Supernal Magic. At night, it's easy to get lost in the screams of the insane and the unlawfully contained.

The Inmates always say something is going on. Something crawls amidst the cells, feeding on a pool of people no one will miss. Sometimes, a person goes down to the basement, never to return. And sometimes, they are simply let go - the inmates, however, always say that that's a lie. No one ever actually leaves.

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