Murkwood Cemetery

This is where you can find the descriptions of the rooms. You may put a photo of the house your character lives in so that its known what area you live in as a reply post. Do not post mechanics: Just descriptions.
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Murkwood Cemetery

Postby fairfolk » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:46 pm

Murkwood Cemetery sits upon a hill about 15 miles outside of the city proper. The cemetery itself spans 2 miles, long and wide peaking on the top of a mountain.I twas once called the Rolling Hill Cemetery but as it is often shrouded in fog it became the Murkwood Cemetery before the Civil War.

The Chapel of St. Brigid our shinning Lady is at the base of the cemetery. One can opt to drive or walk up the mountain through the various crypts, head makers and mausoleums.

This cemetery is old, and feels cramped and watched, the very air seems to breathe with the dead. Fallen leaves always litter the grave sites and roads as if a tribute to those who have fallen.

There are statues of angels watching over the area, the weather discoloring their faces making them look like they weep for the dead, ,or perhaps its the living they cry for.

The grave sites range from simple headstones in the earth, to marble crypts often times with statues carved into them to ward off evil spirits. Some headstones have simply a single name. And sometimes not even that, just a descriptor "Woman in green, Died 1920 " "Baby boy, drown" Ect.

Through out the many closely packed graves are mausoleums, some gated to keep out grave robbers or perhaps to keep the dead inside.

There are places set aside, some covered by stone others by tree to sit and visit with the dead provided one can breathe long enough to do so and not be overwhelmed by the feeling of suffocation that the large cemetery seems to radiate.

Near the top of the mountain that Murkwood cemetery sits on is a mausoleum with no gates, and seems to have a bit of breathing space, the other grave sites and crypts do not creep upon it like further down the mountain. Its neighbors seem to give it a respectful distance. While it is beautiful it is unmarked and no one knows who resides with in it. What they do know is that those who have been foolish enough to try to enter have never been seen again.

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