She Whom the Devil Loves (Jason Strode and Molly Dollanger log)

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She Whom the Devil Loves (Jason Strode and Molly Dollanger log)

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Samantha Carfield: The Address that the doctor had been given wasn't in the city. Oh, it was close - but it was out of the region. Out of the hellscape that is New Haven. Barely, but enough that the town was different. The stories they tell and the monsters that hid in the shadows were just slightly different, even if they had heard of some of New Haven's Monsters.

You know the moment that you approach the small house that this place was a chamber. What kind of chamber, your not sure - too old, or alien, to really say. You only really noticing it through looking through the window, which implies the chamber is inside. Things apparently happened in this old home...

But then, that's not surprising, given that this was a family home. At least one person was brutally murdered in the name of 'study'... or in Cate's words 'love'.

Jason Strode: Jason made the drive early in the afternoon, leaving Levi a message as to his destination and the details about the Candyman just in case. If he were to perish, Jason wanted to make sure somebody knew about THAT monster. He was dressed semi-casually: collared shirt, nice slacks and running shoes. He always wore running shoes. When he arrived, he took note of the ugly energy of the chamber within, then went up to the front door and knocked.

Samantha Carfield: It'd be a little bit before the answer came up. It did, of course - and a very lovely young girl - roughly Cate's age, in fact, opened the door. The girl likely has some irish blood in her - red head, with green eyes and lovely, lovely freckles. Kind of small, but that's not what you notice.


The girl is family. Cate had sent you to another Beast. And god, does her shadow seem to burn, a creature of massive proportions which flame trickles around, wings expand, and eyes that... delve into further darkness. She narrows her eyes as she looks to you, and says, "...Yes?"

Jason Strode: "I'd ask if you're Samantha Carfield, but i'm guessing that'd be the wrong question. The better question then is: Why does Thomas Cate want to pass a message along to you?"

Samantha Carfield: Her eyes narrow, and she said, "How do you know Tommy?"

Jason Strode: "We're frenemies. And it's a long story, but first he has a message for you. His exact words were "Tell her I miss her, and to come to the Asylum on the... we'll say eleventh? Sounds good. If she says she can't make it, let me know what her counter-date is." He even did a good approximation of the voice

Jason Strode: "I'm DYING to know the no-doubt enthralling tale that underlies all this. Why would one of the Children be so cozy with him?"

Samantha Carfield: She bit her lip, and then said, "It's a long story. Did he say -why- now?"

Jason Strode: "Nope. That wasn't part of the deal. And uh...mind if we sit down and talk? I kinda left my kid in the car and that qualifies as child abuse in all fifty states."

Samantha Carfield: "... You... brought... your kid?" She said, obviously perplexed by that statement.

Samantha Carfield: "um... Sure?"

Jason Strode: "You sound shocked, but you haven't met her and i don't like going anywhere one of my natural enemies sent me alone." He made a waving motion to the car to signal Molly that it was safe to come out.

Molly Dollanger: The car door opened and the dark skinned little girl stepped out- clutching her Mr. Barker doll that she always carried with her when she wasn't in school or other activties.

"Oh." The girl blinked, clearly able to see the woman was family.
"Hi there. I'm Molly."
Mr. Barker was tucked under her arm absently, felt knife and all.
"Oh, and this is Mr. Barker."

Samantha Carfield: "I'm pretty sure taking your child with you to meet someone one of your natural enemies sent you to alone qualifies as a worse crime than leaving them in the car." She said, watching him. Then looking at the girl who came in and saying, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world: A simple "Oh."

She smiled and then looked to the girl, and said, "Hi Molly. I'm Sam. It's nice to meet you."

Jason Strode: He nodded "mmhm. Oh." then grinned "I don't keep her out of the loop. It won't do her any favors for me to not educate her, ya know? Anyway...i haven't introduced myself. I'm Dr. Jason Strode, one of the resident psychiatrists at Arkadia Asylum. And this lovely young lady as shhe's already said is my daughter, Molly."

Molly Dollanger: "Enchante." Molly replied sweetly. Mr. Barker (with her assistance) gave a bow.
"He's British and rather formal." Molly explained of her cloth companion.

Samantha Carfield: "Oh I see," She said, smiling. "Well, charmed I'm sure, Mr. Barker. Come on in." She looked to Jason and said, "I guess that explains how you know him. But how did you survive him?"

Jason Strode: "I run fast, talk a good game and fight dirty." he said as he entered ahead of Molly to take in the interior. You could tell a lot about a person by their choice of decoration.

Molly Dollanger: Molly followed her father inside. Her appraisal of Samantha would likely be based on the size of her TV.
"Do you know about Mr. Barker's story, Sam?" she asked.

Samantha Carfield: The place is rather plain, as far as houses go. Middle class, a nice television, sofa, etcetera. A Kitchen down the way near the living room with a dining room set for three. A clean house too - pristine, almost. She goes and takes a seat in a loveseat near the couch, and looks at them, motioning them to sit. "No - No I do not Molly. Why don't you tell me?"

Jason Strode: "You don't know the rabbit hole you just leapt down." he said, grinning and seating himself

Molly Dollanger: Molly looked over at her father and grinned impishly.
"Weeelll, we start off in London. See, there was a beautiful woman married to a barber, and a judge was jealous and wanted her for himself. So he had her husband sent away. Years later the man came back, seeking vengeance! He thought his wife had died and made it his goal in life to kill the judge. In the meantime, he decided that he would practice killing people with his straight razor. The restaurant downstairs made good use of the bodies and turned that part of the city into cannibals. And come to find out, that his wife was alive the whole time and he didn't realize it until he killed her on accident."

She held up Mr. Barker for Sam to see the felt blade with felt red on it for the blood."See, it's still bloody."

Samantha Carfield: "Ah... sweeney todd?" She smiled and said, "Quite the monster, he was, wasn't he?"

Jason Strode: "Mmhhm. Speaking of monsters....i'm still curious what exactly your connection to Cate is and what your answer to his request is."

Molly Dollanger: Molly shook her head. "He had his reasons. If I was in his place, I don't know what I would do." she murmured.

Samantha Carfield: "My answer... is to tell him that I'm not coming. Cate is dangerous, he doesn't need to come out." She breathed - a lie. Maybe not to intentionally, but she knew she'd be there regardless.

Jason Strode: "I know he's dangerous. And unfortunately, I need his help to put an end to something even worse. Fact is I have to eliminate one of the family and he's dug in a lot deeper than me. So i'm taking help wherever I can find it and maybe...maybe Cate can do some real good for once. Or maybe he'll turn on me and kill me. But either way, I can't do nothing. It's personal."

Molly Dollanger: "One of our friends got hurt. And that's not acceptable." Molly explained simply. Not that she knew all the details of what happened, but she knew it was bad. That was enough.

Samantha Carfield: She looked at him, tilting her head, and said, "I don't think you fully comprehend what Cate is capable of, or why he's dangerous."

Jason Strode: "Then by all means, enlighten me, Samantha. I'd rather not go into this without all the facts."

Molly Dollanger: Molly stayed quiet, manipulating her doll's limbs while the adults talked.

Samantha Carfield: She looked at him, and said, "He's dangerous, because you think he's a hero, and he's not. You think he hasn't done good in this world, but he's probably done more than the three of us combined. He's dangerous because he's something that isn't supposed to -happen- anymore. And because while he means well, the damage he can do to our kind is catastrophic. The Asylum is the safest location he could be."

She sighs, and said, "...He said he misses me?"

Jason Strode: Jason nodded "Yes, he said that. And he meant it."he considered for a moment before he spoke again "Then that puts me back at square one with no help whatsoever. I'm not taking molly against a rapist and I don't have any friends I know well enough to ask this of them. So either I get Cate's help or go it alone and have a much harder time of it and honestly, i'm willing to bet i'm outnumbered and outclassed. Regardless...the Candy Man is going to die. The longer he lives, the more powerful and harder to deal with e'll become. I do NOT want something like that in my city and Mother help us if he becomes the Apex. I don't even want to think about what kind of sick nightmare he'd inflict on the hive."

Molly Dollanger: Molly was quiet beside her father. She knew the man had her best interests at heart, but her Horror's voice said she shouldn't be so easily dismissed.

She had to say, she agreed. She knew she could help her father protect the people close to them if he gave her a chance.
She studied Mr. Barker's beady little eyes.

Yes, she could help. She was one person, but one person could do one hell of a lot.

Samantha Carfield: She watched him, then looked to Molly. Cate had asked of course, that Jason not reveal the details of this - but it's unclear why he asked that. After a moment, she said, "...I see. Now it makes sense why he wants to come out."

She breathed and then said, "Tell him I'll come to see him. But tell him I asked him not to do what I know he's going to. That I'll take care of it."

Jason Strode: "Alright. I'll make sure he hears your message." Jason seemed satisfied with that and stood up, preparing to depart "You know, maybe you could help me. What i needed most from Cate was his ability to kill efficiently. I asked him to help me draw out my Horror's claws. But fire can be a deadly weapon, too."

Samantha Carfield: She nodded and said, "I can see what I can do to help you with that."

Molly Dollanger: Molly stood up slowly. "You have a very nice house, Sam." she remarked. "But I think Dad's TV is bigger than yours. But it's nothing to feel bad about."

Jason Strode: "Well, we'll see what happens in that regard. Molly and I should be going though; it's a school night and I have to get into my customary evening routine of absolutely nothing exciting." he sighed "Man, my life is boring."

Molly Dollanger: "School is boring too." Molly sighed. "I already know everything I'm being taught."

Samantha Carfield: She nodded and said, "The eleventh." She breathed and said, "I will see you again. It was nice meeting you."

Jason Strode: "Likewise. You seem nice; maybe next time the conversation won't be so heavy and serious." and then he remembered something and produced a business card with his contact information on it from is pocket. He always carried a few and he held it out to Samantha "In case you need my professional services or know someone who does. Not many psychiatrists that our kind can talk honestly with, so i figure it's kind of my duty to do what I can." Jason then took Molly's hand and they made their way out.

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