Orphans of Proteus

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Orphans of Proteus

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Parentage: Thrysus, Mysterium, Adamantine Arrow
Background: It is generally assumed that Orphans come almost exclusively from beyond the fringes of civilization — rural areas, remote wildernesses or underdeveloped nations — and this is often the case. As such places dwindle and disappear, however, more inheritors of the Proteus Legacy can be found in cities and suburbs, taking on the forms of domesticated animals, cultivated plants and manufactured objects. Of these, some may be descendants of tribal cultures that knew and respected the power of the Orphans, while others have rejected modern culture and attempt to reconstruct and/or reclaim earlier values that they consider to be safer, healthier and (so to speak) more humane.
Appearance: The more time an Orphan spends using her attainments — whether they provide animal, vegetable or mineral features — the more likely she is to physically resemble that form in some way. Common features include excessive hairiness, a forward-slumping posture, enlarged teeth and nails, overdeveloped ears or nose, iridescent eyes, dermatological conditions that cause the skin to resemble the bark of a tree, or an angular craggy profile like the face of a cliff. In general, all scratches, scars, rashes, infections and other outwardly visible ailments that might mark the mage while in animal form remain visible in an analogous place on his human form, (although these features tend to fade over time if the Orphan avoids frequent use of his attainments).

Prerequisites: Life 2, Survival 2, Animal Ken 2, with either a Survival Specialty or Animal Ken Specialty in the chosen plant, mineral, or animal.
Initiation: The prospective member chooses an animal, plant, or mineral and takes a week to live life as a member of this group. They must eat, breath, and act as this entity. When they return, if they survive they express their perspective on this entity. If the individual understands, they are brought in as a member with this chosen animal as their own.
Theory: We are all nature's children


Ruling Arcana: Life
Yantras:Blood or organs from a recent kill (+1), Animal leather, fur, or teeth (+1), Howling, snarling, or other animalistic vocalizations/behavior (+1), Succeeding on a relevant Animal Ken or Survival check prior to casting (+2), Wild animal/s utilized in the casting (+2)
Oblation: A sacred hunt; the ritual acting out of an animal’s behavior; the ceremonial offering of food to animals; the ritual arrangement of rocks and stones in a certain area; sacred gardening - as appropriate to the chosen form.


First: Friend of Nature
Prerequisite: Initiation
Upon being initiated into the legacy, the Orphan of Proteus gains the capability to communicate with any example of their chosen animal, plant, or mineral. The Orphan may communicate with relatives to the chosen form, such as a dog speaking with a wolf, but this is difficult - requiring a Wits + Expression roll in order to convey appropriate language.

Optional: Matter 1
With Matter 1, the Orphan of Proteus may learn to find any example of their chosen form in any form it may appear. This emulates the effects of detect substance, allowing the Orphan to detect any substance - living, dead, or ephemera - of their chosen form. This includes substances created from the form, such as alligator boots or venom.

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