Dreams - (Snow - Past)

This is where scenes or mood posts that take place in the past go.
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Dreams - (Snow - Past)

Postby Jakondite » Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:44 pm

(Note: For those of you familiar, this is a repost of an old post from Vegas - remodeled slightly but otherwise unchanged - for the viewing pleasure of new individuals and also to provide a base for future posts.)

Snow sat in the small little corner of the shelter. Her mind slipped to thoughts of the present and future. She thought of Cub Scout -- Kind, young but not as new to this as she was. Like a bigger, caring sister. Jarl -- the Alpha, she assumed, because his name meant chieftain or something to the like. And Cub Scout listened to the pervert, which should mean something. Then there was Grey. Pushy was a good word for it, Cub Scout was right about that, and she sensed -- okay she didn't sense she wasn't good at that kind of thing, but she felt like he might be hiding something beneath that business suit -- a wolf in sheep's clothing. Of course, that may be Cub Scout's influence. She thought about Chavali and wondered what kind of person the other wolf must be, that Grey would ask her to seek them out. It was all so much. Her mind slipped to Derek. He'd asked her how she'd gotten onto the streets, and she'd replied about two people, a boy and a girl. She thought about the past. Perhaps she drifted into dream...

Snow was a little girl when she last saw them -- her hands had grown to twice the size. The girl had a name, but it was so long ago that the name drifted from her memory, same as the boys. Snow thought that it might be Amy and Tyler, perhaps. They'd made an abandoned building their home -- it was made of wood on the outskirts of the city, a little shack that was perfect for the three of them to huddle together to keep warm. Snow never left the little hut, but she was... happy for a time.

For now, the dream was simple. She was waking up snuggled up to Amy, huddled together to keep warm in the winter. It was cold at night in their little place -- and on the rare occasion that it rained, the place really didn't help them at all. There was no furniture -- it wasn't even rightfully theirs, just abandoned and left at the wayside. Mold had crept into the walls, making it apparent that no one would ever really be using the place. They had found it one day, looking for a place to stay warm, and Tyler had shown it to the girls. They'd been so happy, it was the closest thing to a home any of them had ever had.

Tyler wasn't in the dream. Not yet. The dream was starting to form -- there had been a roof there, but there was not yet. It was growing in the chasm of her mind, forming like some cyber tech design slowly connecting from one end to the other. Amy ran a hand through Snow's hair. Snow closed her eyes, the dream went dark, but she could feel Amy's breasts beneath her head, serving as makeshift pillows, and she could feel the warmth of her skin. For the time that they spent together, Amy and Tyler had been like brother and sister to her, in a way more profound than blood.

She felt cold as the door opened. Tyler had walked in, dressed in dirty rags that barely covered his full body. He was two or three years older than Amy, maybe fifteen or so, and Amy was about twice Snow's Age at the time. In his hands were food, some things plucked from garbage cans mostly -- you'd be surprised what your willing to eat when you are starving, and what people are willing to throw out -- but in one of his hands was an apple, untarnished and golden. Perhaps a gift to a begging boy, but one that they would savor. He could have eaten it, saved it for himself, but he'd brought it home, and who did he offer it to? Snow. A happier starving girl she could not be. But as she felt the sweet taste of food hit her tongue, she noticed that her family ate from the garbage, and could not bear eating the apple alone. So she took her bite. And then offered it to Amy. Who took her bite. And offered it to Tyler. Together they shared that single apple, a bigger sacrifice to any of them, so that they might all be better for it.

They were hard times, but they were happy times.

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Re: Dreams - (Snow - Past)

Postby Jakondite » Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:46 pm

It had been years since Snow came here. To this abandoned little hut that she'd once lived in. Even walking down the road towards it caused her heart to clutch up, to bear down, to stop. If one of her pack had been here, they would be able to smell the anxiety on her skin. Hell, a mortal friend would be able to smell the anxiety coming off of her in waves. She was stronger now, yes, but it had been -eight- years. They probably weren't even here anymore. Probably dead in ditch somewhere. So why was she so anxious if she really believed that? She'd moved away, it was inconceivable they hadn't.

Coming to the building, she was hit with a barrage of memories. In her dreams, the building was more glamorous. She forgot about half of the roof being missing, about being huddled against Amy and Tyler, trying to keep warm in the cold night. It brought a certain lightness upon her heart. She was surprised so little had changed to the building itself. It was still a destroyed piece of property, touched only by the graffiti of the city. She entered into it, dust covered and occassional bits of garbage here.

Empty. Empty except for the garbage, and... wait... her eyes gazed to a small teddy bear, a familiar teddy bear.

"Snow, I want you to have this. Its a gift, something to keep you warm if were ever not around." Tyler said to her, handing the little scared girl the little stuffed animal.

"See Snow!/ Now you will never be alone!" Amy said, hugging her and the bear.

She moved towards the Teddy bear and lifted it up. White, like her hair and her name, with blue eyes and a little heart patch on the stomach that was worn and almost entirely faded. She looked around to make sure no one was watching, and brought the bear to her, holding the dirty thing like it like a lost friend. How had it lasted this long? She blinked as she felt something in its back. She turned it around to see a tear in it, moldy a bit, and then reached in. Pulled out a peice of paper so old and worn it was hardly legible.

Snow... [blur] got out [blur]. Social [blur]vices [blur]. [Blur]er and [Blur]my Maddison now, if you are out there, find us.

We miss you.

Snow's hand shook just a bit, and she shook her head. Wiped the tears already forming from her eyes. She always knew they'd forgive her, they'd love her anyways -- that wasn't why she left. She left because she still hadn't forgiven herself. She hadn't been strong enough. She'd just stayed there and watched. She did nothing. She was too scared, too afraid, and because of that she had let her friends be hurt.

Steal from me will you?!" The man's voice rang in the hollow of Snow's memories. There were frantic cries as Amy tossed Snow in the garbage can near the the open end of the building. Snow didn't argue, she stayed in there even as she heard a bullet ring and Tyler's scream of pain echoed in the night. "I'll teach you to fucking steal from me!"

Amy had run to go help Tyler. "Get off of him!" She cried. The man bashed her to the side, and said, "What do we have here!"

"You leave her alone!" It was typical of them to fight for each other. The worst part was that from Snow's angle, she could see everything. She could see Tyler trying to crawl even with his body bleeding from the wound, only to be hit in the face by the man and beaten by another.

"You wanna pay for your brothers tab?" The man had hissed to Amy."

Snow screamed in the real world, the world outside her memories. She hit the wall, she kicked, she damn near shifted and started tearing things apart, except that she had made noise, and if anyone had come, she didn't want to tear them apart. Even in this state, she had a sense of mind. She fell to her knees, crying. Crying because even as they beat Tyler, even as they raped Amy, she had sat in that garbage can, too afraid to come out, too afraid to even move. She didn't even move when the cops were called from the gunshot, when the paramedics were called for Tyler and Amy. She just stayed in that fucking trash can for the entire night, Fell asleep in it. And when she woke up, when she saw no one... she ran.

She ran because she was afraid. Because she thought at the time that they would hate her for not helping. That they would not forgive her for not trying to stop what had happened. She even ignored the night she heard Tyler, calling her name a few weeks later, looking for her. They were both looking for her. But she... she wasn't ready to face them. She was too weak.

She found the corner that they used to huddle into. Sat down, and curled into a ball, brought her knees to her feet, and the moldy teddy bear to her chest and just... cried. She cried for a good long while, until she'd let it out, let the pain out. Then she breathed in, calmly, and thought. They'd left a letter. At this point, Amy and Tyler would not be held under the social services anymore. Tyler would be twenty three, Amy would be twenty. She could look them up. Tyler and Amy Maddison. Tyler had Five years, Amy Three. They could have gotten off the streets, made a life for themselves. Maybe they had a better life now. Maybe they would remember her -- still love her despite it. Yes, she had to believe that. If she believed that, then she could go on. She forced a smile, and took the bear, and looked around... seeing nothing of use, she decided she'd go out then.

Later she returned. She doubted it would be received, but she left a new bear there, probably stolen, the back cut open, with a message of her own.

"Dear Tyler and Amy Maddison,"

"I'm sorry. I miss you too."

"Sincerely, Snow."

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