A Gathering of Ash (Attn. Pentacle)

It just is. They never try to remove it and they rarely even acknowledge its there. They certainly -haven't- bothered to do much exploring of it the land is treacherous. Occasionally, the light house will fail in the gulf storms and a new ship will be lost to the grave yard. They have found their final resting place since before the civil war. And those who dare look into it, those who have peered to closely to the whispers of what lie beneath say a lot of the trouble started here.
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Re: A Gathering of Ash (Attn. Pentacle)

Postby Elsaa » Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:52 pm

*He did notice Antithesis come and go, when she came back with Jesse's message he nodded once, then nodded to The Dragon, and just strode on to Jesse, with a very simply* Where?
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Re: A Gathering of Ash (Attn. Pentacle)

Postby fairfolk » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:01 am


She gave a sage nod at the girls acceptance of the first and then blinked, barked out laugh and shook her head. She leaned in and looked at her a moment, then said "I will answer that honestly, but I want to ask you this; Do you think your looking to join a group that resorts to gardening to settle their differences? " She shook her head "No, we don't a good deal of it is physical combat, magical combat and even some social combat. Or do you even think that you are looking to join a group that holds hands and sings Kumbia all the time?

SO while we don't exactly beat up on our underlings to have a good time, or just to whip a smirk off their face. We do resort to combat often as a way to reprimand, or when there are issues between members."

She breathed in "That said: Leviathan and My mentor was the Immortal. We -have- had every bone in our body broken, but everything done is a lesson. Or test, just as me saying it, was test to see if you would shy away from it or if you would ask , or if you would accept it and try to learn control over your features" She shrugs "The bones broken, would teach you something and it would be enlightening on two levels. One, to not give your teacher, or those who out rank you to much attitude because if you do that on a hunt, or against a seer..you will get yourself, or worse, someone else killed. And two, it would teach you how to keep fighting despite being impaired or in pain" She paused "we are kind of the military on crack" She offered her a some what friendly smile and added "But trust me when I saw, we aren't trying to break you...and if you break its because you where not strong enough to be a arrow. We are trying to temper you, and when you are tempered even steel is weak"

"we can be mean seeming, I used to think that the Immortals lessons where..cruel..but the lessons are all lessons, and sometimes its you, that needs to find the lesson and grow within them. Does that make sense?"

She watched as she went and got Omi, and offered him a bit of a nod, then looked around "Lets go to my place, and we can get all the information and discuss it there"

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Re: A Gathering of Ash (Attn. Pentacle)

Postby Jaling » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:22 am

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Quietly Antithesis respectfully listened to the explanation in full and as the Sentinel went on, things started to click into place. Especially when she mentioned that The Immortal, the biggest predator she'd seen, being the bone breaker. Extreme as it still sounded, she could see the big guy doing it.

When Lockdown finished with the question, Antithesis nodded her head and gave a smile back. "Makes a lot more sense. Thanks."
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Re: A Gathering of Ash (Attn. Pentacle)

Postby QuicksilverFox85 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:03 am

After the annoucement for the Consilium, people seemed to be splitting off into their own directions. A series of groups seemed to come alive at the various things that the Heirarch had told them. Many people were panicking - if not outwardly than inwardly, at some of the news that had come. While the Hierarch was an honest man, sometimes the truth could do more damage than a lie.

Still, for each panicking person who no longer trusted an ally, there was also one more who was driven to resolve the issue. For each person who feared that they might find this creature, there was an arrow or soldier offering to enlist to protect others, to investigate the trail, to hunt the creature. Antithesis, Vedis's twin told her that she was going to speak with the Adamant Sage - The Dragon - leaving her alone to her own devices.

Left by herself - the Mysterium would not be alone for a while. Two of the members of her Caucus, both members of the House of Ellyon approached her. The first man's name was Aristotle - he was a handsome man, dark complexion dressed in a business suit. He was very much a gentleman scholar, a man who never could put his theories to the side - his curiousity was the death of him, as many of the Mysterium were. The other man was a man named Caspian - a bit firmer of an individual, caspian had a less... genteel look to him. More gruff, the kind of person who wasn't afraid to get their hands dirty to reach the truth.

"You okay?" Caspian says - looking to Vedis. He offers her a flask, as though saying 'have a drink, you need it'.

To Magnus, both individuals (and maybe Vedis) are well known Mysterium members. Many of the House of Ellyon had a considerable amount of status, and it would not be hard to identify the two of them as such. As they are just arriving towards her, it's likely they haven't started getting deep into research yet - but any time a congression of Mysterium came up, it was bound to be an academic affair.

Magnus had remained behind as the consilium began to scatter, watching as those that remained grouped up in their own way. Although he was initially inclined to check in with his own ordermates he instead drifted towards the small gathering of mystegogues, both to introduce himself properly and to see whether the trio would be focused on the memory quandry or pursuing the Abyssal entity.

"One of the more interesting consiliar meetings I've been to, I must admit. Quite the proclamation." He gave the trio a nod and a small smile, his London accent coming through strong. "Magnus. Don't believe I've had the pleasure."

When her sister left she looked a bit like a deer in the headlights but then Aristotle and Caspian approached. She shifted a bit uneasy in her seat as they walked over. She looked around and then let her eyes settled on the two men before her. At the offer of the flask her head tilted

"What if I may ask is in it.."

Her voice was soft as she studied them for a moment and then a new person approached, one she did not know. She placed her hands lightly in her lap and gave a slow nod to him

"My name is Vedis, it is a pleasure to meet you sir"

The girl was very soft spoken and an exact copy of one who had just walked away...one might even say the two were mirror images with the way they had dressed tonight.

"Whiskey. Will help settle your nerves." He said, offering the vial. "That said, if your not interested I won't be offended." As Magnus approached, he laughed, and said, "It's a god damned joke, is what it is. Kid sits in a seat, riles up the city, and calls himself a leader. Doesn't understand a little thing called discretion."

"Well, you don't know that." Aristotle smiled, and said, "The city does seem far more energized that it was moments before."

"Yeah. City full of people with nukes, and people who know too much knowledge 'energized'. That's a good recipe for a quiet evening." The gruff one said.

Aristotle chuckled, and then said, "Pleasure, Magnus. I'm Aristotle. My friend here is Caspian. You'll learn to adjust to his ... particular outlook on life. Despite his mannerisms, he's a proper genius."

"Pleasure to meet you as well, madame."

Magnus listened to the two men speak, smiling a touch as he caught the slightest hint of Aristotle's otherwise invisible accent. Always good to run into a fellow countryman, after all. "It definitely got people's minds moving, I will say that much. Curious to know how that conclusion of the emergence of these memories being an attack was reached, though..."

She would give Magnus only a shadow of a smile before she took the flask from Caspian and took a sip...which caused her to cough and her nose to crinkle her head shaking as it did. She had perhaps not thought the decision through well enough. She held the flask out to him once more her eyes flickering between the three men falling silent as they spoke to the unfamiliar mage.

"Are you kidding? What exactly else would it be, other than an attack? Any fucking mastigos will tell you - memories start spontaneously cropping up in your mind, it aint to make things nice and pretty," Caspian said, moving to look at Vedis, "You get used to it. Don't try to taste it, just swallow."

"At the very least, they aren't Truths. Not real - and that's important to people like us - people who cast off the lie to see the truth don't need an additional set of Lies." Aristotle said. He looked to Vedis, and then said, "Thoughts on what you heard?" Motioning to the council.

Magnus gave a small nod. "Fair enough point. The source, I suppose, is the question, then; is it some supernatural phenomenon local to only this place, or something more pointed and intentional?"

She said softly then her eyes shifted to Aristotle and Caspian her head tilting

"About which topic do you ask? I am not familiar with the mind so I am not sure I can be of much help when it comes to the memories but...the other"

A chill went down her spine causing her whole body to shiver and a darkness to cross her vision before she looked down to her hands that rested in her lap

"We aren't entirely sure. There are a lot of groups which are looking into it though. It could be something related to the Temenos, and some critter there is causing a wreck on all of us. One theory though is that it's a mental paradox that's spread it's way through the minds of particular individuals." He paused and then said, "I, personally, suspect the Seers. Some measure of an attempt at control or culling our ranks by causing us to lower our guard. Filling people with emotions of false trust, or worse - love."

Magnus offered a small nod at that. "Definitely a possibility. Depending on the memories in question I wager they could wreck quite a bit of havoc on those that receive them..."

"Indeed." He paused a moment, and then said, "What are your specialties, Magnus? If I might ask?"

"The normal set for the Iron Gauntlet with a focus on the mind, as well as some study in Time."

"If your investigating into the memories themselves, I'd love to take some time to compare notes."

Caspian grunted, and said, "Best of luck with that. Me and Vedis are going to go take a walk, let me know how this turns out."

"Yes, of course Caspian." Aristotle says, motioning the other Mystagogue away.

Magnus gave Caspian and Vedis a nod as they headed off, then looked back to Aristotle. "I wouldn't be opposed."

"Alright. Well, before I begin, I'm assuming you've run into scenarios with people who have memories like this before?" The Mystagogue asked

"I have, yes." Rather intimately, in fact... he quietly mused to himself as he nodded.

"Alright. Have you ever taken the time to actually look into those memories objecively? Would they let you in if you did?"

"Yes, on both counts." Another small nod. "They seemed to appear suddenly and without warning, separate from their original memories but intrusive enough to cause alarm, as one would expect."

He nodded and then said, "I myself have found that the memories themselves are almost alien to the person who they are connected with - and yet, they house rooms in that person's Onieros. Black rooms, which shouldn't exist but do. Now - I have a theory, but I'd rather not discuss it here." He smiled and then said, "Too many prying ears and I'd rather know before I let the world know it. If you are able to, would it be possibly for you to bring your subject to my Sanctum? I can show you what I mean, and explain my theory as it is there."

Magnus' eyebrow arched a touch at the mention of the structure in the Oneiros, but he gave a knowing smile as he nodded. "Naturally, naturally. That shouldn't be an issue."

"Alright then." He smiled, and pulled out a card, a little mysticism forming on it with an address. He showed Magnus, and said, "Commit it to memory?" The paper, after all, didn't really have writing on it - just the -idea- of writing on it that told that location.

Magnus looked it over for a moment and then nodded. "Heading there now?"

"No. I won't have the proper preparations there if we went now, but at the end of the week if you like."

"Definitely doable. Will take a little time to arrange the meeting myself."

"A pleasure. How does Saturday sound?"

"Should be free." Magnus nodded, offering Aristotle a small smile. "Shall see you then."
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