Elder Council

It just is. They never try to remove it and they rarely even acknowledge its there. They certainly -haven't- bothered to do much exploring of it the land is treacherous. Occasionally, the light house will fail in the gulf storms and a new ship will be lost to the grave yard. They have found their final resting place since before the civil war. And those who dare look into it, those who have peered to closely to the whispers of what lie beneath say a lot of the trouble started here.
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Elder Council

Postby JupiterJones » Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:29 pm

A collection of five Figures stand at the edge of the graveyard, one of which having just arrived before the slip deeper into the 'collection' and away from prying eyes.

Chuck Wilde: Took you long enough to get her, Norman.

Kelly: Yeah man, even Bob here got here on time. *Zhe grinned* I know you don't like new tech, but you could at least get a cell phone. Bob doesn't even have a house and he manages!

Bob Marker: Hnn hey!.. Dun be.. dun be usin' me as an example.!

Amanda Tate: Then stop being an example. *she smiled good naturedly*

Norman Kenner: Enough, I get it... I'll look into it sometime... what's the big idea callin' us all out here, Chuck?

Chuck Wilde: *He looked out across the graveyard, eyes sweeping towards the sea.* Red Skies these mornings. *he paused to light his pipe* I think somethings about to come bubbling up from under the pile.

Kelly: Oh not this cryptic shit again...

Amanda Tate: He was right last time you know, and the time before that.. and the time before.. well you know *the older woman chuckled*

Bob Marker: Ya gotta.. pay.. attention.. ta all tha.. lil' details.. hnn. *he took a drag from a small flask clipped to his belt* They be like.. little puzzle pieces..

Norman Kenner: *He frowned heavily as he followed Chuck's gaze* How bad, Old friend?

Chuck Wilde: My bones tell me there will be a squall... before the hurricane. *he puffed his pipe a few times* Watch out for sharp stones when you walk the beach. Some of them aren't just stones.

Kelly: Is that all? Cuz there's monster hunter chick that was rodeo-ing some sort of abomination that I want to stalk. *Zhe paused* Just to watch for a while... you know.

Amanda Tate: We do.

Chuck Wilde: That's all I have for now.

The group departed.. one by one, leaving only Chuck as the last. "Some things just won't stay buried.."


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