Morning Patrols [Saint mood]

The stars can be seen , so lovely for such a sorrowful place. Suicide cliffs are a expanse of rock face that has green foliage and trees near the top. At the bottom the waves of the ocean crash against jagged rocks. Sometimes crimson can be seen in the waves and legend has it that is the blood of those poor souls that have chosen to take their life and all they left behind was blood in the water.
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Morning Patrols [Saint mood]

Postby JupiterJones » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:42 pm

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"One more pass." She mumbled to herself as she walked her beat around the cliffs. She hadn't exactly counted how many time's she had crossed the same spot, but this was part of her beat, and she had to make certain nothing was amiss in the cold and wet. She'd heard about its reputation, so she resolved to watch, and listen. Something was clearly wrong here.. and she only hoped to eventually get to the bottom of it.

At least she wasn't alone. It was there. Her old companion had followed her even here. A small spirit, Bones spoke rarely if only to tempt her and occasionally 'guide' her. Nobody could really figure out their connection, not even Saint. It just seemed content to 'enjoy' her company.

You should hunt here.

"Not my territory, I don't have permission yet."

Like they could stop you. What they can't defend is yours to take.





"Don't you have something better to do?" She stated as she lit a cigarette and took a puff.


"Leave the frogs alone."

Tsk, fine.

And once again, she was alone... maybe one more pass around the cliff wouldn't be too bad.


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